Clonazepam for hypo mania disorders

By | 04.01.2018

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Just: Clonazepam for hypo mania disorders

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Clonazepam for hypo mania disorders 187
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Clonazepam for hypo mania disorders 497

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2 thoughts on “Clonazepam for hypo mania disorders

  1. Zulkizragore

    I am a 16 year old girl who has suffered with extreme anxiety and severe depression since I was 9. The reason why I was so depressed was mainly because I was mildly depressed so they put me on cymbalta and I suffered from the "black box warning" in which adolescents and teens can experience suicidal thoughts and actions. that really messed me up. I'd have panic attacks where I was convinced I wanted to, and I'd puke and shake and stuff. it still happens but when it does my parents give me 0.25mg (I'm very very lightweight so they don't want a lot in my system) and it seems I work alright. I'd like to take it everyday but my parents are so hesitant to give it to me.

  2. Faugor

    I have experienced insomnia , increase in energy, restlessness, agitation....manic like symptoms. Should I go back to Valium? Klonopin did help,better with panic and agraphobia.

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