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Both are superb resources on novel compounds. I've found that it's good to find a nice, low dose that calms you down and allows you to actually appreciate how tranquil you feel. You don't wanna suddenly run out when you're doing 5mg a day. As well as the diminishing of the more negative side affects felt at the beginning. However I am a poly-drug user and like trying new things and feel like the clam is holding me back. How Does Adderall™ Work?

What the hell do I do with all that? Holy shit dude that is a massive dose to take daily, for an extended period of time. Clonazolam would really fuck me up and I didn't see it, but my wife noticed and lost her shit when I began laughing hysterically in Target for no reason. So I had to switch back to Etizolam and Xanax. I actually mix my Xanax and Etizolam dosages even though they both have a short half-life. I also potentiate with milk thistle and tagament.

Good luck getting off that shit brother, I can't imagine it will be pleasant. It was legit dosed. Anyways im on day 3 with no benzos and was experiencing mild withdrawal but im still working 35 to 40 hrs a weeks up to 55 hrs 5 to 6 days a week in 80 degree temps on average. Im a carpentry Apprentice so I do a lot of physical activity and I am not off balance or anything throughout the day, I usually use a higher dosage of etz during the day along with some clones, I use around towards the end of my 2 weeks I was up to around 4 mg Plus around 10 - 15 etz right before bed to keep me asleep for not even 6 hours, I have suffered from extreme anxiety that is not worry related but racing thoughts and have been on other antidepressants and mood stabilizers with no effect anywhere near as helpful as benzos, I do not believe any doctor would prescribe me a mix of things that have been working most effectively it for me and I even have experimented with pharmaceutical doses of Xanaxgenerally day use and Klonopin generally night use and vise versa but neither had good effects compared to the slow dose increase of etz and clonz i did over 2 weeks and i functioned well.

I never thoroughly tested with Valium or ambien for sleep due to the fact that I have never had access to daily dose to last longer and possibly replace Alprazolam now etz clonz mix for daytime use. I intend on adding diclazepam throughout the day to replace a little or all etz and possibly reduce clonz and add some diclaz throughout the night to keep asleep a bit longer and hopefully wake up less. I will continue to take regular tolerance brakes every 2 weeks and no longer than one month but I highly doubt I would go that far three weeks is most likely the farthest I would go and I would need probably 3 more weeks to recover properly and the taper may not be worth it.

As for the doses of kalonzo land and eat easy that I had mentioned earlier I would not suggest starting at 4 ending at the doses that I was taken because I am not a benzo naive person but test your tolerance slowly and you can increase it and do a bit of experimentation with a small combination of the two be very careful in the beginning and throughout the entire experience until you have figured out a very stable doors because blacking out can lead to Serious consequences.

I would not even suggest RC benzos but as I have experience with using them and I know others are interested in how others reacted to certain things, I will just reiterate I do not suggest or condone using research chemicals for human consumption but from my experience this is what has worked best for me so far and what I plan on doing due to the half-life and effects of certain other RC benzos comma I will update at some point after experiencing more with the diclazepam.

But lastly I forgot to mention that after the 2-week or 13 to 14 day study use in which dosages I mentioned in the beginning of the comment, and how I increase my dosage and how I took the two substances for various reasons and for their slightly varying effects. I will mention now that I was on my third day today of 0 benzos what-so-ever after the mentioned two week high dosage amounts that I had been using, and I took my first and only weaning down dos of around four and a half milliliters so that means 9 milligrams of etz and around 2ml of clonzalam, which may sound like a lot but due to the amount I had been regularly taking it really had very little effect on the other than reducing and actually removing the minor withdrawal symptoms that I had been experiencing although now I am feeling a bit Restless again although my body still feels perfectly fine.

I suspect that in the next coming days I will not feel so great as I did not feel great today but I feel that just the one day of taper after a three-day break or very minimal withdrawals for only two of the days almost unnoticeable comma on my third day the amount I taken has been just enough to hold me over it for probably another three to five days if not the entirety of my noticeable withdrawal.

Although I do not intend on fully taking it to the 5 day Mark as I plan on making an order of some quantity of possibly diclazepam, flubromazolam, flubromazepam. And maybe a small ammount of etz if i can not locate nifoxipam as i want something fast acting. Each will serve their purpose and some I will be testing for the first time I will be very weary with the amount I take of each and I may not even finish or continue using after a first dose of one compound if I do not enjoy or find it effective for what I need it for.

I will report back on all of my experience as well as some other experience with a few other RC's but this comment has become very long and I'm beginning to ramble of though I do find all of the information relevant to it could help a lot of people to read everything I wrote If not just skim and scan because I'm sure someone will find will find what I said valuable. As I said I will report back at some point either in a new thread or in this thread and I will give you my experiences with certain other compounds skim and skim and skim and scan because skim and scan because I'm skim and scan because I'm sure skim and scan because I'm sure skim and scan because I'm sure someone skim and scan because I'm sure someone without will skim and scan because I'm sure someone without will find what I said Skim and scan because I'm sure someone without will find what I said valuable skim and scan because I'm sure someone without will find what I said valuable.

As I skim and scan because I'm sure someone without will find what I said valuable. As I said I will report back at some point either in a new thread or in this thread and I will give you my experiences with Sarah skim and scan because I'm sure someone without will find what I said valuable. As I said I will report back at some point either in a new thread or in this thread and I will give you my experiences with certain other compounds as the ones I have stated and others I may not have in this comment.

What do you mean laughing hysterically in Target? I ran into some people I knew and everything they said seemed funny and I was also very affectionate. It was weird and I have avoided it since. Whats your personal opinion on Etizolam? I like it because I too take adderall and it takes the edge off. Plus I have a low tolerance for benzos so I only take 1mg at a time. I take it when I am running low on my Alprazolam script or combine.

The funny thing is that to achieve this balance I have to power through a Rockstar in the morning and possibly afternoon as well. My Dexedrine lasts 8 to 10 hours usually. So thats my own energy to combat the sedation. Actually last night I just got a new order in for etiz. And was dumb enough to pop 4mg over 2 hours. I say that because I got some of the MD mouth dissolving and I dont know if they work as well.

I normally take 1 mg just to chill me out for 5 hours usually. If he's using stims too, the stim comedown can compound and override the benzo withdrawal, leading to long sleep durations. I've experienced this, even on etizolam, and the unpleasantness he describes upon waking as well. Also, he says two months, maybe he can sleep fine with 1mg in his system. That means of he takes a large dose, say 4mg, right before bed, he'll still have 2mg the first half-life, and 1 mg the second half-life.

In this case, I'd expect lengthy sleep to diminish with prolonged use. Ill take an off day like once a week I never push 3 days, I feel like after 48 hrs of wakefulness, my body just needs the sleep and I listen. It's the 3-fpm that keeps me awake more than anything and also "override" the CLAM withdrawal. I get this on all stims, but on 3-fpm its crazy how much the withdrawals don't manifest when they usually would. There needs to be a study on why that is. My guess is that the effects of 3-FPM mask the withdrawal which, while it feels good, could be more dangerous.

I doubt it's reducing the seizure risk. Ya but Clam isn't a thieno. Personally thieno and benzo are indistinguishable in the effects. I was taking etizolam daily for a few months, and boy did it work wonders for anxiety and sleep. Strong symptoms, but not particularly dysphoric. They included mild LSD-like hallucinations trails, breathing walls, overly crisp vision and waves of intense derealization - like I was in a weird dissociated ketamine dream for a few minutes, repeat every mins Anyway, a year or so later I tried Clonazolam, and because I didn't want to get addicted to benzos again, I only got 20 x 0.

But even after I finished this small amount, I experienced rebound anxiety and slight visual disturbances. Nothing serious, but it shocked me that I could experience this from such a small amount. I would not recommend finishing the bottle unless you've tried going at least 1 week without dosing. You don't wanna suddenly run out when you're doing 5mg a day.

Also I wish to continue researching for perhaps another month to discover more about this almost reversal of tolerance for the anti-anxiety affects. As well as the diminishing of the more negative side affects felt at the beginning. Even If I ran out,which I won't, best thing for me to do in my situation is to taper off as much with the clam as I can before switching. I also got nearly 1g of etizolam solution - plus a a decent amount of kpins and pyrazolams.

I think Im safe from any seizures. Reason you didn't need to raise your dose all that much is because CLAM is extremely potent as it is, even at 1mg Well, you could very well be right. But, why did I have to increase my dosage so much more in the first month, then the last month? Luckily, Clam is somewhat long lasting doesn't have Etiz's ridiculous short half life. The beauty of the PG solution though, is I can taper very carefully and slowly.

Withdrawals dont worry me to much for that reason. That is very weird, I could not provide an explanation for that at this time Well, As stupid as this sounds, ive been using it primarily for anxiety. That's why Ive continued with my chronic use. In what form did you take it and did you keep a log? I make sure to take note of how much I take during a day and take about the same the next. I never chase, only increase when desired effects are gone. I first started with pills and that was quite fiendish, now that I compare with switching to PG, I know exactly how much Im taking and it will be the same each time.

I went through Clondike Bars Clonz , at. This was all over winter break December 9th - January 18th. Started off as hands-down the best benzo I ever experienced. Every benzo effect I could ever want out of a pill. Of course, I got hooked quick, and began popping Clondikes anytime the feel good effect began to wear off. The problem is Clonazolam stays in your blood stream long after the positive effects wear off.

So I would wake up in the middle of the night on the borderline of panic attacks. I'd lay in my bed groaning feeling like absolute shit. What was the cure? This drug is no joke. I couldn't recommend anyone take this more than times a week, and avoid mixing with alcohol, or your coordination will be wrecked. It's very reassuring to read that someone else has experienced this anti-anxiety effect that doesn't go away like it does with other benzos.

IMO, most people won't experience it, because they would never chronic use something like clonazolam controlled. I still plan to taper off once I notice i'm running a little low, but I may return later, if this anti-anxiety effect never ends. You actually sound very similar to me. My problem is I'm a wuss, and the instant I begin to feel slightly anxious or uncomfortable, I pop the Clonz.

I need to man up and deal with a few days of feeling mentally off until I can get back to using these drugs the way they were intended. Do you have many outlets? Anything from indoors to outdoors, social or non-social. Just something you can focus and get lost in. Also having a good routine is very helpful. I find it to be very reinvigorating once its all done with. Depending on the type of physical or mental disorder your doctor is treating, your dose of clonazepam will vary slightly.

There are strict guidelines about how much of this benzodiazepine that the patient should not exceed , but keep in mind the severity of the disorder may require slightly more than the recommended guidelines and will be determined by your treating doctor. A person who takes a very high dose of clonazepam is unlikely to die as a result. Of greater concern are the effects the user will experience when clonazepam is mixed with other drugs.

People who are using clonazepam may be combining this medication with one or more of the following:. High doses of clonazepam may result in the following symptoms:. Elderly people may be at increased risk for these symptoms since their metabolism may be slower than that of younger adults. Caution should be exercised when operating a motor vehicle after taking clonazepam.

The effects of the drug may slow the user's reaction time, which increases the chance of being involved in an accident. The fact that taking clonazepam in high doses can cause dizziness and lack of coordination puts the user at a higher level of risk for personal injury. The user needs to be careful performing day-to-day activities. He or she could easily slip and fall, causing injury. In most cases where a fatal dose of clonazepam has been ingested, the true cause of death was the effect created when this drug is combined with alcohol.

Some users combine clonazepam with alcohol and opiates, with fatal results. Alcohol tends to magnify the medication's depressive effects on the user's nervous system, including the functions that control respiration. These reactions or symptoms are more commonly induced when this drug is mixed with other substances. However if someone who has taken an overdose of clonazepam you may notice:.


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