Clonazepam and alcohol erowid lsd drawing

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clonazepam and alcohol erowid lsd drawing

I know 2 people who have died under the influence of LSD. Claire said she enjoyed her first experience immensely and is keen to do it again, possibly at a considerably higher dose next time. If the acid your taking has a bitter taste, your taking 25i or 2ci which does pose a seriously threat to your life. I took acid last night for the first time on a wimb. Long story short, one day I went to church and took communion. Two Days of LSD Psychosis

Looking out across the ferns that carpeted the floor of the gully I could suddenly see hundreds of eyes peering at me, though not in a menacing way. Everything in here was profoundly beautiful, friendly at it felt very safe. We made our way along the path which forked twice and emerged onto a grassy lawn on the side of the river where there is a statue of Saint Vladimir, a prince of Kiev who first converted the Russians to Christianity over a millennium ago.

The statue is stern-faced, bearded and is holding up the Orthodox cross and the Bible in his outstretched arms, as if for the masses he is converting. As we looked at him he seemed to tremble with a mighty energy and soon was wreathed in a fiery glow. We stood there in awe for a time and then, after maybe fifteen minutes, headed back through the gully, walking for what seemed ages, but was probably only five minutes.

We once again stopped at the bamboo grove, which we felt had some sort of spiritual power and seemed almost conscious. Emerging back on the playing fields we walked over the marquee that mysteriously stood on the far side. Seeing a gap in the side we slipped under the flap and were inside. It was set up like a cocktail bar, but was devoid of a single person. A strong wind was blowing and the entire marquee seemed to tremble. Soon not just the walls and the roof were shaking, but the ground too, as if it were liquid and we were miraculously walking on it.

Looking along the length of the marquee we saw several machines of some description located at the far end and Claire insisted on walking towards them, but I could see them melting away into black slime, which became the fate of the entire far end of the tent and I suggested we leave. We reached the back of the theatre, where the names of every play are spray-painted on the plain brick wall, graffiti-style.

In the bottom of the overhanging deck above I could see a crack and as I watched it, the area around it started to darken and the crack spread and began dripping the black slime of before. Judging that the building had a cancer we once again moved on, though through morbid curiosity I continually looked back at the wall and the crack. Soon we were walking back through the main area of campus, which was strewn with fallen jacaranda petals. These seemed to glow brilliant purples and carpeted everything.

The couches were like jelly and the circles on the fabric expanded, contracted, blinked and occasionally burst like bubbles. I soon discovered the bar had been closed whilst we sat there and we exited, electing to take a ferry to Southbank to ride the Ferris wheel there. The boat ride was superb and the buildings and trees on the shoreline danced and everything seemed to have a beautiful, serene aura as the sun set.

By now it was about three and a half hours since we had dropped the first time and I judged the second dose was now starting to kick in as the first maintained its plateau. This amplified the experience immensely and the ride up river, with the strong, cool breeze and the setting sun was absolutely perfect. Soon we reached Southbank and felt like we had arrived in some sort of carnival.

Though it was a Wednesday night the whole city seemed to be alive and thriving. We strolled through the rainforest garden walkways and stopped briefly to smoke another cigarette before going on the wheel. Strangely we found staring into the mechanical workings of the wheel itself more interesting than the spectacular view of the city it afforded at its highest point. After a few rotations we became confused and wondered whether we had to disembark ourselves or it would stop.

Finally we went to catch a bus back to my house, pausing once again to smoke in King George Square where we looked at City Hall and the giant Christmas Tree. At this point the second dose was peaking, though the peak was far less vivid than that of the first. Whilst we were waiting at the bus station a little while later the black specks in the floor tiles began to grow and spill out and ooze up, finally transforming into thousands upon thousands of tiny bristling spikes which I felt might penetrate the sole of my shoe if I did not get my feet off the ground.

Claire experienced the exact same sensation and lifted up her feet too. At last we had sex. I did find that smoking cigarettes seemed to briefly invigorate the acid experience, but the effect was very short-lived. Overall it was a profoundly enjoyable experience and even the unsavoury things I saw seemed less horrifying and more morbidly fascinating in a cerebral sense. I do not think it is a thing to be feared, as so many do. What are you waiting for?

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Has anyone here used benzos to kill a trip? The most useful defence a tripper can have against bad trips is the ability to change the setting. Changing the music, the lighting, the room or just about anything can have a huge influence on the mindset of a person who is tripping and this makes it an invaluable technique. Consider also that challenging moments in a trip can be an incredible opportunity for the development of one's character and you may come to the conclusion that many others have - that benzos are great but really ought to be a last resort.

You can draw a parallel outside of the context of illegal drug use to those that drink heavily when times get tough. Instead of dealing with the hurdles that life presents they retreat to the bar, and they tend to be very immature as a result. I have taken clonazepam for a schizophrenic induced panic attack on acid before, and i didn't really see any decline in my trip vs just being more relaxed and less prone to anxiety, i have given someone else Clonazepam for a bad trip they were having and it helped them to clam down enough to break the loops.

The intensity of one's hallucinations is also mixed in with the emotional effect it has on you, if you can find a way to relax and then trigger pleasure, or good emotions it is fine, but if you just sit there for 6 hours on acid with nothing really running through your head your gonna have about just that, so really, it depends on how the benzo, or what ever your taking effects your chem, some people get really relaxed and happy, some get really sleepy and childish, some get really UP and Manic, some get really mellow and silly, so yeah.

How much did you have to take? I took 2 or 3 mg of ativan while freaking out on LSD and didn't notice much of any difference at all. One pill, but because of my schizophrenia it may effect me differently, another big thing to note is they help by numbing the agents that help trigger stress, if you dont also try to then calm down and get out of the loop it may not be as effective on acid,. Had some strong shrooms and took 10mg Valium during the come up. Tbh I shouldn't have really, I could handle it as I have had the same dose of the same shrooms since.

It didn't kill my trip at all, it made me quite heavy, I couldn't really move for an hour or so which was fine but importantly it took the weird thoughts out of my head and the CEVs were gone. The trip was one of the best trips I had ever had, very social, very giggly amazing fun. Probably wouldn't have been much more different if I hadn't taken the Valium. I'm glad it didn't kill my trip but really relaxed my mind so the CEVs and thoughts weren't so intense and weird.

It's like you're tripping but you don't care. You're just goimg along for the ride. Also something weird is that I'll go completely stupid on one bar and blackout completely but when I took one bar and a tab I didn't blackout or go completely stupid. I like being skinny. I used to weight until I started exercising. Now im stuck at no matter how much I eat but I'm stronger than I was at So long as you're happy. I personally always feel lethargic when I'm underweight, one of the reasons I decided to start gaining.

I had a trip that was going too far into the time I needed to be sleeping for the next morning. Took half a brick of xanax, half snorted, and lied down. I don't remember the rest but I'd say it was another 45 minutes til I was out.


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    this drug has helped me a lot through my anxiety attacks and feelings of nervousness. the only bad side effect is that is makes me forgetful and i can't remember things as well as i used to

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    I'm suffering from OCD and anxiety disorders for the last 22 years. This pill is the only one who helps. Only 0.5 mg and you immediately feel the difference.

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