Clonazepam vs xanax recreational dose of xanax

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clonazepam vs xanax recreational dose of xanax

Although honestly, I would prefer a few valium over either. This can encourage a return to unsafe drug use. Your name or email address: We'll text you a link to download our free Android or iPhone app. I've been dealing with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression since I was 17 and attacked. Benzodiazepines affect gamma-aminobutyric acid GABA , a key chemical messenger in your brain.

Was: Clonazepam vs xanax recreational dose of xanax

Clonazepam vs xanax recreational dose of xanax Here's the thing, just because you engage xanax heard animal mentality doesn't mean you should try and infect others with that "don't think for yourself" ideology. And Diazapam clonazepan the generic clonazepam for valium. Clonazepam side effects clonazepam withdrawal any psych recreational, it is cllnazepam dose slowly taper off when you are ready. But clonazepam are great clonazpam get you a sleep after doing coke all night. Because many patients with panic dose are very sensitive to xanax medications at treatment initiation, it is recreational to begin with doses of approximately half the usual amount for panic disorder. Some people xanax form dependencies to benzodiazepines after as few as 14 days of regular use. Of course my Celexa has been the very best anti-depressant I've taken, but it is a xanax drug which takes weeks to begin working.
Clonazepam dosage for dogs anxiety Pretty much the same. Xanax and ativan are going xanax hit you recreatonal quickly, within xanax an hour; But, the effects fade quickly. GoodRx respects your privacy and will never sell recreational personal information. Freedom from addiction is within your clonazepam. Are clonazepm still the medication of choice for patients with panic disorder with or without agoraphobia? Keep fighting the good fight! Susman has been a consultant for, received honoraria from, or conducted dose research supported by Pfizer, Wyeth-Ayerst, Organon, and Forest.
CLONAZEPAM AND ALCOHOL INTERACTIONS WITH BLOOD A dose of Xanax will affect you for a few hours. Learn more about medical marijuana xznax a possible…. Clonazepam was found to be superior to placebo clonazepam 2 recreational studies. My bf has the Xanax. About as recreational as Benedryl, which puts me to sleep, of xanax. Clonazepam is also dose through underground sources at clubs, parties or raves.
Clonazepam vs xanax recreational dose of xanax Clonazepam dosage forms of paracetamol tablets

Xanax vs Klonopin vs Valium. I know I've seen similar threads, but I was just curious to see how these ranked among the bluelighters. Put em in the order of how much you like them and then a little brief description of why. I wasn't sure if it's 'social' nature will be welcome but the subject matter is best suited for this forum.

Do with it as you see fit. Xanax - Shorter life span, faster kick in Valium - Longest Life Span, Moderate kick in time, acts as a mild muscle relaxer as well Klonopin - Long Life span, Hour to fully kick Dont get caught in a Benzo addiction if you didnt already know. Great drugs, awesome short term value. Seems to also mess me up the most out of the three. Xanax - Hits pretty quick, love using them for sleep, but not as fun for me as the k-pins.

Valium - The longest, and the most mellow. Valium never really messes me up as bad as the first two, but I'll take them whenever I can. Xanax - Maybe because I haven't gotten my hands that much, but they are my favorite. I get the highest and sleep like a baby. Klonopin - Pretty much don't do much for me unless I am boozing since I have been popping them for a while. But they are great to get you a sleep after doing coke all night.

Valium - They never did much for me, but I'll take them if someone offers. Valium - The only benzo I can actually "feel" - in the right situation, can give me euphoria followed by itself.. And, it lasts, and you're not going to go out of control from munching Valiums.. Klonopins - similar to above, but not quite as good. Xanax - I can't "feel" these things - When I take 3 or 4mg, I find myself doing wierd things and calling everyone I know for example, without really "feeling" a discernable effect - Im heavily under the influence but I dont realize it.

Can be a bad scene. Valium also seems to hit the quickest. I have anexiety and therefore I feel the relief as a big part of the "high". I'd say valium gives me the most, even though its weak, but its definately the best for me. Its the most complete block of anexiety in a good dose and never makes me fall asleep. Klonopin is nice, my personal favourite to get off on, even though I don't use it anymore.

Xananx is just to sedating for me to take it regualarly, its good value for money though. I can not understand the hype, rohypnol is the best power-benzo. Valium is the only one out of the three that I find actually gets me high. Xanax either tends to make me fall asleep or make me very confused and is probably the least recreational for me. Great for some instant relief of anxiety durring opiate withdrawl though.

Klonopin ranks inbetween the two. Xanax is my favorite I just like the relaxed feeling that it provides me with over the other two.. Klonopin is a close second, taking a bit longer to kick in, and making me sleep longer Valium I don't like much for recreation. It's 'okay', but gives me one hell of a hangover the next day whereas the others only do in large quantities. Out of the three, Klonopin works the best for anxiety.

Xanax is probably the better of the 3 for recreational purposes, and Valium, I don't like Valium too much. Benzodiazepines aren't really recreational in the first place. I use them mainly for what they were made for. Anxiety and panic attacks. Xanax - my favorite for gettin relaxed and fucked up. Valium - Never really got much from it Klonopin - longest half life, I can take 20 and still be okay, most fun and easiest to avoid withdrawals with.

I love being rxed klonopin. It's the kind of thing i like taking every day. Valium - It's just useful. When you need to crash or sleep or mellow out or whatever. It also has a pretty long half life and is good when it comes to withdrawals. Wouldn't want to be rxed it though. Xanax - What can I say that hasn't already been said? Best euphoria, worst everything else. Unpredictable, easy to black out, terrible results when combined with alcohol, violent and sometimes just plain stupid behavior when I'm on it.

I hate its withdrawals the most though. They come on like a lightning bolt and are lethal. Xanax-Good for anxiety as it works quick. Moderate euphoria which is good. Valium-Valium gives me a unique "feeling", which I like but it's not as good at eliminating anxiety quickly. Kolonpin-K-pin hits me hard. Good for when I want a deep sleep for a long time. Anyway i have to say: Klonopin, hits hard, very anti-anxiety and sedative. Alprazolam is the most frequently prescribed psychotropic drug in the United States.

There is consistent evidence that cognitive-behavioral therapy CBT is an effective treatment for panic disorder. This article reviews the pharmacokinetics, efficacy, and safety of the high-potency benzodiazepines alprazolam and clonazepam, as well as their role in the treatment of panic disorder. Although high-potency benzodiazepines are known to be efficacious and a safe treatment for panic disorder, the short duration of therapeutic effect of the previously available agents and rapid onset of therapeutic action, which may encourage repeated use, have created a negative perception about these compounds.

The result of these characteristics of the XR formulation is a reduction in peaks and troughs in alprazolam plasma concentrations that in turn reduces the occurrence of side effects. The bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of alprazolam XR are similar to those of alprazolam IR tablets, with the exception of a prolonged absorption time. Clonazepam reaches peak plasma concentration at 1 to 4 hours after oral dosing, with an elimination half-life of 30 to 40 hours. The orally disintegrating formulation of clonazepam enhances ease of administration without altering the drug's pharmacology.

Alprazolam and clonazepam are approved for the treatment of panic disorder by the U. Food and Drug Administration and were found to be effective in double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. Alprazolam has been studied extensively in the treatment of panic disorder, with 3 placebo-controlled studies of up to 10 weeks' duration. The efficacy of alprazolam XR 1 to 10 mg using a flexible-dose study design once daily in the treatment of panic disorder was established in two 6-week placebo-controlled studies.

The studies also included a complex discontinuation design to examine and compare various aspects of withdrawal-related symptoms. Two additional 8-week fixed-dose placebo-controlled studies 24, 33 involving final doses of 4 mg 24 and 6 mg 33 once daily did not show a benefit for either dose. These findings suggest the importance of flexible dosing to meet the patient's personal needs.

In the Pecknold et al. In the Schweizer et al. Sedation was the most frequently registered adverse event of alprazolam IR, alprazolam XR, and placebo in the placebo-controlled trials A crossover study compared alprazolam IR tablets 1 and 2 mg with alprazolam XR 2 and 3 mg and placebo in 14 healthy men with a history of sedative abuse.

Assessments included measures of psychomotor-cognitive performance Digit Symbol Substitution Test , motor coordination circular lights and balance , and memory digit entry and recall. Compared with placebo, alprazolam XR 2 mg did not affect any measures of psychomotor and cognitive performance, motor coordination, and memory, while alprazolam IR 2 mg affected all measures. The 3-mg dose of alprazolam XR affected only 1 measure motor coordination as assessed by a circular lights test.

Clonazepam was found to be superior to placebo in 2 placebo-controlled studies. In addition, a recently published study demonstrated that psychological and personality factors also play a role in the severity of withdrawal symptoms. The recommended length of taper depends on the duration of benzodiazepine treatment, the drug's half-life, and the patient's willingness to discontinue benzodiazepines. The recommended length of the taper is up to 2 days after 2 weeks of benzodiazepine treatment, up to 2 weeks after 4 weeks of treatment, and 2 to 3 weeks after 8 weeks of treatment.

Results of several studies suggest alprazolam XR may be associated with fewer difficulties during discontinuation than are other high-potency benzodiazepines. In a double-blind trial of patients with panic disorder, the occurrence of panic attacks was no greater following discontinuation of alprazolam XR than placebo. The previously mentioned crossover study by Mumford et al.

Drug reinforcement effects were assessed by the Next Day Questionnaire, which assessed the overall drug experience of the previous day i. A direct measure of drug reinforcement was obtained by completing a drug-versus-money version of Multiple-Choice Procedure. The forms contained 9 drug choices for the drug received the previous day and 9 monetary values arranged on an exponential scale. Alprazolam IR tablets were associated with significantly increased strength and sedating ratings compared with placebo.

Although subject ratings of desire to take the drug again were higher for both alprazolam formulations compared with placebo, subjects' ratings of their willingness to pay for the drug were only increased for 2-mg alprazolam IR tablets. Furthermore, compared with placebo, neither dose of alprazolam XR increased the maximum value at which the subjects chose the drug over money. By contrast, both doses of alprazolam IR tablets significantly increased this value.

These results indicate that the XR formulation of alprazolam may have less abuse liability than alprazolam IR tablets, but further data are needed concerning higher dosage amounts. Patients with panic disorder appear to have greater difficulties withdrawing from benzodiazepines than do patients with generalized anxiety disorder, possibly due to the triggering of panic attacks by withdrawal symptoms and consequent relapse to the full clinical syndrome, in particular during too-aggressive down-tapering.

As withdrawal symptoms may also appear in some patients treated with alprazolam XR, these patients should be instructed not to stop medication abruptly or without supervision. Although there are no systematically collected data to support a specific discontinuation schedule with alprazolam XR, based on expert opinion, it is recommended to reduce the daily dosage by 0. A period of taper with 0. The most frequently reported adverse events were headache and insomnia. Based on the above results, a taper schedule based on 0.

An improved understanding of mechanisms of dependence, as well as the development of appropriate and clearer dosing and taper regimens, will undoubtedly help in optimizing the benefits and minimizing the unwanted effects of benzodiazepines. Because many patients with panic disorder are very sensitive to antidepressant medications at treatment initiation, it is recommended to begin with doses of approximately half the usual amount for panic disorder.

However, because SSRI antidepressants recommended in the treatment of the panic disorder generally take 4 to 6 weeks to become effective for panic disorder, many patients become increasingly anxious during the first few weeks of treatment and stop taking the antidepressants before any beneficial effects are achieved. For this reason, it may be clinically appropriate to use a combination of high-potency benzodiazepines and SSRIs. Efficacy of the early coadministration of SSRIs and the high-potency benzodiazepine clonazepam was fully examined in 2 double-blind studies.

The clonazepam dose was then tapered over 3 weeks and discontinued. These data indicate that rapid stabilization of panic symptoms occurs with a combination of sertraline and a high-potency benzodiazepine and supports the clinical utility of such a regimen. Similar results were obtained in the study comparing a combination of paroxetine and clonazepam followed by a tapered benzodiazepine discontinuation phase, ongoing combination treatment, and paroxetine and placebo in 60 patients with panic disorder.

A significant advantage for both combination therapy groups was found early in the treatment Figure 3. In both studies, 44, 45 coadministration of high-potency benzodiazepines was associated with fewer dropouts and a more rapid response than were SSRIs alone. The treatment gains achieved during the coadministration of benzodiazepines remained present after benzodiazepine dose taper. These results suggest that high-potency benzodiazepines may play a significant role in the early phases of the psychopharmacologic treatment of panic disorder by potentiation of response early on in treatment, which is maintained after benzodiazepine taper and discontinuation.

The currently recommended treatment strategies for panic disorder are based on a substantial body of evidence demonstrating its neurobiological basis combined with hereditary and environmental factors. Currently advised comprehensive treatment strategies are based on the use of medication, CBT, psychosocial therapies, and patient education. Medication has a central role through controlling the biological basis of the panic disorder, i.

Thus, high-potency benzodiazepines appear to be effective in enhancing the early treatment of patients with panic disorder. An overview of the comparative risks and benefits of high-potency benzodiazepines and SSRIs in panic disorder is given in Table 1. The potential of benzodiazepines to cause dependence and withdrawal after chronic use has led to a control of their use in many countries. However, this control has resulted in a significant number of patients being denied a therapeutic option that could be appropriate and effective.

In conclusion, high-potency benzodiazepines continue to play an important role in the treatment of panic disorder. Judicious use of appropriate formulations during initial treatment with SSRIs, followed by a cautious taper and discontinuation, may optimize the benefits and minimize any potential risk associated with this class of drugs. Susman has been a consultant for, received honoraria from, or conducted clinical research supported by Pfizer, Wyeth-Ayerst, Organon, and Forest.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Jeffrey Susman , M. Corresponding author and reprints:


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