Melatonin and clonazepam interaction with medical marijuana

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melatonin and clonazepam interaction with medical marijuana

I have taken melatonin before for its intended purpose and was not sure if it helped or not. Started Clonazepam 1mg about 17 years ago. Sites such as TranscendentalTones offer those kinds of sounds, which you can easily download to your mp3 player. I find it very disturbing to see so many people in this comments section taking Benzos and Z drugs. For the past year I'd been using 25mg. I hear the generics are no good. I've never had issues with Lunesta. What Happens When You're Drunk AND Stoned At The Same Time?

Med: Melatonin and clonazepam interaction with medical marijuana

CLONAZEPAM SIDE EFFECTS KLONOPIN LONG-TERM FOR SEVERE It is against the law. Victoria Grayson I know how you feel. Sleep Tips and Advice. I was put on mg of Seroquel which I tapered and stopped within 3 months. July 8, at
RIVOTRIL CLONAZEPAM 2MG ROUGE TOMATE To see results may take up to one month. Does Klonopin interact with other medications? Properly discard this product when it is expired or no longer needed. Do not store in the bathroom. Call Now

I have definitely experienced the symptoms she describes, and I will be discussing this with my doctor soon. Anti-depressants and anti-seizures also cause insomnia, as well as this hangover effect. I take both to treat oro-facial nerve pain as a result of a root canal. Although I SO appreciate what these medications do for my pain, the chronic insomnia and drowsiness are dreadful. There are nights when I literally do not get one minute's sleep.

Coming off of a benzo will be the most horrific event in any persons life. Benzo's are horrible drugs that should have never been invented. By all means stay away from them. I have been taking 50 mg of diphenhydramine hydrochloride each night for many months, which gives me a very good night's sleep. However, I find that I am prone to taking a nap of about an hour mid-morning, and sometimes in the afternoon. When I stopped taking this, I could usually get to sleep with no problem, but going back to bed after a mid-sleep bathroom trip left me unable to get back to sleep.

However, I am going to try stopping again. I am a year old male in very good health. Gordon I too had trouble going back to sleep after mid-sleep break. I was precribed Zaleplon which only lasts in the system for about an hour that I take at that mid-sleep break. I go right back to sleep and don't need the afternoon naps any longer. I only put one pill by my bedside so if I don't take it, I know the next morning.

My sleep doc's goal is to re-train the body to get the sleep we all need and taking shorter and shorter acting meds really helped me. As does chronic use of alcohol, pot, etc, etc. But of course all those things produce a high that feels pretty damn good for a minute and that is hard to walk away from. Anyone can sleep well by completely eliminating caffeine from their diet. People make money from the above and market them to victims. Get a grip people. Many of us take beta blockers for blood pressure control.

They tend to block the body's normal production of melitonan which leads to insomnia. Therefore, we need some help to get to sleep and stay asleep. Dex, don't you think you are being pretty harsh? I've used clonazepam for several years. As soon as I start to feel that strange feeling, I shut off the tv, and go to sleep rather than lay and enjoy the 'high'. You are suggesting that all people are using just to get that feeling and it's untrue.

I don't drink caffeine past 11am, ever. I work hard all day, but cannot stay asleep at night. I found what you said harsh and very judgemental for people you don't know. It's a wonderful medication for many things. It also keeps my jaws relaxed during the night, stops my restless leg and keeps my anxiety mild the next day. It's a wonder drug, if not abused! Everything is as it was, and every thought is teased out and betrayed by emotion.

Struggling to sleep, you pray to the personal trainers and begin to run away from your insomnia with some cardio. Of course it worked, everyone is just like you. You have sat on mount Olympus with the original cross fit gods, and this qualifies you. No, morally obliges you to share your workout journal and kale smoothie recipes from upon high. And definitely with these weak minded drug addicted deadbeats who can't exercise and eat healthy and take prescriptions to regulate their internal cycles.

Did we establish that eating well and exercising is negatively correlated to taking benzos? Are people receiving medical attention some how unable to take care of themselves holistically? I mean, you do know everything about everyone on a drug you took temporarily. Thanks for sharing the good word, I will looking for you on the street corner screaming at all the sinners like every other quack with all the answers.

There are many people that need to take sleeping pills due to medical issues, not to get a "high". I myself have restless legs and periodic limb movement disorder and can't sleep without them. Before I started taking them I was getting more tired every day and it was starting to affect my health. Don't comment on things you obviously know nothing about. Everyone take your medicine so you can ignore your health issues caused by things you can most likely control in your life, but don't want to because a doctor feeds it to you, rather than offering good advise, such as diet and lifestyle changes.

It's no different than the person who takes blood pressure medicine, but feels its okay to enjoy fast food everyday and shuns an active lifestyle, but wonders why they are sluggish, tired, overweight, sick, and struggling to make sense of why they think they feel so much more uncomfortable than other people around them. You are not predisposed to sleep issues, you have casted this and it can be undone with lifestyle changes.

I had insomnia for over 10 years and refused to take medicine for it because I knew it was my fault. When i started exercising and eating right it vanished within a year. When I stopped, it all came back in a year. If it hasn't worked for you, you aren't working hard enough at it. Not all sleep problems can be cured by exercise and proper nutrition. These require medication to sleep or sleep deprivation can cause even worse issues.

Thanks for sharing the good word, I will be looking for you on the street corner screaming at all the sinners like every other quack with all the answers. I stopped taking Ativan 2 years ago cause it made depressed and drousy in the morning. That garbage doesn't pass the blood-brain barrier. You don't have a clue what you're talking about. I travel frequently and when I arrive I usually have very little opportunity to adjust to jet lag having to be functional the very next day.

I cannot sleep on airplanes, even when I fly business or first class. My wife and all our friends are Doctors. I tried literally every sleeping medication in the world, including Melatonin but they either didn't work, left me super groggy the next day or left a horrible taste in my mouth. I consulted many different Doctors and Pharmacists. Finally after 20 years I tried an off patent older drug called Triazolam with an exceptionally low half life of just a few hours.

I couldn't believe that it actually worked. I have to be careful to only use it for up to 3 weeks max or I become dependent but usually it's only 3 or 4 days and it works like amazingly well. I hope this helps someone in a similar situation. I think that we should all be careful to not judge people that use medications.

I have had issues with insomnia for years. I was eventually taken off the CPAP, but the sleep difficulties remained. I've tried discontinuing the Ambien and decreasing the dosage more than once, and my sleep quality suffers. I've tried using HTP-5 Tryptophan, as well as other safe, natural remedies, and I've tried Melatonin, all to no avail. So, it's a Catch at the moment. But I don't think I deserve anyone's judgment because I do what I must, to get the sleep that I must have.

It's easy to judge and criticize when you're not there, and not in that position. Rather than trying to place blame on the individuals that use sleep aids, try a little understanding. It goes a long way. You don't need sleeping pills! Here's a tip to help you reach a deep sleep, fast. Listen to sounds of nature using comfortable headphones and pay attention to every detail very carefully. Sounds of nature are flowing, but at the same time very random, so that you can't anticipate anything.

This helps you to keep focused on the sounds, rather than wonder off with some other thoughts conscious or unconscious , which might me preventing you from relaxing and thus falling asleep. Sites such as TranscendentalTones offer those kinds of sounds, which you can easily download to your mp3 player. I agree with Sleepless that Anthony can suck an egg. I shattered my L2 8 yrs ago.

I have chronic pain, and back spasms that cause very unrestful sleep. I started taking Ambien 5 or 6 yrs ago with good results. I also suffered from the narcoleptic adventures if I had been drinking wine with the ambien, but am usually at home. I recently moved across the US and being between Doctors has let my prescription lapse.

I tried in vain last week to get a stopgap with no solution. I am now on my 5th day of no more than hours of interrupted sleep none for the first 2 days at all I get up once or twice each night, I wake up at 4 and cant go back to sleep. I don't want to be dependent on a medication and I am going to suffere thru this to the end I know how you feel. I've suffered from insomnia for years.

I tried running three miles a night. Heck I even increased it to five. I bought CD's with nature sounds, eating turkey and warm milk. After my fifth night with no sleep, I went to a doctor. He had never seen someone with such a tough time sleeping. It's been 20 years. My problem now is that he has me on Seroquel and Trazadone, and I have a terrible hangover problem. My energy level went to zero. I've gained 40 pounds which is highly unusual for me. For someone to say, just exercise, is BS.

Try exercising after taking a few sleeping pills. If anyone has any suggestions for other medicines, please share. I tried Lunesta and Depakote, but both made me lose my hair. I am so ashamed of the weight gain, that I don't socialize except at work. It is ruining my life and depressing me. I agree with you, Sleepless! I have been taking Lunesta for two years now and have not had to increase the dose I've never had issues with Lunesta. Although I'll only take it nights in a row.

Never woke up groggy. Sonata has also been great for me. After trying basically every natural remedy, avoiding caffeine, exercising more, cognitive behavioral therapy, I was finally prescribed sleep meds. Sonata is great because it's shorter acting. It's great if you wake up in the middle of the night and can't fall back asleep but you have to wake up in 5 hours so you can't take a Lunesta.

I've never felt groggy, sleepy, or the hangover effect that I sometimes get from Klonopin. The body needs to move to release energy and stress. I thought I had insomnia for a few years, turns out I was just sedentary. There are some things that exercise unfortunately won't cure I used to be fit and thin but when you're exhausted from lack of sleep it's pretty hard to exercise. Sleep deprivation also messes with your metabolism.

Just starting treatment for my sleep issues and hoping to be rested again some day. I recently stopped consuming ALL caffeine and found that within 2 weeks time I am sleeping better than ever! I never used to think that caffeine effected me but it turns out it really did. I rejected my sleep med. I hate drugs and I'm the kind of person who rarely even took otc drugs.

I don't drink or smoke. My activities are limited by the pain. Even going for a walk around the block makes my pain even worse. Reading helps me get sleepy. Then I just close my eyes and imagine I'm sleeping on a gently rocking houseboat. When a negative thought enters my mind, I just remind myself to think about it later.

My problem is, the pain wakes me frequently during the night. Could I qualify for disability? My life is so bad I am suffering. Sometimes I can barely hold a conversation. At best these are a temporary solution. I am desperate for help. I've had many cortisone epidural injections, maybe overall. None of them did. The good news is that the body heals most of the condition s most of the time. But the older you get, the longer it takes.

And if your healing, but you reinjure or aggravate the problem, it becomes pure misery. I've had a minimally invasive back surgery, which worked until I got rear-ended. It can get better though, so don't give up hope! I forgot to mention that I think you have a qualifiable disability for sure. Some people find a lawyer to "push" their claim for a better success rate.

In my case, he gets a percentage only if I am awarded compensation. And it's not a lot of money. With gas and food prices heading upwards, it'll still be a struggle to make ends meet. Be cautious of ESI's or even oral steroids. I've had chronic LBP for years which resulted in surgery in which relieved the pressure on the nerve but obviously does not repair the nerve damage.

I am asymptomatic but was shocked over the incidental finding on an MRI in By no means did any doctor ever over prescribe the steroids but even one dose can lead to AVN of any joint. Unfortunately, I know this stuff all too well. The insomnia, the anxiety severe , depression, alcohol binges, and the list goes on. I've been on the Ambien for 12 years. Now, 2 or maybe even 3 for me to feel sleepy enough to doze off.

I'm almost impossible to sedate. I just had a endoscopy and colonoscopy same day , and the doctor had to administer the sedatives 3 times. He looked a little startled when I was competent after 2 bangs. The Ambien made me sleep-eat really badly. I would raid the fridge and clean it out. I'd also leave a huge mess behind, only to find dirty dishes, cups, tupperware, and forks the next morning left on the counter.

Often, I didn't put the milk back in the fridge. It looked like bear raided a campsite. I've been taking clonazepam too. I'm on and off with amitryptaline, and also on Zoloft. I won't get into it, but let's just assume all of life's major stressors have hit me at the same time. Somehow, I'm in great physical shape. I'm an unemployed teacher, going on 3 years now. So I go to the gym a lot if I'm not job-searching. I also tried Lunesta, but my co-pay was ridiculous, and it didn't work for me.

So I went back to Ambien. It's frequent that I will wake up after hours, and take another one to go back to sleep. I tried Ambien CR to counteract that, but I can't even fall asleep on that. I've also had auto accidents from dozing off at the wheel, often after laying in bed all night without even falling asleep. It's tough, because once you realize that you are having trouble falling asleep, you get more anxious, which then makes sleeping impossible.

Insomnia can ruin your life in every respect. I inherited it from my mom, and her mom had it bad too. My brother and I suffer from it. But I was an insomniac as a little kid. I could always go to sleep later, but I could never go to sleep sooner. It messed me up in school from 2nd grade until senior year. In college, it was not as bad, but I never signed up for any early morning classes. Plus, I drank myself to sleep. My GPA would be.

It got so bad sometimes as a kid, I would raid my mom's prescription antihistamine "Dimetapp" sp? I still have an epic battle ahead. But I know I need help, and I'm getting it, so that's 2 major starting blocks I've checked off. Good luck to anyone who battles with these kind of issues; it's not fun at all. I myself have takin ambien a few times and it did nothing for me. I even tried 2 one night and even 3 the next. Did not help at all.

Just had to reply to you-even as a baby my mom said I wouldn't sleep and cried so much we were thrown out of apartments- we had a stresssful aka abusive childhood so I suppose I always needing to be ready for the next 'adventure' but even as a grown married woman with a kind, tender hearted husband, the insomnia has only become worse in adulthood-I'm writing this at 4am waiting for some sleep I just found this blog and have so much empathy for everyone here, but your story touched my heart and resonated with me.

May you, we both find some relief! You definitely have a disability case. No one should be suffering your level of pain. I used binder and binder. I got my disability in 7 months without seeing a judge. They did it all. I highly recommend them and good luck to you. I am a retired nurse that worked shifts for years. Started Clonazepam 1mg about 17 years ago. Then after 8 years went to 2mg. It is the only drug I have found to "shut my brain off".

I now need something else but my Dr doesn't have an answer. Psychiatrist had no good ideas, so I fight insomnia every night. After two to three nights without sleep I am almost suicidal. Go do some serious physical excersising if your body will allow it for an hour or 2 every evening, take a warm shower, and finally smoke a big fatty I'm pretty sure you will fall asleep. I've been told that some of the edible products are very good for sleep I need to see what my Dr. My anxiety, stress levels, and depression have all been suppressed.

Also with me getting better sleep and a deeper REM cycle i feel more refreshed and less despressed. Getting the most out of your sleep and getting a full deep REM cycle is very important to your mental and physical health. I am just curious if you still take Klonopin for sleep and how long you been taking it for?

I've been on it for about 3 month and I feel like it's not as potent as it used to be. WHY do americans take so many drugs? It's completely crazy that it's gone so far This writer can stuff it on insomnia advice and has obviously NEVER suffered from the physical, mental, and emotional affects of chronic lack of sleep. I have a degree in psychology and have suffered with insomnia since I was a teenager.

I've trie all natural herbs, benadryl, hot milk and go to a psychiatrist who refuses to prescribe me anything to help me sleep!!! I have had both a physical and nervous breakdown due to my lack of sleep. Klonapin, trazadone, ambien, all work fantastic, when I was able to get samples. A natural sleep option is Valerian Root. It has been used in European countries as an over-the-counter insomnia remedy. The effects of Valerian on the body are similar to those of benzodiazepine, which is the active ingredient in most sleeping pills.

Valerian should be taken about an hour to an hour and a half before bedtime. To see results may take up to one month. But at that point, the effects should slowly and steadily increase over time. You can find loads more tips and natural remedies for getting good quality sleep in the ebook Get To Sleep Now! Download it at http: Valerian root can conflict with other prescription medications including antihistamines and sedatives as well as other prescription sleep meds.

People with liver problems should also not take Valerian root. As with any of the recommendations in this book, check with your local doctor before taking any natural or herbal remedies. It had to be one of the most intense highs I have ever experienced. I dont know if it had to do with being more sleepy. Basically after I put the melatonin under my tongue All the muscles in my body were super relaxed and twitchey..

A article in The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the hallucinogen is being used to counteract the toxicity of chemotherapy, treat migraines, reduce intraocular pressure, minimize pain, treat menstrual cramps, and moderate wasting syndrome in AIDS patients. Well I tried taking a lot more melatonin, 3x more. When you take it in this high dose it more than just puts you to sleep.

The dreams I experienced were so intense they were amazing. I actually felt like I was awake in the dreams and when I woke up in the morning I could remember every single detail of each dream I had and it felt like I almost had been through a big ordeal and my mind was really racing. Overall taking a higher dose was very negative for me because of very intense negative dreams but when I smoke marijuana while taking the melatonin the dreams are not as easily remembered and not as intense.

Before I said taking melatonin while smoking marijuana made me feel much higher I think what the melatonin does is makes me unable to control my thoughts before I pass out and become unable to stay up anymore. So I guess where some of the panic comes in near the time period right before the melatonin forces me to sleep Even if it legal. HappyMan , Jun 5, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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