Clonazepam vs xanax strength

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clonazepam vs xanax strength

The clonazepam diazepam, flurazepam, chlordiazepoxide, etc. Both drugs can cause withdrawal symptoms when suddenly stopped. As for getting the same feel from klonopin as you get from xanax So, if you have seizures , clonazepam may be a treatment option for you. Xanax, on the other hand, is a brand-name version of the drug alprazolam. Hi; all what gets very confusing is someone new, Instead of writing their own post they continue to use an old thread or post this one is 4 years old plus so they end up having to read all the old and sometimes not so nice post.

Clonazepam is very ineffective for me, it doesn't help me sleep at all, it doesn't help my anxiety at all, I find it useless. I'd say it's realistically more like 0. Originally Posted by tricomb. Last edited by HdoubleODeezy; at It may not have that intense onset like xanax, but therapeutically and for withdrawal reasons, clonazepam is the best choice IMO.

I only take 2 mg a day on some days, just cause after a week's use, the drug is always in your plasma 'cause the half life is so long. But klonopin lacks that intense onset that xanax has To answer your question, in terms of potency on a single use, I'd say Xanax most definitely. But if you let klonopin build up in your plasma after a week of daily use, 1 mg hits me hard because of the additive effect. Last edited by GABAking; at I have never tried klonopin but have a fair bit of experience with benzos, having used Diazepam Valium , Xanax..

The last two are not benzos but work pretty much the same as very effective sleeping tablets Etizolam is a benzo analogue and is legal to use and easy to get hold of, being unscheduled in some countries. I guess it depends why you want to take benzos and what effect you're looking for It's not as potent as Valium and I find the effect of Xanax much cleaner and my cognitive functioning is ok and I don't feel so drowsy as I do with Valium.

Etizolam and Zaleplon just knock me out. I will be asleep within minutes after taking one and will sleep soundly for 8 hours without waking up. Zaleplon is unusual because it has a very short half-life, only 1 hour. So it might have some recreational use or medical use where you need it tackle performance anxiety or get you through a difficult situation but without feeling drugged up for the rest of the day. I have not tried it for that though, but it might be suitable at lower doses.

Just to clear up some confusion: What would the equivalence be for daily maintenance use? Originally Posted by The. While you might feel you're xanax dosages more, you'll probably experience withdrawal between doses, and a faster rise in tolerance. That being said I have really never had a problem when consuming a low dosage no more than 2 mg with switching back and forth between the two. It took me a couple of months to begin feeling interdose withdrawal when I was on Lorazepam for a bit, but I just switched back to clonazepam.

Oh and just for the infor. Therein lies the answer to your issue. Thank you to all, very helpful. This is an extremely hard question to answer, and I have used both extensively being a benzo addict. For a simple one-time administration, which is more potent? This question is really hard, but I often think about it. I go back to when I had no tolerance, and I would have to say, you know what the world will never know just like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsiepop.

It is just not an answerable question IMO. It also depends on the properties they possess. One may be a stronger anxiolytic than the other, while the other is a stronger hypnotic, and then there is the anticonvulsant effects to take into consideration. I'm not completely sure, but I think that xanax is the stronger of the two when it comes to hypnotic effects, and klonopin is the stonger anticonvulsant, and their anxiolytic effects may be equipotent.

According to the big chart on the wall in the E. I work in, they are considered equipotent m. In my experience, alprazolam is better for treating panic and acute anxiety, whereas clonazepam is better for general procedural sedation and works very well when co-administered with a neuroleptic to treat psychotic episodes and anesthesia emergence reactions. For recreational use; I find them more or less the same.

IMO i guess xanax is "stronger" but kolopin seems to last longer? This is all in my opinion so u should listen to the moderators bro. Will a doctor perscribe both of them at once. Im on clonazepam 0. They work brilliantly for what i call my "ticks" I had a seizure and ever since then i been getting "ticks" but clonazepam killed them completely but as far as my anxeity goes they are not doing the job ive had to buy some etizolam to help me out in that department and they have been working well but are very easy to build up a tolerance, anywayz going to ask the doctor today and bring my friggin etizolam with me and let them know the shit i have to do because of there incomteptent perscriptions!

Id say bringing a box of etizolam do your docs office is not the right way to go about getting them to write you more benzos Judging by the scientific research, xanax and klonopin are used for the same reasons, anxiety and panic attacks. If you have to take 5 to 6 pills of xanax in order to equal the amount of time 1 klonopin is in your system, obviously klonopin is stronger.

Sometimes less is more. The less you have to put in your body for the drug to work, the better off you are. Klonopin is a great drug and doin the math with half life, i'd say klonopin is at least 4 times stronger than xanax. It may be because I have I slight tolerance for my Xanax.. But for me, the Valium definitely had more of a punch when I took it once.

I'd still rather be prescribed 2mg alprazolam daily instead. I am perscribed 2mg xanax BID twice daily. I have tried everything. I can only tolerate. I cut the bar into 4 pieces. Today I waited till 6: How long can I wait between doses? I did 12 hours today and was fine. Then I usually take a bar and a. I'd like to know if I can take my dose at 6am and wait till like 10pm to take another dose? I don't want to be a zombie all day. I take a few meds that sedate me, and I get too tired.

Actually I've been on Klonopin 0. You have to continue to taking Klonopin as it has an accumulative effect. I asked my Doctor which was more potent; she said the Klonopin is without a doubt. Anyway that's what my Doctor said to me about that when I asked to have Xanax. I love the Klonopin! Seriously, some people might "feel" a better effect from xanax, others from klonopin.

However, doctors AND pharmacists consider klonopin the strongest benzos, because of how it acts in the body. Granted, all drugs don't work for all people. Lots of people are saying "well xanax worked better because it worked faster. Oxycontin can take a while to kick in too, that doesn't mean its not a strong drug! The reason so many people think xanax is stronger, is because other benzos don't give that euphoria boost.

Just because you don't get a boost of euphoria doesn't mean it isn't working, let alone not working better. You should consider your anxiety level before, and after. If it is lessened, reguardless of whether or not you feel a "high", then its effective. You don't need a euphoric boost for a drug to be beneficial. Bla bla maybe we should be asking our drs these questions - then maybe we will have less overdoses - just a thought ;.

For immediate relief of panic attacks I DEF prefer xanax. Its effects are felt much more quickly. I was on 1mg 4x daily of klonopin and they never took away my attacks, only made them less severe. I was also on Valium, but I forget the dose. It didn't take them away at all just made me sleep. Xanax on the other hand I take 1mg 3x daily and get probably 1 panic attack a week.

Klonopin and Valium never took them away like that, I would still have several a day, just not as severe. I would rather have 1 occasionally than milder ones multiple times throughout the day. I don't get any buzz off of either of them, and only sleepiness with Valium As stated though in previous posts, these drugs are used to control the chemicals in your brain to slow everything down, and each individual will have their own personal experience with these types of medications.

It's similar to taking antidepressants, different chemicals for different minds. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Benzodiazepines - Take a Chill Pill! What dose of clonazepam equals xanax? Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Posted July 18, edited. Thanks Edited July 18, by reco Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted July 18, Benzodiazepine Equivalence Charts Benzodiazepine DoseComparative Time to peak plasma levelHalf Life Alprazolam Posted July 29, Posted June 19, Hey guys, youve really got to watch those equivalency charts.

No other benzo substitutes for xanax. Valium is used to help taper off xanax. My point is if you are used to xanax you will not get a similar effect from another benzo. Posted August 14, Posted August 15, Posted August 16, What does this mean? Posted December 11, Posted December 11, edited.


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  1. Vozragore

    The doctor prescribed .5mg to take daily for occasional panic attacks. At first it seemed like a lifesaver, but after a few months, it didn't seem to be helping, so the doctor doubled my dose. A few weeks later, my panic attacks went from a few times a month to almost daily, and were much more severe than the ones I started taking klonopin for in the first place. The doctor told me to cut back down to my original dose, and my body went crazy - muscle spasms, intense panic attacks, loud ringing in my ears, and nauseated all the time. I would give anything to go back to my "old" panic attacks, which for years only hit once or twice a month for a few minutes at a time. These klonopin panic attacks are lasting for hours at a time, and I am basically housebound between the panic and the physical pain. I am now slowly tapering off this medication, dropping .1mg at a time every month. I have read that it is actually quite common for klonopin to increase anxiety and panic attacks. Why didn't the doctor tell me this could happen?

  2. Zululkree

    I am diagnosed with Major Recurrent Depression and Anxiety/Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia. Following a hospitalization, I had been prescribed Zoloft 100 mg and Valium 5 mg x 3 per day. This combo worked great for 3 years!! Then at a recent doctor's appointment for med review, it was suggested I try Klonopin .5 mg x 2 per day. What a disaster!! I would experience anxiety daily in the afternoon and headaches. The only change to my daily regimen was the Klonopin. I know everyone has different reactions to medication but I was more than glad to return the unused portion of Klonopin back to my physician and get my Valium back.

  3. Daishakar

    I started suffering with panic disorder for 3 years and was not using any treatment. It got to the point to where I was agoraphobic and wouldn't leave my house I was scared for my life and felt like I wasn't even a human being anymore I suffered dramatically from what is called derealization I ended up turning myself into a hospital that had a mental health outpatient program which put me on klonopin 0.5 mg twice a day and it literally changed my life I finally have a life again and can move around and do things, I can go to work I still once in awhile start to have panic but the Klonopin doesn't allow me to actually have a panic attack. My general anxiety is now down to nothing and I can feel like I can live again. The first month had its ups and downs

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