Clonazepam vs xanax strength chart

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clonazepam vs xanax strength chart

Patients are the ones who know what side effects they are experiencing. Eur J Clin Pharmacol. This was the worst detox I had ever experienced an ongoing for 2 weeks.. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. I am taking 2. That'd be because they're immune system isn't ammune to the the amount the took. Clonazepam Vs Xanax Difference Between Clonazepam And Xanax

Klonopin is like wrapping up in a blanket. It takes longer to heat you up, but it isn't as intense. Originally Posted by manboychef. My bad though she said Clonazapam. I get the same effect from xanax, Ie. I quit using heroin and other opiates, and even nine months after I stopped I am still sleepless. The xanax to help aid in falling asleep and the temazepam to keep me asleep. I still wake up at least three times a night, but that is much better than hrs in which I constantly wake up full of anxiety.

I have a question for OP. Was it a long time since you have slept well? The same thing happened when I took 1mg of xanax for the first time after not sleeping well for three months I had exhausted every natural means of sleep I just slept like the dead, it was like my body was catching up on much needed rest. After that one day of crazy amazing sleep, I slowly worked my way into a proper dose, and dosing schedule that I get the best benefit from.

I have a habit of reading in bed Those tend to keep you awake longer. Being in a steady routine raises the effectiveness of these meds. When I don't take t he xanax at the same time as the temazepam I wake up late, or I wake up a lot at night I found it to be more like 1mg. Clonazolam not Pam equalled about one 2 mg. Less sedating I'd say, higher dose xanax and I'm gonna just be asleep. It was a way more euphoric substance than xanax to me though.

I fucked my life up in short order with a big supply of clonazolam. I suggest not taking it at all. I was taking mg. I lost 3 job and several friendships in 2 months to clonazolam. I shouldn't fuck with any benzos ever again, however me being me I will. I will only take however clonazepam ever again, never these things were absolutely just ridiculous. So to answer your original question, if you took a quarter of a 2 mg.

You are going to wake up completely wasted still also at your tolerance level, as the half-life is much much longer than xanax. That is one substance I'm as afraid of as crack, heroin, or alcohol is clonazolam. Xanax makes me want to redose. Clonazolam is like xanax and kpin's lovechild. And the child takes steroids. Xanax makes me feel a little wierd.

Kpins make me cranky for some reason. I think c-lam is more addictive and recreational though. I haven't taken more than. It really gives you a case of the fuc its. I like the high better than both xanax and k-pins. Blows etiz out of the water. Its better for wasting time. Not really theraputic imo. As OP has stated this is not the case! Ive taken both clonazolam at 0. The flip side of the coin is that clonazepam lasts MUCH longer.

But strength-wise they are about the same. Some people tell me they prefer alprazolam for recreation, and that makes sense due to rapid onset and quick duration, but I personally prefer clonaepam, since in addition to being recreational, it is also very necessary medically for my mental state, and it's much more forgiving to skip a dose of clonazepam as the previous one will still be in the body.

Me personally, I have never used either one except in EXACT compliance with the prescribed instructions note to newbies: Just pointing this out to potential rep trolls. Feb 25, 8. I would say, from his experience: But this is only anecdotal evidence. Empirical sources tell him that: Feb 26, 9. Feb 26, If noone has noticed DF has a benzo doseage comparison table here.

From my twins extensive personal experience with these two, they are about equal in potency. BUT, clonazepam has a noticably longer half life. Xanax is pretty quick, and its definantly noticeable if one was to try and compare each one. He weighs about , very lean. Feb 28, I don't find much sedation in alprazolam until exceeding 4mg, but SWIM definitely feels nicely sedated with just 2mg of clonazepam alone.

As everyone else said, alprazolam 's effects do fade quicker then clonazepam , but SWIM can't remember how much sooner alprazolam wore off for him. Mar 5, Strangely I find that clonazepam gives him very little sedation, compared to diazepam or alprazolam. Even at high doses Anyway, speaking of which, I has just taken 2mg clonazepam , 40mg of diazepam and is ready to go and play some Scramble2 on his iPod touch and go to sleep.

Mar 7, The equivalency chart is made mainly for developing withdrawal plans for different BZDs and makes relative comparisons against diazepam. They're not drop-in replacement for each-other. Benzodiazepines are known for their three properties. Hypnotic, anxiolytic and anti-convulsion. Some are stronger in some areas than others. For anxiolotyics and anti-convulsants, sedating properties are not desirable.

Clonazepam is usually specified for anti-convulsant.


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  1. Doum

    I was prescribed .5mg to be taken 2 times daily for anxiety. At first I would only take a single .5mg dose every once in a while if I had an anxiety issue, which seemed to help a bit. Well, last week I was anxious most of the week so I decided to take a single, .5mg dose once a day for 4 days straight. Boy was that a bad idea!!! 2 days after stopping, my anxiety symptoms skyrocketed multiple times worse than before I even started the medicine. I had severe withdrawal symptoms for over a week after and didn't know a dependence could be gained in such a short period of time. My psychiatrist even said it was nearly impossible for that short a period at that dose. I won't continue this medication. Beware!"

  2. Mikanos

    Yes, this medication works. It works very well for chronic anxiety disorder and sudden onsets of severe panic attacks. Knowing what I know now, I wish with all my being it had never ever been prescribed to me, and without the absurd nonchalance dozens of practitioners have portrayed. I'm 32 and have been prescribed clonazopam for 14 years. Ive been in situations where my health insurance is in transition and I must go off the medication abruptly-- this is when I realized how deep I was. Weeks upon weeks of non stop physical, emotional, and psychological withdrawal effects that are like hell. Words cannot accurately describe just how awful it is. This, again, has been my experience during withdrawal as a long term clonazopam patient. All skin, especially the face, becomes numb. Vision gets fuzzy and difficult to see clearly. Panic attacks become extremely exasperated, frequent and debilitating. Severe irritability. Worst of all: a terrifying disconnection between your mind and body; as if you're an onlooker watching and feeling this horrible thing happen to you, but not actually feeling connected to any of it-- that one is tough to explain. All of this... It can lasts months, maybe more. That's right. Not just some one week hump to overcome. After finding how awful the withdrawal is I've been attempting to ween very very slowly down from 3 2mg doses per day to eventually zero, hopefully. After six months of gradually decreases in dose I'm now at 2- 1mg doses per day and I'm not sure how or if I can go much less than that. No doctors I've had have been of any help. The ween down was my idea and the rate of it was also my idea based on experience. It sure would be nice to meet a doctor that truly had knowledge of this withdrawal syndrome and took it a bit more seriously. I am confident that the medication is no longer treating my anxiety disorder, but simply preventing withdrawal from the meds themselves. And there don't seem to be any good alternatives. It's a long road ahead, please think it over and over with someone knowledgeable before being so quick to embrace this miracle drug. The truth is that most of us actually need very real psychotherapy, not chemicals that run our lives. Once again, all my point of view from my personal experience. It feels very good to share this.

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