Clonazepam withdrawal symptoms severe dehydration complications

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Russell Bowlin on February 19, at 2: Thank you to all that posted on this site my heart feels lighter because of your honesty. This last year I was having major withdrawal and did not know it-suffering killer depression on several occasions. Klonopin has a half-life elimination of 40 hours, so individuals may not begin to feel serious acute withdrawal symptoms for a day or two following discontinuation. Hey there my partner is going thru benzo withdrawal plus she is also on seroquel Valium 6mg and seroquel 25mg now apart from just about every symptom around affects her but is it also able to totally destroy her sex drive to not even having any interest in me!! After 20 years on klonopin I realized it no longer worked. It has been almost 9 weeks post benzos. Some Things That Helped Me During Klonopin (Benzodiazepine) Withdrawal/Some Things to Avoid

You may want to join one of the closed Facebook groups and get some support from other wives who are supporting their husbands through benzo withdrawal. You need to be safe, that is certain. I was on klonopin for 2 years.. It is making me crazy.. And your story blesses me! Hope your doing well…. Jen…not sure if you got my post.. When did you heal from this? And one way to help people in withdrawal is love patience.. It may take long but he walks with us the whole way.

I still have blurry vision some mornings, but it clears up. Very little sight I was healing but atvann destroyed that. I am going through benzo withdrawal, but I was not prescribed benzos. I bought them and used them when I could get them, along with drinking alcohol I am about 50 days clean and sober from both now. Is membership for people who are going through benzo withdrawals that were prescribed only?

Thank you for this article, there is alot of information out there for benzo addicted and recovering benzo addicts but not alot on suporting someone who is going thru this! I am on the verge of trying to get into detox after being on pain meds since I do not understand why a willing person like myself who has decided to stop the pain meds,is not allowed K-Pins during detox they would not only help but also save my life from the massive Seizures I suffer from which only happen if I do not have the K-Pins..

If not for that this would be worth sending to people. Reassuring me is exactly what I do not want. What helps me is for people to leave me alone until I am well enough to handle them. The last thing I want is for anyone to reassure me when they are less informed than I. There is no across the board way to treat people in withdrawal.

Different personalities are different in their needs. Practical help is great, but to think everyone needs to be babied through the withdrawal process is not true. Those are personality characteristics not just withdrawal characteristics. I get nothing from success stories either as their withdrawals are not my withdrawal. Yes, we all need some help, but that help is different for all of us.

All many of us want is low stimulation and some practical help, and occasionally some company when we can handle it. At least I do. Many others have expressed the same, but are overwhelmed with an across the board game plan for people in withdrawal. Robb I appreciate your point of view. That is different, in my humble opinion, than babying them and doing everything for them.

I agree that if one did that, it could have a negative outcome. I started on Clonazepam last February as I had an 8 month old waking up at night and other noises in the house keeping me from falling asleep at an appropriate time. Geez, I would give anything to have that sleep back! Clonazepam has ruined my life. I used to be a great sleeper, always getting 8 or 9 hours of continuous deep sleep.

After 2 months on this horrid drug I started getting anxiety at night along with hypersensitivity to sounds. I bet I could have heard a bug crawling in the next room! I went to my doc and she put me on Doxi-Pen. After 4 days on this, complete withdrawal set in and I started having constant muscle spasms and twitching upon dozing off for sleep. My doc put me back on Clonazepam lovely. That was over 5 months ago. It has been a horrible ride.

After weeks of getting worse, I figured out on my own what was wrong with me. I tapered the med and jumped off 25 days ago. My nightly spasms and surges are even worse than ever. I am actually writing this after not sleeping for 1 second. I have seen every specialist and started neurofeedback with no results yet. The only thing that allows me a few hours of sleep is a combo of Seroquel and gabapentin.

Feeling desperate, and sadly, hopeless. Do not want to restart that soul-sucking drug. Need my life back so I can enjoy my children and wonderful husband. Thank you ever so much for sharing all these thoughts and experiences, I really appreciate it. I am able to understand much more what she goes through and I am only so happy that it all will have a happy ending.

Together she will get through it much easier. Please help its been almost 2 years since I have stopped Xanax. I was on 0. Doctors are not giving me information I need I can see it in their eyes. I feel I am not getting better. I know it takes time.. Please give me some assurance this will end soon.. I was with my husband getting off alcohol multiple times and it is such a different process. He has been off alcohol years now, but is now trying to get off the benzo and it has been a trying process.

It saddens me that this is often prescribed to people and that so many doctors have no idea about the withdrawal process and it symptoms and healing process. My husband sent me this article a while ago and I saved it. There has been so much pain, but it helps to be reminded it is a healing process. I pray for him and myself every day. This article is not only encouragement for him, but for me too.

So thank you; it has helped us through something that it seems so little people have any idea about. Numbness in the head with loss of mental ability. Throat tight, short of breath. Daily, symptoms getting stronger. Very little sleep over past year. I so want to sleep and be healed. How did this happen? Are my symptoms common? This gets really crazy at times. The worst part is I was afraid of very long bridges before Benzos but not like this, no where near like this.

Will this get better? A prescription from a trusted doctor? Why is this allowed? These benzo drugs are still being prescribed today. We as a weak society have allowed the abuse of power in the mental health industry to increase. He had tapered from 10mgs. I have told his PC doctor I want a complete neurological workup to find out the condition of his brain before ANY drug is prescribed.

Any advice you can give, or even encouragement that I am doing the right thing would really be helpful. Scared and alone in NC. World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day is July We are hopeful that it is the start of some much needed conversations. After 5 years my job has been terminated because of withdrawal.

I will possibly lose my house and assets. I really appreciate you posting this article. I have sent it to some close family members and my wife. It is very insightful and informative. I was on klonopin for ten months ,then tapered off in five. Sometimes up to 1. Like panic attack days and such. I never thought I would end up feeling this bad five months out. I thought two months tops… Boy was I in for a surprise. My fourth month was my worst month by far.

This is a roller coaster ride through hell and there is no way around this ride. I feel for anyone going through this mess especially those with children at home. Just know you can make it through this. Thanks for describing horrible effects of benzo withdrawal. I was diagnosed with anxiety symptoms last year in the month of June after TB medications. Since then I was taking 0.

Now ,this year in the month of June I myself decided to wean off this medicine. I am afraid that none of the Dr advised me for that. This I decided at my own and now 90 days passed I have completely left benzo. I tapered off this medicine for a month in two doses i. I have decided not to see any Dr for these withdrawal symptoms. Can you give me some advise please. Experienced withdrawl sufferers ….. When does the FEAR end? Dear Jennifer, Kindly see my comments submitted on Oct 7, I am facing a lot of fear of seizures even after four months of last dose taken.

I am so scared now.. Hey there my partner is going thru benzo withdrawal plus she is also on seroquel Valium 6mg and seroquel 25mg now apart from just about every symptom around affects her but is it also able to totally destroy her sex drive to not even having any interest in me!! I can understand how confusing it must be for someone who take care of someone in withdrawal.

I am glad that you were able to share honestly here with us. I hope it helped to get your feelings off of your chest. I was prescribed by my doctor. For the two weeks. Then a friend knew I was running low so he a gave me a week supply after continued the two or three mg. But no more then three mg. I was taking a day.. Then went to the smi clinic I go to for my psychiatric doctors appointment.. She told me she taking me off them. Am I gonna be okay and is this as serious.

Is that a concern? And I have a neurology appointment for a ct scan on my right top of my back.. I am only 25 yrs old. I have pockets in my colon.. I got punchened in the nose and needed ct scan but never got it. Is that another concern? What should I do cause I have an ssi hearing coming up on December 16th. Which is the 1 I do not want too miss. But my ssi attorney called me saying my smi clinic just recently sent them a statement saying I seen the June 4the which is a major lie.

Because my last time was this late November is when she took me off cold turkey.. So I do not know what to do. I need help and advice I feel and need helpful advice from somebody. I have no family support just friends but nobody can even tell me. I was on Clonazepam up to 2mg daily. I went into full blown withdrawal after tapering all the way down to half of a. I was only on the medication for about 10 months total. I had to take 10 weeks off work because I feared I was losing my mind.

I lost about 50 lbs, which I have now regained. My life became normal again after about 18 months of withdrawal. I no longer require any medications, and the only withdrawal symptom still remaining is tinnitus I have learned to tolerate it. The only encouragement I can give is to realize what you are going through, and time is the only thing that can heal the damage.

Some helpful things for me were practicing mindfulness, going for walks long, long walks , and yoga breathing. My experience could only ne described as Hellish, but I managed to survive. Just wanted to help with my experience. Thank you for sharing your story! I am sorry to hear that you suffered so much, and that uneducated doctors gave you so many other meds!

I am glad that you are better now. We all do heal, in time. Couple of years ago I was a fully functioning person than I lost my sister for cancer and after in few months without scan or anything one ENT dr told me I might have a brain tumor. After few weeks I started to have some anxiety and flashbacks. Than my GP prescribed me diazepam very small dose without any instruction in how to use them. In a week I used whole box, than cold turkey, I started to get really unreasonable pains aches, temperature and anxiety and was not aware that this was a rebound effect.

Same time they prescribed me quinolone antibiotics together with Ibuprofen and on top of this I was visiting osteopath for some pain. On the 4 day being on antiobiotics I got so unwell, unable to sit, sleep, do anything. I remember sitting in hospital garden thinking what happened to me, I was worse scared of anything and everything, not able to go anywhere away from building, shower, touching grass, food, drink etc… everything was scary and I was not understanding why as I was a person who solo travelled.

Since than I have been on so many psychiatric medication and I slept for 2 years, March I started to come of medication and I started to come in layers, it was a brilliant summer with my children but I was in mania and not able to hold any stress, I was basically not balanced, healthy. However in September I had few stressful situations and I was not off balance than one night I experienced bad anxiety as a side effect to migraine tablets. Then I just became anxiety. Than they put me on xanax I had paradox effect and got worse, than they put me on some anti depressants and clonozepam for 6 weeks and still everything escalated went worse every passing day.

And people blamed me that I was doing everything. With each medicine I went to new or more horrorful chapter. And now using antipsychotics and no improvement. This is not me I was smart levelled healthy person, now I cannot even make decisions. I m consumed in paranoias, anxiety, agitation rage, hostility, hopeless, clinch and all sorts ; mentally, emotionally, physically suffering,.

I just pray God to take me. I was way to strong before and always embraced what I faced; dealt with it dust myself off and live my life as so, not a victim psychology. I feel inhuman, lost my dignity, myself and everything. I wished I had the worse depression or cancer but not going through this hell and pain in my mind and body. I had no idea of the utter hell I would be going through, once I ran out of the pills. I took it for two weeks,while eating my new plant based, wholefoods diet, to lower my blood pressure.

The first week of cold turkey, was utter hell. I went days without sleep. My limbs would, twitch, spasm uncontrollably. Heart racing, palpitations…I thought I was going to die. I knew, based upon what I had found online, what was happening to me. I figured, since I only took it for two weeks, only 1mg daily, I would eventually, within a few days, maybe two weeks or so, get through it in one piece.

Things were improving gradually and today, I got hit with a wave of symptoms similar to the beginning of my withdrawal. Hopefully, I will continue to heal, improve. But to day was a bad day and night. I am on a temazepam taper. I have been on diazepam and temazepam since August. I was put on benzos after being given bad advice when trying to come off an anti depressant.. I love your Web site and have passed your soul reminders book on to my sister in law who is very ill with anxiety.

My husband has just read the info for loved ones… I really want to encourage everyone to keep going. Unfortunately I had to go back on the mirtazapine as have been on it for 9yrs and was told to come off in 3 weeks. I know I must be patient.. Christmas has messed things up. Too much going on and I drank alcohol.!!! I was prescribed Klonopin, Kepra, Dilantin, and Vimpat when I was diagnosed with a rare form of auto immune encephalitis my left frontal lobe is swollen from unknown causes.

All this began in early August with a grand mal seizure which was followed for several weeks by up to 8 smaller seizures an hour. It took Mass General over 2 weeks to figure out what I have. It took 4 months on those 4 anti seizure meds plus prednisone infusions to calm the seizures. Finally when a 3 day EEG in November showed no sign of seizures the dr.

December was not fun. But at home alone with my husband I wanted to die, or kill him. Were it not for my 2 wonderful adult children and other people in my life I might have. I have had moments of breaking down and sobbing which is so out of character for me. Eventually I figured out that withdrawal was responsible for at least part of what was going on and I spoke with my husband, asking him to be patient and kind.

Things have been better. I have been off completely for a few days now, yesterday was a much better day. My mood and energy were much better. I also have learned I need to be gentle with myself and reach out to others and talk about what I have been going through with people I trust. This is absolutely infuriating.

I love my wife more than anything ever. She started weaning off clonazepam in late October and at first things with us were still good but about the first of Dec when she took her last dose it has just gotten worse. She has pushed me out of her life she is always angry at me. I try hard not to say anything about it but sometimes I slip cause I am the only one she treats like this.

I have quit 3 jobs in the last year to help take care of her. She used to appreciate that but now I get nothing. I really need some help and advice cause I think I am going to lose her as soon as she is well enough to be on her own. Russell, hopefully when she is recovered she will either return to her normal state of feelings, or she will be able to articulate what her new reality is.

I feel for everyone who has shared on this site. I was weaned off over a period of 4 years, by very small lowering of doses at a time. I experienced nearly all of the symptoms presented by readers here. While on clonazepam, I had been highly functioning, so being reduced to this state was certainly humbling. I suffered from severe agoraphobia, too, and it felt like forever before I could even go out and walk in a crowded street.

I have also remarried and am able to travel to unfamiliar places alone for public-speaking engagements. Looking back, I realize how far I have come. The greatest key, I think, is being patient with yourself. I just read your comments on Benzos and thought how so very true. I asked at the time if they were addictive and the answer was no…. I was medically retired and tapered down to about 30 mg then ditched them 9 weeks ago.

Then the hell started. At the moment I have a very sore neck, tinnitus, problems with balance walking and vertigo. I was a paratrooper in the regular Army and have done some very hard jobs, I think its my mental tenacity that keeps me going. Having said that, what is the alternative? Anyway, back to the bed which is a pain, the back of my neck is killing me and the bed spins after awhile as it feels as though I am lying down hill lol.

Thank you so much for this great enlightened blog. I was sure I was in hell , and very much alone. After 20 years on klonopin I realized it no longer worked. I weaned for 8 months, and been an withdrawal for 6 months. I thank God for the most amazing husband. He has been with me every step of the way. My symptoms are shear hell. Ears are blocked , I have Tmj , my eyes are blurred.

I feel like someone smeared Vaseline on my eyes. My feet , legs go numb and neck get stiff. I get up I get dizzy , if I move too fast my ears ring , and my walk is very unsteady. I was ready to give up , thinking enough time had passed and this was the end result. I have a long way to go but you have given me hope Jennifer. Im also using Dream tea made with valerian and Camomile tea. Take 1 capsule of stay calm in the morning , and 1 at night.

It does take the edge off. I hope to come back and tell you , Im a success story. Robert, I hope you get the help that you need. Please find a doctor who is educated about benzos. You can get free support at benzobuddies. I wish you all the best on your recovery. I believe I read an article by Dr. I am a very strong person so, I assure you, I will win. I wish I had someone to call. Emergency services are there to help you.

If you are unsure if you are having a medical emergency I think it is a good idea to call. You can always sign the medical release papers and tell us to go home. My hope is that tomorrow will dawn a brighter day. In the meantime, I am glad my laptop and I could share an intimate moment together. I guess I did not expect to feel very good; this is really the beginning of the end, not the end. I really have to work hard not to dwell on negative thoughts. I feel as if I have felt this way forever, on or off benzos.

Age is not measured chronologically, it is measured physically. My mother has aged a great deal in the last year. I want to make her last years on this planet comfortable and happy. It is hard for me to take care of myself much less anyone else. I called my sister yesterday, she is about six hours away by car, and asked her to visit more often. She is more than happy to help because she is awesome. I am not going to say how I feel. I had no idea that Xanax was so bad.

I went into a mental hospital due to a mania caused by an extreem amount of thyroid medication. Also tramadol for fibro and an antidepressant it all hit at once. Wrong Xanax was one of the new medications and I was trusting my physiatrist. Never once did he mention the hell Xanax can create. I was so looking forward to a start in my life. Paranoia started to set in and before I knew it my mind and body were taken over by fear and withdraw everyday. And when I figured it out it was to late.

Only 8 months of take a 1 mg at night for bed. I was going through a lot of this before I stopped. Had a panick attack at 3 am. Wolk up and the room looked like it was spinning. Will I become homeless because of this drug? Will I loose the love of my life? How long is this going to continue ….. Anything I can do to make the withdraw go quicker.

Feeling lost and out if controll of my body and mind. Do you really get brain damage from Xanax? Why would any doctor prescribe such an awful drug!!! Only 8 months to ruine the life I had. Yes I fell suicidel but to full of fear to do anything about it. I should have resurched my medications better but I was struggling with a mania when they were prescribed. Needed help and no one to help me understand. I would have never signed up for this if I had known.

Pharmacy never even said anything. So lost and alone. I have been off since the the 23rd. It took 7 months to complete the titration. The first ten days since the 23rd were hellish. Since then I have felt consistency fantastic. I will not allow people to try and convince me that I should not be doing well. If you possibly can, find a way to stop working for the last few months until you are off and you know you are stable.

This is a great blog sight. The help I have gotten from it is invaluable. I felt less lonely when I read of other peoples struggles. If you read the articles and posts all your questions will probably be answered. We are having common experiences. If you do not find the answer, make an appointment with Doctor Leigh or a professional you trust. Do not be steamrolled into withdrawing from a medication if you feel your life will disintegrate without it. When you decide to come off, and you probably should, the pace should be set by the most knowledgable person in the room, you.

You were not in the studies, and I was not in a study. Every day you feel horrible remember that the next day will be better, until proven otherwise. Every day you are closer to the finish line, even if you are not sure where the finish line is. I would not trade the 28 years I was on benzos for anything. Most people live in a fantasy state. They do not allow themselves to feel anything fully. Benzodiazepines certainly did this to me in an artificial way that I did not notice until I came off.

While I was reducing my dosage I felt terror, physical pain, loneliness, and learned about a host of problems as they happened in my body. Find a way to lose your anger, and figure out why you were put on a medication that suppresses your feelings in the first place. We need to take responsibility for our issues. Its your responsibility now so take pride in plotting your course.

You may not have put yourself where you are, but you will find a way out. When you are done you will still own the result and will be proud that you did what few other people have. You will feel great when you are done. I think, hear, feel, see and touch with more intensity than I ever have in my life. As you can imagine this can be a little annoying but it also has huge plusses. Finally, remember, you are sexy as hell and you are loved.

If you think this is not true you are wrong. If you are having trouble understanding that you are sexy as all hell and loved, than realize that you can love yourself and find your own sexiness. Look at your eyes. You have beautiful eyes. Once you realize this everyone else will feel the same about you. Until you do this, nobody will feel this way about you. How to support a loved one with benzo withdrawal syndrome by Jennifer Leigh Aug 5, Curing Fear 97 comments. Peter on August 9, at Jennifer Leigh on August 9, at 7: Jennie on September 28, at Thanks so much for writing about the horrors of benzos.

Janis Hodgson on October 25, at Lori Holley on November 28, at Jennifer Leigh on November 28, at Abnormalomnking but doget new symptims boweldrink. Lori on September 13, at 1: Jennifer Leigh on September 13, at 3: People who have used very high doses of Lyrica, or have been on the medication for an extended period of time, may encounter more severe withdrawal symptoms.

Those who have taken a lower dose, or for a short period of time, may experience mild withdrawal symptoms or no symptoms at all. Rapid heartbeat or palpitations. Difficulty falling or staying asleep. Suicidal thoughts or behavior. Complications Lyrica withdrawal symptoms can cause complications-some of which can be life-threatening.

Diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and increased sweating can lead to dehydration or electrolyte imbalance. Rapid heartbeat or palpitations can lead to cardiac issues that can become life-threatening. Since Lyrica can be used to manage seizures, abruptly stopping the medication can lead to a recurrence of seizures, which can be fatal. Similar to other drugs, rapidly stopping use of Lyrica can lead to strong cravings and relapse, which can increase the likelihood of overdose. In addition, depression and suicidal thoughts or behavior are common psychological withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous.

Acute withdrawal symptoms last for approximately days when use of the drug is suddenly stopped. Users should slowly taper off Lyrica to ease the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Over time, chronic use of Lyrica can lead to tolerance. The brain and body become accustomed to Lyrica and eventually are desensitized to the effects of the drug. Once an individual has developed a tolerance to Lyrica, a higher dose is required to attain the desired results, whether those results are relief of seizures or pain or a euphoric high.

Over time, continued use of Lyrica can lead to a physical dependence , meaning that the individual requires a specific amount of Lyrica in their system to function normally. Without this amount of Lyrica, the individual will experience withdrawal symptoms. Do You Need Help for Addiction? Call Who Answers? Participating in professional detox treatment can ensure a safe and comfortable withdrawal period to begin the recovery process.

Detox or withdrawal should be followed by participation in a formal addiction treatment program to increase the likelihood of long-term sobriety. Participating in a formal Lyrica addiction treatment program can help to strengthen and solidify recovery, aid in the development of a sober support network, develop a sense of accountability, and help a person learn and practice relapse prevention techniques that are helpful in maintaining long-term sobriety.

Formal treatment also provides peer support, professional therapeutic techniques, and medical or psychiatric support services. Addiction is a different experience for each person, and various types of treatment are available. Treatment includes the following:. These clinics provide a safe, medically supervised environment where the person can detox safely from Lyrica.

Medical and counseling professionals are on hand to provide support around the clock and monitor people for risks or complications. Treatment occurs in a residential facility where recovering Lyrica users stay for varying lengths of time, from a period of 28 days to 3 months. The facility provides a safe and structured sober environment where people receive intensive group and individual therapy sessions, as well as medical and psychiatric monitoring if necessary.

Outpatient substance abuse recovery programs allow people to take care of demands at work, school, and home while receiving top-quality treatment in both group and individual formats. Depending on the type of outpatient program, access to psychiatric and medical support may also be provided. This type of treatment provides medical care and intensive individual and group therapy sessions while allowing people to live outside of the facility and still attend to family and home responsibilities.


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    After suffering crippling anxiety and panic attacks in 2006, this amazing med made me myself again. Not high, not loopy, not drowsy. Just me again. I took 0.5 mg twice a day for 6 months, then tapered down and off of it with no side effects or dependency issues. Back on again in 2014 during another bad patch for three months, same dosage. On both occasions, neither Xanax nor Ativan could even make a dent in my anxiety. I am so grateful to the makers of Klonopin and to the docs who prescribed it. It literally takes my quality of life from a 2 to a 10 in times of need.

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