Clonazepam vs xanax high feeling weed

By | 18.06.2018

clonazepam vs xanax high feeling weed

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  1. Voodoolar

    I've taken klonopin off and on for many years and I have to say it is very effective and much longer lasting than xanax. I've been prescribed xanax as well and it is effective, but I truly believe it shouldn't be taken on a regular basis, especially several times a day. It's fast acting and it helps with panic attacks and similar situations. But to take it day in and day out seems ludicrous. Klonopin has a much longer half life and I don't feel withdrawal when I come off klonopin, that's not the case with Xanax. Not only that, on Xanax I was finding that I would have periods of forgetfulness, meaning periods of the day. I was at a job interview and I really couldn't tell you what was said by me or the interviewer. I did get the job however.

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