Is clonazepam used for anxiety

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is clonazepam used for anxiety

There are two types of LBD: I would rather lose my memory earlier than not sleep well until I die. I keep waking up am todl I have mania. Clonazepam Effects Quiz question 1. Discover dementia stages, signs of dementia, causes, diagnosis, treatments, and medications. The study was carried out according to the Declaration of Helsinki and good clinical practices. Is clonazepam available as a generic drug? WHY CAN'T I LET GO... (Benzo Taper Update

I had no idea I had anxiety problems. I was getting sick every evening , getting hot flashes and shakes? I went to the ER and Cardiologist and family dr. I feel like doing things again! The only drawback I see is constipation and some short term memory loss. A welcome trade off for how much better I feel!! I suffered horrible anxiety for years before being treated and have been using the drug for 10 years. I use it as needed so sometimes I can go weeks without taking any, sometimes take a couple a day for a week.

I've never felt any withdrawal or cravings. My only very small complaint is that I feel not quite as sharp mentally. I am a chemist so I need my "A game" while at work. Other than that this drug has changed my life for the better. Hada January 8, When I try to stop them it's terrifying. I've gone as long as 2 months without and the withdrawal is even worse after 6 months then is is during the first 2 weeks.

I can't take off work for a year to get off of these. I can't call off of work and say, of sorry I'm hooked on my anxiety medication and I can't come in. I got myself down to 0. But I can't function without them. I don't know if my anxiety is really that bad or it's the withdrawal. It's really messed up and I have to chuckle when I see it says Klonipin is used for benzo withdrawal. That's like saying Herion is good for oxycontin withdrawal Patrick taken for 10 years or more January 8, This drug ruined my life.

I wasn't taking as much as they prescribed, but I didn't know how dependent I was until I stopped taking it. The withdrawals were something out of a horror movie, and they last for a long time. AntiBenzo taken for 2 to 5 years January 4, They are better to take during the day cuz it doesn't make you sleepy, then I'll take maybe 2 mg before bed. It doesn't knock you out it just helps you sleep through the night and helps you go to sleep some cuz your mind's not racing.

Well they stopped working after the 6 years so now I'm on Xanax 0. They work much better as far as anxiety I guess it helps some but basically I need to rest well at night when I switch to Xanax didn't have any withdrawals from Klonopin actually I stopped the Klonopin cuz I lost my insurance for probably two years before I started the Xanax and didn't have any withdrawals ". Wormy12 taken for 5 to 10 years December 30, It dissolves quickly, under my tongue, and begins to work immediately.

The instant action of the dissolving tablets is far greater, for me, than tablets that take time to work. A panic attack needs immediate action. PattyShay taken for 2 to 5 years December 29, I have suffered from extreme anxiety since late teens. I did not seek help until I was Prozac worked great for me but after 14 years lost effectiveness. Have tried many drugs but discovered clonozepam. Works great for me. I have learned to space them out due to reduced effectiveness. Great at reducing anxiety.

Loopy taken for 2 to 5 years December 24, The withdrawal from this drug literally ruins people. Beware, too, "benzo rage;" I've never experienced a more terrifying emotional state, I felt like I completely lost myself and became cruel and ridiculously self-righteous. Meanwhile, this class of drug turned a kind and funny roommate into a two-faced thief and liar. There is a better way than benzos, be patient and be willing to work on yourself. This stuff ruins people.

I've taken other benzos Alprazolam,Lorazepam, Flurazepam but these new drugs are absolutely the best in my opinion for controlling anxiety in any situation. It worked very well for me and continues to, but if you don't prefer sedation and muscle relaxation as side effects then you should go for a drug such a buspirone. But thats my experience. Zaneggg taken for 1 to 6 months December 4, I might have to take it for the rest of my life, but without it my quality of life was unbearable.

I don't want to go back to the panicky shaking and heart palpitations and fatigue I felt after an episode. Truly, my triggers don't even bother me that much due to this medication. It's been my saving grace. Tweety November 20, Gets way too much of a bad rap by "professionals" who don't know squat about mental health. Make sure to use sparingly and you will not get addicted For high pressure situations at work or other emergency situations it makes me a normal person again.

This Rx has saved my life and my job. Go to counselling too ". YankeeFanatic taken for 2 to 5 years November 17, I was prescribed clonazepam and instructed to only take it when necessary. It has worked wonderfully for me and for once in a long time, I actually felt genuinely calm and relaxed, and my perspectives towards things that would bother me on a normal day changed completely I was able to rationalise things better and get over problems quickly.

The first hour or so after taking clonazepam is torture though as I would usually feel very drowsy and dazed. After that, as long as I eat properly, the drowsiness goes away and the pill will work wonders. AlyT taken for less than 1 month November 17, I was prescribed many SSRIs but none of them worked. Clonazepam has been the only thing that has ever helped relieve my anxiety. Its a shame that many doctors won't prescribe it because it can be habit forming, yet they'll gladly give out SSRIs that can cause manic behavior or suicidal thoughts.

This medication saved me from my anxiety. Airrinn November 9, It is not as effective for me as lorazepam since most of my anxiety is due to severe, treatment resistant OCD however it's still effective in reducing debilitating anxiety. It has a longer half life than lorazepam and xanax but it's slower to take affect. Serious side effects can include rash, hives, hoarseness, trouble breathing, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Klonopin may cause suicidal thoughts and behaviors in a small percentage of people who take the medication. Seek medical help if you experience these thoughts or other changes in your behavior or mood. Klonopin can cause birth defects and fetal harm when taken during pregnancy. The drug may be transferred via breast milk and potentially harm a baby. Therefore, talk to your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are nursing before you take Klonopin. Withdrawal symptoms of Klonopin can include seizure, hallucinations, shaking, sweating, cramps, sleeping problems, changes in behavior, and anxiety.

An overdose of Klonopin could be fatal, so seek immediate help or call the Poison Help Line at if you overdose. Overdose symptoms can include confusion, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, or coma. If you have a history of substance use problems, talk to your doctor about the risks of taking the medication. The biggest disadvantages of Klonopin are potential side effects and its habit-forming potential. Pregnant women are also typically advised not to take the medication. This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

When did the U. Clonazepam, the generic version of Klonopin, was first approved by the FDA in Is there a generic version of Klonopin? Yes, the generic version is known as clonazepam and is sold in the U. Article continues below Concerned about anxiety?


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  1. Taura

    I would not be alive now if not for Klonopin, nor would I have been able to complete Graduate school. Anyone who has had panic disorder that literally freezes your mind and body into a state of never ending terror know. You are sure you will die. Mine started at age 28. I have been taking a low dose; 1 mg per day - 0.5 morning and before bed. If I feel one coming on I take 1 mg of Ativan - happens a few x a month. Those who say it's as horrible and addictive as Heroin? Likely using it for generalized anxiety and increase irresponsibly .Those of us who suffer from the physical and mental terror of panic disorder and take the medication carefully - it's hard to hear others saying how dangerous it is. Anything misused is dangerous.

  2. Maugrel

    i had so many side effect that made me fall 4 time and 3 times had to go to the hospital i'm dizzy wobble loss of balance loss of visin and dould vision i cannot drive

  3. Yoshura

    I have been on benzos for over 8 years due to severe Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, and Social Phobia. I switched from 4mgs of Xanax a day to 2mg of Klonopin twice a day and feel amazing. Much longer acting med compared to Xanax. Also prefer Mylan brand to Teva but the name brand original "K Cuts" are the best by Roche. No more panic attacks, low anxiety and socially comfortable again while not feeling overly sedated. I have been on almost every Benzodiazopine out there and I have to say this is overall the best one.

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