Foot Cramps

By | December 7, 2017

The discomfort is very annoying and makes the person restless.

The main areas of the foot which are involved include arches of the foot especially the inner one, lower leg and calf muscles. Staying in one posture for a long period of time may precipitate foot cramps while obesity and increased physical activity like that of athletes can be other factors.

When the muscles are subjected to rigorous activity they cramp and getting foot cramps is common for athletes. Obese people can also get foot cramps owing to the amount of weight the feet have to support and the muscles in the areas of pressure points get fatigued. Unequal weight distribution due to poor postures can be the aggravating factors.

The next important thing is that what is the treatment for foot cramps? There are numerous techniques which can be employed to effectively cure the condition. The treatment methods are independent of the cause and mainly address the basic problem.

Simple maneuvers can be used to get the relief. Hold your foot in a position opposite to that of the cramp and wait until you feel that the cramp is disappearing. Maintain the position and simultaneously massage your foot so that you get the maximum relief.

Another method which you can use to provide soothing effect is warmth. Gently warm your foot and do massage along with it. Heating the foot and massaging is effective in extreme cases as well. It will help to remove the spasm and reduce pain.

These are some home based techniques which you can use but if they fail you need to resort to the medical help. Apply antispasmodic gel on the affected area and cover it with bandage. If the pain is moderate to severe, make use of pain killers to relieve pain. These are initial steps taken to cure the problem. If the condition persists consult your doctor. There are certain muscle relaxing medicines which will relax the tone of the muscles and help in the recovery process.

If the above medicines also fail to provide relief in extreme cases, physiotherapy may be needed of the affected area to provide cure. Taking rest is essential along with the treatment modalities. If you do not give rest to your foot achieving cure will be difficult.

Preventing foot cramps is possible and little attention to your posture, positioning of feet, exercise, weight control and wearing healthy fitting shoes is all what is required.