Clonazepam for sleep forums wow hunter

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clonazepam for sleep forums wow hunter

Mogging a 2H weapon to feel like a warrior is great. These are all just ideas and I'm not a pro designer of any kind. I guess my doc doesn't careand just wants to see if it's still there or not. I downloaded this video and posted it on my YouTube channel: Announcements Board Help and Feedback. [WoW] Void Elf Hunter Leveling - Duskwood #1

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Clonazepam for sleep forums wow hunter My enzyme levels have clonazepam always been normal which contradicts the biopsy findings. The 4th spec idea would be a 4th spec forums that uses bows hunter magic. If you could bring something back to your class what would it be? Hunter the Icebound drake with your flying mount and Venomhide with your ground clonazepam. So yeah, I thought I would throw that wow there. If I could get 1g clonazepam I would sleep have that as over here in sleep ckonazepam its only wow for epilepsy, yet for the for people fucking forums it. Lylirra 1 Oct 26,
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I don't think a whole lot of thought went into it and it needs a 2nd pass. I'm going to try and be thorough as possible, and while a fair bit of feedback can be seen as negative at times, I can't state how excited I am for the specialization and the new expansion. If I can also help catch anyone up who has been following the development process that is available to the public as of March 19, , I hope this can be just as informative.

I will state that I'm not in the Alpha atm, but the spec is not hard to visualize currently in the alpha form. When breaking down a spec for a class, the most important thing to me is the idea that it all flows together and makes sense as a unified toolkit that fits the fantasy. Abilities, passives, and talents that exist for the mere sake of are pretty undesirable. There are a few of those in Survival, but it's not too bad overall and I'm pretty optimistic.

The first thing I want to look at are the basic DPS abilities for the rotation. Right now there are four rotational with a gap closer. Raptor Strike - A simple focus spender. Use it and deal damage. Serpent Sting - A 40 yard range dot with a small bit of direct damage. Wildfire Bomb - A 40 yard range explosive that deals aoe damage in a cone and then applies a notable dot with an 18 second cooldown reduced by haste. Kill Command - A 50 yard range focus generator that causes the pet to deal damage to a target within its range.

Harpoon - A 20 second cooldown gap closer that pulls the hunter to the target, and rooting the target in place for three seconds. As far as basic toolkits for dealing damage goes, it doesn't really get much more simple than survival's currently. Raptor Strike is fine in it's current form as it does its job, as does Serpent Sting. The duration on Serpent sting may be a bit short, but it's workable. The only thing that should be addressed is that it should scale with haste like other poisons and bleeds will hopefully.

It would be almost completely alone in dots if it didn't, perhaps alongside death knight dots, but it seems like everything else has been updated. Wildfire Bomb is similar to Dragonfire Grenade on live. It lacks the snare associated with the current talent on live that mirrors the ability, but that's fine. It recently lost its focus cost on the alpha meaning it will not scale with mastery, and with only one talent that interacts with it, it looks pretty out of place in the overall toolkit.

I hope that the necklace can add more traits to support the ability as I love the idea of it for survival fantasy. Kill Command is a hot topic issue currently for survival hunters. Personally I dislike it being added to the survival toolkit. It feels out of place when a valid ability was already available in the form of Flanking Strike. The fantasy of Survival, as I see it, is being side-by-side with your pet stalking your enemies together. Nothing seems more awkward than not only not attacking alongside your pet when you command it to attack, but also shouting and fist-pumping at the enemy while your pet mauls them.

I am more than happy to sacrifice the range, it can be added alongside AotE to match raptor strike and keep the spec emphasized on melee. The current flanking strike talent that was recently added could be changed in name to something akin to Swoop to mimic a bird attacking their target and "leaping" at them from the air in a sense. Harpoon is probably my favorite gap closer in the game in terms of animation and fantasy. While there are a few frustrations on live such as harpoon not resetting if the target dies while you're being pulled to it, or not being able to drag you to the target so it just goes on cooldown, but these are all things that can hopefully be fixed, but otherwise worked around.

The issue heading into BfA is that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the ability is being sliced out of the artifact and made into a talent, that being the reset on killing blows. This feels like a fundamental part of the ability that should be baseline. The number one thing I recommend to friends about why they should play survival is to enjoy the bouncing between mobs in the world using harpoon.

Beyond that issue, the ability is fantastic. When it comes to utility, our toolkit is quite solid. We have a strong stun from Intimidation, Freezing trap for out of combat CC, and two snares as well as acquiring Misdirection to assist in threat and add management. Pruning is a hot topic issue and while I think that toolkits should have notable strengths and weaknesses there are a few basic tools that specs should have.

The removal of Carve is something I strongly disagree with. It appears the design goal for Survival is to emphasize single target damage, but having a spammable weak AoE ability is an invaluable tool that shouldn't be removed. Hellcarver is a good supporting passive that allows SV to remain relevant at high add density without allowing SV to encroach on the smaller target cleave territory of specs like elemental. The other ability that should be looked at for SV is Tranquilizing Shot.

This was added to BM and MM and should be a part of the survival toolkit. While there is access to a version of it from pets, I strongly believe that ability should just be baseline for SV as well, and replaced on those pets. Right now the pet slots are already occupied by some "auto-fills" and this is another one Survival would have to carry for the sake of it. Moving on to talents, I think they definitely need some work, ignoring numerical tuning, but the overall theme of the talents provide pretty good groundwork.

ToE and AP could see some work, but the direction is good. Terms of Engagement- Focus generation and harpoon CD reset upon killing blows. A damage boost for the first time you harpoon to a target blends in well with the theme of the talent. Viper's Venom - A reliable proc from hitting raptor strike that increases the direct damage of serpent sting when you cast it next as well as making it free.

I like the design behind it. Alpha Predator - A new talent from the newest published build. It adds a charge of Kill Command and increases the damage. Not having that second charge can feel like a punishment more than a bonus when you do have it since it can lead to missed casts. I see it similar to the dire beast shoulders earlier in Legion and can only hope Kill Command gets a base two charges in the future.

I like the direction for this one as well. Guerrilla Tactics This doubles the initial damage of Wildfire Bomb and gives it a second charge. This is the only thing in the spec that currently interacts with Wildfire Bomb and that's a shame. I hope more is added later. Hydra's Bite Serpent Sting hits two additional nearby enemies and deals additional damage over time.

I like it and wouldn't change it. Butchery CD based AoE ability with three charges. It should replace Carve if we got it back baseline, and should be modified by Hellcarver if we get it back. I don't see a reason to ever pick this single target though which could lead to the undesirable situation of switching talents per boss for AoE vs ST options again that it has been stated the development team is trying to move away from.

Plain and simple non-dps spells. Trailblazer - A passive speed boost when you haven't been attacked by a short time. I'd never pick it but I can see why others do. Natural Mending - Cooldown reduction on our self heal Exhilaration when using focus spending abilities. More self healing, why not? Camouflage - Temporary stealth and self healing.

I want to use it more, and I do to run around solo in PvE on live as well as situational shennanigans in random BGs, but it's hard to justify anywhere else. It fits the survival fantasy quite a bit though. Possibly the worst tier for the spec. Bloodseeker - Apply a short duration bleed and gain attack speed not haste while it is on a target after using kill command on them. I'm not sure what it's trying to interact with, or accomplish, but without just raw numbers behind it I don't see why it exists.

If there is supposed to be an option for a bleed component tied to kill command as a talent option like Aspect of the Beast currently has, I'd just emphasize that and ditch the attack speed. Steel Trap - Replaces freezing trap with a talent that roots breaks on damage and applies a hefty dot. Just bad all around. We have a dot that we apply on CD and this is just a press and forget every 30s ability with no interaction beyond making sure that it hits a target that will live for 30s.

Hopefully it gets completely replaced, possibly with a talent that can focus on the DoT effect from Wildfire Bomb. A Murder of Crows - A 1m cd 15s duration dot that resets on CD if the target dies while afflicted with it. I know people that love it, I'm not one of them, but I wouldn't be upset if I had to use it. A broad focus, but in a non-dps tier, that's fine imo. Boring but hey, it gets the job done. Posthaste - A sprint after using Disengage that also removes snares and roots.

It's nearly impossible for anything to compete with this. Binding Shot - An aoe root that can be fired in range if the targets move away from the center point. I'd rather see the root tied to Tar Trap come back for Survival and replace this talent, but it seems like a generic include for all specs so it's a hit I can understand. Not excited, but it is what it is. I love the options here and wouldn't make any major changes. It's simple, but I like it.

Until this latest build I assumed this was the go-to for PvP and Non-group content, but it has some competition now. Mongoose Bite - Replaces Raptor Strike, deals increased damage each successive cast within a 14 second window stacking 5 times - I really enjoy the current form of the ability, and this is a bit of a reimagining of it.

The tuning is a bit off from what I understand making it underwhelming, but it rewards high uptime and pooling as well as a bit of luck and a haste-centric gear set. I would assume it's intended to be the default for raiding and I hope I can justify utilizing it in BfA, although the shift to a costed version of it is less than appealing, especially at a full 30 focus.

Flanking Strike - Leap at a target and deal damage as well as generating focus 40s cd - So apart from my earlier comments on Kill Command and Flanking Strike, I really like this ability. The CD seems a bit too long to justify, although it definitely looks like a cautious approach for PvP's sake due to the short-ranged charge associated with it. I do like it, but I wish it was named something else. Something that makes Coordinated Assault actually feel coordinated beyond just a damage boost for both specs.

Hopefully something with WfB or Serpent Sting is focused though. Maybe make WfB explode for bonus damage to all nearby targets every time you raptor strike a target afflicted by the dot. It is a simple talent that doesn't add buttons which can be useful for players learning the spec or who simply don't want to push as many buttons and adds more damage outside of CA windows. Call it [Volatile Explosives]?

Chakrams - Throw a pair of Chakrams dealing damage to all mobs in the path and double damage to the primary target 20s cd - I love this ability and plan to use it as much as possible. I enjoyed the old glaive toss in animation and theme and am happy to see it come back. I'm looking forward to pressing this button again and watching the glaives cleave down my foes. Overall it seems like a lot of critique, but I like the direction of the spec and am very excited to see the attention and tweaking it is getting.

I'm very optimistic for the future and look forward to seeing the direction the spec goes as the Alpha develops. I'm happy to discuss with anyone in detail my opinion on the spec and why I have them. I hope that we'll see more Survival Hunters in the future and I'm beyond excited for the opportunity to main the spec in BfA within my raid guild.

While the pocket crossbow is kind of cute for Serpent Sting, I'm really hoping for a glyph to make it a javelin or hatch when cast! This effectively ruins any and all hopes I had that I would be able to retain some of Legion Survival, even if I had to talent into it. It also sucks I will have to deal with Kill Command. So I'm just sitting here wondering Why in the world is Kill Command an identical ability for TWO specs but it does polar opposite things for the specs? I have seen nothing, not an exaggeration, nothing but negative feedback regarding Kill Command for Survival.

So why is this still a thing? I don't get it. I want one of your class devs to logon and play a BM hunter and do the rotation sometime. I look like a friggin idiot when I raid. My character weirdly points forward when I dire frenzy and then weirdly arches her back and shouts to the sky as I kill command and then just forward as I dire frenzy and so on and so forth for most of the fight. I am not here to dance bosses to death. Kkthnx Witcomovich 8 2h. How are you guys liking MM in bgs atm?

Hunter has been my main since BC, but this xpac was too awful. I've fooled around on this hunter a tiny bit but that is it. This xpac i mostly play shaman, lock, dk and paladin, and in that order. I keep coming back to, and then leaving the hunter. I've loved the playstyle but i didn't like the performance at all. How do you like playing MM in bgs now? What are some of the things you like the most about it and some of the things you find the most challenging about it?

Recently i've been seeing MM doing way better in bgs, and i don't just mean their cleave which has been good for some time now. Maybe the changes to templates over the xpac has eased some of the MM woes? I fear that marksmanship hunters will stay with an uninteresting rotation. I feel that mm hunters should have similar rotation to what frost mages and sin rogues have.

Like a constant preparation that leads up to something. A more challenging rotation. As you may notice, I do not generally post on the forums. I tend to avoid speaking unless I have something to actually say. I have been playing my hunter since "classic". Much has changed since then. While I do feel that a lot of those changes are positive, I would like to discuss one that has continued to bring me frustration and sadness.

I miss my pets. Don't get me wrong, I'm not missing any of the creatures I have tamed. They are all still In my stables. But they have all gone from being faithful companions, to glorified vanity pets. All of my pets are basically transmogs of the same basic pet function. In the past, some pets actually had special attacks, group buffs, etc. They had their own talent builds instead of just choosing if they are a tank or damage. While I do not miss having to level a new pet from level 1 up to max level, I did enjoy the fact that they had their own emotions.

We had to earn their loyalty. The option to feed them had meaning. I actualy felt I had let them down when they died, because my hunter had bonded with this once wild creature. All of these features made my pets feel more like actual companions, and not just class abilities, with a transmog feature. I understand that many people would not want to grind out their pet's happiness or loyalty, and may not even want the option to customize their pet trainable abilities.

I just feel that it would be nice to maybe see a side quest ability for those of us that do wish to have these features back. Maybe it would only apply to the Beastmaster spec, or something. I do not pretend to have the answers on how to bring it back, I'm just voicing my feelings here. I'm asking to have my pets made whole again.

Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read and discuss this. Why would you do this to us? Will I have to wait until next xpac when I can come back and solo it? Am I missing something? Please don't tell me I will have to use this dumb hippo for its Mortal Wounds effect. Genuinely curious for your opinion on what you lost with the removal of "Ranged" Survival Hunters. Without salt maybe a little salt Does anything in the BfA alpha look promising to you?

If you could bring something back to your class what would it be? What do you miss the most? You typically want to have either the bleed damage except when you are trying to solo content and need the extra damage reduction for your pet. The slow is pretty useless when we have a slow and many pets have a slow.

Taking this ability in pvp or instanced PvE is going to require a ferocity pet as the slow and damage reduction effects are pretty useless in those situations. So what should be done to fix this ability? Remove it and replace it with something else? Make the bleed baseline to the talent regardless of pet spec and give new bonuses for ferocity and cunning?

What ideas do you all have? I enjoy the "Warrior with a pet" style of gameplay that Survival offers. The fantasy of holding a large, mean 2H weapon and using coordinated attacks with your pet beside you is very unique and appealing. I really enjoy having a pet for tanking and companionship. I like taming and collecting pets.

Mogging a 2H weapon to feel like a warrior is great. So in this sense SV Hunter seems to fill a niche that I hope stays. I hope I can keep my large 2H weapon mog! Galakras' bow drop Dagryn's Discarded Longbow was able to show enchants such as bloody dancing steel back in season 15, then with the release of Warlord's Of Draenor it was unable to show any such enchant. Why was this ability removed with no voice on the matter?

Praying Blizzard allows hunters to show enchants in Battle For Azeroth as it really takes away from the enjoyment of unlocking a enchant or seeing one drop for you in a raid. There are currently about 8 ranged hunter weapons that the enchants can show on, so why not expand it to more. Hi - just curious as I keep shifting between dire frenzy build and stomp. For each build I am swapping gear, if playing dire frenzy I am stacking mastery and using legendary shoulders and chest.

Yes I sim, and overall my dps is pretty decent usually in the 1. Cheers and all that stuff What are your plans for the holidays? Me, I think I'll drink lots of eggnog, eat lots of cookies and ice cream, and pray for snow to hit my parents' cabin. Now I have never raided as ranged in all my years of playing this game so I was thinking a bm hunter would be a great stepping stone into that position. I hate cast times or immobile specs so MM hunter is out and bm is really the main option for me.

I recognize that the damage isn't the best but neither was the class I was rerolling from so I'm fine with it. Being a melee dps this entire time, being able to do mechanics while being fully mobile AND ranged seems like a wonderful thing haha My main question is: I know this is super subjective but maybe any mythic raiders with prior class experience can chime in on this from their point of view.

I'm trying to decide between feral druid, enhancement shaman, or bm hunter, three very very different specs: Went from 2 deters, spirit bond, a better post haste, camoflauge, snake trap, with yard range and masters call baseline, to top it off an explosive trap know back in wad Post haste getting nerfed. Just feel like our utility and damage becomes worse every xpac while our pets get worse too.

Hard for me personally to want to play a character thats been neglected and treated with such lack of knowledge. I could have fixed the issues of this spec long ago in pvp but its like blizz purposely takes this spec in the wrong direction. Would it kill blizz to round up 10 of the top players for each spec and actually get there input on the changes. Its just infuriating seeing my spec of 12 years get gutted by devs that couldnt mske it past cr playing the spec.

Is this a bad joke Do what all bm hunters have asked go backwards towards earlier xpacs of bm. Is this devs having to big egos what is this version of bm. Signed xrank 1 pissed off hunter seeing wyvern and binding arrow nerfed out in the same xpac. Rip wyvern sting, explosive trap knockback, viper sting, double deter, masters call baseline, scare beast, the good post haste, high dps for a pure dps class.

Why is bm low dps, lowest utility, and weak armor too. Makes 0 sense playing bm when its fallen so far. I was looking at the bfa animals and Saw the awesome snake that I kinda cant wait to tame if It lets me but till then any ideas Atm I'm just useing my 3horns Maidemonsong 5 23h. This one skill completely turned me off from beast master. The animation, the sound effects, almost everything about the skill doesn't feel good. And now for some reason, a skill based around doing damage only with a pet, something that makes sense for a beast master even if the skill does not, is being forced on Survival?

And with the recent changes to talent trees, we don't even have the ability to change it with flanking strike. As it stands now, Survival is a "hybrid" spec with 1 melee ability. Flanking strike was a nice skill, it looked good and felt good to use. Keep the skill, tweak it a bit, and it even makes more sense with the main DPS cooldown in battle for azeroth being called "coordinated assault". Whats coordinated about telling your pet to bite the enemy multiple times?

If you want to keep it as a mainly ranged ability, just bake the previous level 15 talent into flanking strike and let us use it at range or up close for bonus damage. Kill Command is probably my absolute least favorite skill in the game. Don't force it on another spec please Blizzard. Marksmanship at the moment seems to be very centered around long cast times and "aiming" your 1 big shot every 9-ish seconds.

Crows - crows is pretty staple to hunter at this point, but i feel crows isn't a marksmanship identifiable spell. RNG is annoying AF, and if it procs on pull it deals so much more damage it's stupid and frustrating. Volley - legion but with RNG. He didn't want to classify it as SA since I didn't have it throughout my childhood until I was like 10 or So I guess general anxiety.

I wonder how long it will take for it to effect me. Hopefully less than 2 weeks. Speak Easy is offline. Well, I am feeling slightly different and a little more carefree in a sense after 2 days of taking the meds. Not a drastic change obviously, but I hope that I get better throughout the school week. Anyone have any first time experiences with Klonopin that they'd like to share? I keep an diary on my computer for various reasons, but this is the entry I just typed up: I was trying and really trying hard to understand but I couldn't do it.

I just felt like punching a wall or having my own face punched it. But before TRL ended, I just gave up on my math homework, then I was going to study for the Driver's Ed test tomorrow but I was too lazy and it scared me somehow. Then I just started crying mom was outside while this was happening and I was bawling for like 15 minutes straight saying like, "Why can't I just do the simplest things, why am I such a retard, idiot, I am worthless, I should just kill myself.

Wow, I have never cried and been so built up like that before. I think that a side effect of the Klonopin is rage, but I think it was something that has long been waiting to happen. My life will never turn around and I will always be worthless and mute and stupid. If klonopin causes unwanted side effects like rage, simply switch to another benzo like ativan or xanax.

You dont take klonopin as needed its not good for the cns system ups and downs.


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    I started having anxiety or panic attacks 30 years ago and "suffered" through them for almost 10 years. My psyc wanted me to experience the anxiety to show how it wasn't harmful and I'd get over it. We'll guess what, I never got over them and a I had my GP wrote me out a prescription for Klonopin to take as needed and it has worked out great. Although I am not "cured" of my illness, I am able to function, enjoy life and do things I didn't think would be possible without it. All without any physical side effects. Btw, numerous times I've had skin cancer removed from my face while sitting in a chair for 4-5 hours. I've had dental implants in my mouth, which went on for 2-3 hours. All this was possible with Klonopin.

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