Clonazepam made my son angry

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clonazepam made my son angry

Hope you feel better. Clonazepam, as it is known generically, is known to help people calm down, but it is also a highly addictive drug—so addictive, in fact, that many doctors now avoid prescribing it. I've been taking Klonopin Clonazepam for 20 yrs. About 5 years ago, I realized what you are saying is true. It started at 2mgs per day but then was upped to 3. Any way to ease the symptoms. No less than 5 psychiatrists prescribed and kept upping the dosage - so I was on 3 mg.

Worried constantly: Clonazepam made my son angry

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The drug has also help hasten the death of a wide list of otherwise healthy celebrities. In , Actress Margaux Hemingway committed suicide by overdosing on a barbiturate-benzodiazepine cocktail. Weeks later, Hollywood movie producer Don Simpson Beverly Hills Cop also died from an unintentional benzo-based overdose. Thereafter, the well-known Los Angeles author, David Foster Wallace, who was suffering from a profound depression when a doctor prescribed him Klonopin, went into his backyard on a September evening and hanged himself with a leather belt he had nailed to an overhead beam on his patio.

Klonopin has been striking down more than just troubled celebrities, however. In , reports began to surface of soldiers returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder who were dying in their sleep, the victims of a psych-med cocktail of Klonopin, Paxil an antidepressant , and Seroquel, an antipsychotic that is routinely prescribed by VA hospitals. Hospital emergency room visits for benzodiazepine abuse now dwarf those for illegal street drugs by a more than a three-to-one margin.

This trend has been increasing for at least the last five years. In , the U. But a survey released by the agency earlier this year claims that benzos, opioids and other prescriptions meds are now responsible for the majority of drug-related hospital visits. This much we know: And therein lies the reason why clonazepam, like nearly the entire class of benzos, causes such unpredictable reactions in people.

But give the same drug to a person suffering from a completely different problem an eating or sleeping disorder, for example , and it might actually cause an epileptic seizure. Clonazepam has wreaked such havoc on people partly because it is so highly addictive; anyone who takes it for more than a few weeks may well develop a dependence on it. Sold in the U. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union reportedly used temazepam extensively to keep political dissidents in a drugged-out state in government-run psychiatric hospitals.

Both the CIA and the KGB are also said to have also used the sleeping pill in prisoner interrogations and in research into mind-control, brainwashing and social engineering. In May , a lb chimpanzee being kept as a house pet by a Stamford, Conn. Brand name Ativan, this drug has figured in an array of well-publicized homicides and suicides by those using it. Ativan surfaced in the divorce case between Washington, D.

In deposition testimony, Perelman acknowledged taking Ativan as an anti-anxiety drug during his separation from Duff and the commencement of divorce proceedings. The period was marked by numerous outbursts by Perelman and at least two physical assaults on Duff. In , news reports revealed that Ativan was being used by the U. Customs Service to keep suspected terrorists sedated while deporting them to detention facilities abroad.

Most of the websites accept all major credit cards. Why has all this happened? In large measure you can thank the 47, members of the American psychiatric profession for this dreadful state of affairs. Neither the pharmaceutical industry nor the psychiatric profession would be anywhere near as lucrative as they are today without their mutual support system. Together they have created a marketing juggernaut that over the last 20 years has spawned a seemingly nonstop gusher of profits that is only now beginning to slow—and probably only temporarily.

The scholarly journals of the psychiatric profession were filled with early warnings, beginning almost 50 years ago, from those who could see where the encroaching influence of the drug companies was destined to lead the profession. Now, even the medical journals themselves have been corrupted by the hidden hand of Big Pharma.

Do Benzo's make anyone else angry? Results 1 to 25 of Every time I take any benzo I get super moody and angry. I don't even notice or realize it but I just tend to go off on things, whether it's a person or a random situation where I will just rant and rant over something so stupid. I don't realize till after I'm done and I'm just what was i just doing?! Xanex does it to me the worst, while Klonopin and Valium do it too but not as bad.

I don't usually take benzos because of this but sometimes I have to, I'm pretty sure the drug is just making me not care what I'm saying, which could be alright in the right scenario, but still not cool. Anyway anyone else have any "dark" thoughts to report on benzos. The main argument that got my ex wife to be my ex wife happened while I was taking Xanex so I'm sure that was a contributing factor to our divorce I said some real bad things that normal me would never say.

Anyway what's everyone else's opinion on how benzos mess with their mind? Hey Jo3 and welcome to Bluelight The combination of withdrawals and benzos may make people angry. I also had a friend who would get pretty mad from just benzo's. You may want to consider trying gabapentin for the withdraws instead of the bonzo's. Benzos can produce paradoxical effects, and are perhaps more prone to creating such than many other classes of drugs.

It may mean you have an underlying disorder that's not being taken care of. Does it come concurrently with depression? I already also take gabapentin for sciatica and rls, should of mentioned that before. I have been getting benzos for social anxiety and they work great for that and I feel like I can talk to people again but the side effects just suck. I don't take them when I do have my pain medicine and if I do it is many hours apart so they won't interact.

As for the depression part I usually will get that once the benzos wear off or the next day. I can't tell if it is the opaite withdrawl or the benzos doing it though, probably both. I used to hate when my son was on benzos--he was nasty and arrogant. In my mind they have always been associated with this behavior.

I have had paradoxical reactions to clonazepam where it made me angry. One time when I was using halcion for sleep, I got very agitated for no good reason. I was told I was breaking things and cursing really loud. I guess it was bad because the neighbors across the hall called the cops on me. I had no memory of this the next day. Maybe you'll feel better once you stop the prednisone. I stopped the prednisone last week, only took two doses of it before going too crazy to take anymore.

I have done a few things that were quite awful on Xanax, particularly, as well. Though I could get just as nasty on other benzos if the dosage is high enough. For me, I find the onset of xanax to be stronger , though more short lived, while the others you've mentioned seem to have a more stable effect on me if that makes sense. Anyway, where I go wrong is I'd start with a low dose, usually for purely altruistic intentions. I then would begin to think, 'if one feels god, 2, 3, 4, etc must feel terrific!

In my defense, I stopped taking these type of things around , after the incident with the car and subsequent arson charges. It sealed the deal for me mentally about my inability to successfully handle benzos. Originally Posted by herbavore. Xanax made me black out a few times Did some stupid stuff Valium always made me angry at first than it would go away. Never blacked out on it.

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