News For This Month: Wellness

By | April 5, 2018

How Spirituality Guides The Road To Recovery.

Whether a person is on their first day or have spent years in sobriety, recovering from addiction is a long process. According to a research by Dr. Stephanie Carroll of the California School of Professional Psychology in an article that was published in The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, spirituality is of utmost importance in the recovery process. Spiritual practices such as meditation, praying, communing with nature, and reading spiritual material has a significant positive relation with the time one takes to recover. The research also specifies that spirituality does not refer traditional belief in God as outlined in a 12 step program but it refers to a belief in a higher power that can be either the Universe, Mother Earth, surfers or even the ocean.

Meditation as a spiritual practice can help a person learn how to stay focused and grounded as well as help them manage their stress by providing calming experience. Psychologically, meditation can help pathways of the brain to rewire and help to create new connections which is an effective way of dealing with daily stressors. meditation forms include mindfulness, spiritual, movement, and mantra hence one can choose whichever that suits their recovery best.

Visualization is a spiritual technique that one can use to speed up the recovery process. It is more popular among people finding a balance in recovery such as athletes and CEOs. It works by keeping the individual motivated while at the same time giving them a clearer picture of what they want to achieve hence it can also work for addicts. If one has had a stressful day, they can try visualisation to relief the stress because it helps to alleviate stress, create a real feeling of joy and comfort as well as recharge the positivity in a person.

Yoga is a wonderful spiritual coping mechanism that helps a person to overcome addiction by replacing artificial highs with natural ones from the endorphins released through physical movement and through the focus required for yoga. Yoga brings about shift in perspective, connection with the community and relief from stress.

Basically, spirituality provides the lead to the road to recovery and provides encouragement to build the life skills that one may need so that they can be able to achieve high objectives once they attain sobriety. Spirituality may not be effective to all individuals hence Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is advised to those still facing the struggles. With QHHT session, one is able to overcome the struggles they are facing in life and achieve the goals that they want.