Disposable Oral Care Sponge Swabs(50pcs Pink)

By | January 12, 2018
Disposable Oral Care Sponge Swabs(50pcs Pink)

nstruction for use:

1.First, moisten the foam tip with water or a doctor’s recommended mouth rinse.
2.then gently rub the swab across each tooth surface. the raised foam ridges effectively remove food particles and mucus. frequent use will help to minimize plaque and tartar build-up.

  • CERTIFIED: Safe, soft, sterile and unflavored oral swabs, using for the daily oral care and household supplies, electronic industry. For example, adult oral care and child oral care and in some cases for the pet oral care.
  • SIMPLE APPEARANCE AND GOOD QUALITY: 4 angle plum blossom shaped, good touch feeling. PU Sponge (foam head) + shaft (white PP plastic stick available).
  • DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS: Gently clean, moisten and refresh mouth, teeth and gums due to dental supplies, teeth sensitivity or disease, achieveing the effect of the protection and cleaning of the oral care.
  • USING METHOD: Moisten the foam tip with water or mouthwash, then gently rub the swabs across each the tooth surface and raise foam ridges effectively remove some food debris and mucus and so on.
  • THE WAY TO STORAGE: Keep it in a dry place and avoid sunlight. Remember it is disposable product for your daily use.