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Again , from my experience , I have taken many different benzodiazepines, and at first they make one sleepy, in my case, but they do not anymore. DBT counseling is wonderful for many. When that benzo you're prescribed, " did nothing" had you taken this class of drug , before? Hi Paddy, 6mg of Clonazepam a day is very low, some people may benefit on that small amount, some are only on 4mg which I think is the lowest for Dystonic disorders. So, yeah, a drink here and there for me, never that much, I'm very cautious about it as I'm not supposed to drink much on either of my meds, so that's what I've heard and my experience in the matter. Just been prescribed clonazepam by a neurologist who specialises in movement disorders. But yeah theres really only 3 other benzos commercially available in Australia that I haven't tried, Alprazolam , Clonazepam and Bromazepam.

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Clonazepam for sleep forums officers Clonazepam side effects klonopin long-term for severe
Clonazepam for sleep forums officers Clonazepam withdrawal symptoms benzodiazepines addiction
Clonazepam for sleep forums officers Cllonazepam asked my p-doc about it forums he said a drink or two here and there is okay, but that it's sleep terrible idea to get totally shitfaced not his exact for, but my take on it. If you are the type that gets swacked after 3oz for wine spritzer, officers, alcohol and any clonazepam depressant will officers dangerous. I was prescribed Klonopin 1mg about a sleep ago because of an very bad event that happened at my work I work in a prison with an inmate and another clonazepam. I'm trying like a mad man to get it sorted out. I'm for to cutting off forums by 2 clonazepma And before I have a drink or two at a bar after starting a new medication, I stick clonazepam 0.5 mg withdrawal symptoms water at clonazepam hour and have a drink or two forumw forums so I know how sleep alcohol affects me on my medication.

Flurazepam is also prescribed for sleep, but out of all benzodiazepines the hangover is the worst I experienced from this class of drugs. Alprazolam could work, but many claim it's the most recreational, so there's that risk. Asking for a specific drug is thought by many doctors to be indicative of drug seeking. Sleep hygiene is important.

Flurazepam isn't commercially available in Australia. I'm going to ask him for Alprazolam. I realise that its indictive of pill seeking but I have a pretty long and good rapport with this doctor always showing up to appointments, doing tests he's ordered etc. He was more than happy to prescribe me Flunitrazepam when I asked for in In the same schedule as Alprazolam in Australia so I don't see why he wouldn't prescribe Xanax. I think I'm going to ask for Xanax and see how I go. Alprazolam has a much shorter half-life than clonazepam.

Years ago I was prescribed both at different times. So the shorter half-life of alprazolam was better for me - I woke up feeling normal. Clonazepam worked, but it has a long half-life hours. So it would help me sleep, but I would wake up feeling drugged the next day. Clonazepam also had a lot of nasty side effects for me when taken long-term - such as depression , obsessive thoughts and trouble concentrating.

This was taking it nights a week for sleep for a couple years. Alprazolam didn't have any negative side effects for me, but I only took it for a short period of time - my doctor didn't like it and insisted I use clonazepam. Benzos should not be used nightly long-term for insomnia - they lose their effectiveness for this pretty quickly. I found that when taking clonazepam nightly which I did at first , the sleep-inducing properties stopped working at least at normal doses within a week or two.

So when my insomnia was really bad back then, I alternated between clonazepam , Seroquel and then had a couple nights a week where I didn't take anything and just didn't sleep much. In my case, I found that taking St. John's Wort daily along with kratom and some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy pretty much cured my insomnia and I sleep good most of the time now. I'm addicted to the kratom , but I would rather take it than take benzos. One more thing- you may not realize it, but your regular use of benzos for sleep is most certainly making your anxiety worse.

When taking benzos semi-regularly for sleep, my anxiety was very high most of the time. Once I got off of benzos and stopped taking them for an extended period of time a few months my anxiety pretty much went away. Clonazepam is my favorite all around benzo , followed by Diazepam , Lorazepam , and Alprazolam. The ONLY downfall, is the onset of peak, it takes hours to fully peak. But that doesn't mean that you CAN'T dose hours before bedtime.

Clonazepam is also considered a strong benzo , so be careful and be aware that Clonazepam is addictive, and gives a nasty withdrawal that can be deadly, just like most other benzodiazepines. Overall, here's I would rank the best benzos for sleep, in order. Ativan Lorazepam Lorazepam is actually Rx'd as a sleep aid. It kicks in fast, and is very effective for sleep. It is only Rx'd as a sleep aid.

I've had it for sleep a few times, it gives an excellent sleep. Xanax Alprazolam Alprazolam just plain and simple knocks you out. Alprazolam and Clonazepam are equivalent mg for mg. It also gives a beautiful sleep. Valium Diazepam Diazepam is the longest acting benzo , along with Librium. Both have a half life of up to hours. The best part about Diazepam is that, it kicks in fast, and lasts so long.

That's the only reason why I put Diazepam over Clonazepam. Klonopin Clonazepam I would've rated Clonazepam 1 if it peaked just as fast as the other benzodiazepines I listed above. For me, Clonazepam is a mixture of Alprazolam and Diazepam. Jan 23, Damn, I didn't end up getting my regular doctor. I asked for Alprazolam and he flat out refused, which is fair enough. He reckons its the only drug he'll never prescribe. I also saw him write down on my file that I asked for it. Hopefully my regular doctor doesn't see it and question whether i'm a pill seeker..

Ended up just getting Flunitrazepam. I really wish I had asked for Clonazepam. I probably would've got it.. Thanks for all your great responses everyone. Given how much trouble I've seen the OP report with sleep in spite of various hypnotic agents, I'd be very surprised if clonazepam happened to do the trick. I'd definitely expect alprazolam to be more effective, but I'd also expect the effectiveness to be short-lived. Especially in non-naive patients, I've seen alprazolam lose it's hypnotic efficacy but retain anxiolytic efficacy in a matter of days of normal use--definitely try to refrain from recreational use of alprazolam if your doctor is receptive to the idea of prescribing it, as it does have the potential to build tolerance quickly and that's the last thing you need if nothing else works for sleep.

It's certainly possible that the OP would find clonazepam to be a superior hypnotic to alprazolam , plenty of people do, just generally not those who struggle this much with insomnia from what I've observed. Maybe I'm biased because clonazepam was one of the first things I was prescribed for insomnia to no avail. Hey Staples, nice to see you again. I think its like a hit-and-miss with a lot of benzos for me. I posted another thread about how Oxazepam worked so well for general anxiety even though its regarded as one of the weaker benzos.

There is no point continuing Flunitrazepam if its not doing the trick. If I stopped taking it however, I know I'd get major rebound insomnia. When I was in hospital last month I was on Pethidine injections an opiate , they took my Flunitrazepam away from me but I didn't care cause the Pethidine made me sleep so well. I wish I could get my hands on more. But yeah theres really only 3 other benzos commercially available in Australia that I haven't tried, Alprazolam , Clonazepam and Bromazepam.

I'm hoping Triazolam will come back onto the market soon but I'm not holding my breath since Pfitzer hasn't really been making an effort to bring Halcion back and nobody else is bothering with generics possibly due to patents. To answer your last question, I'm having really bad nightmare and very vivid dreams so I keep waking up immediately after them. Probably about every hour or so. I avoid checking my phone so I don't expose myself to light. It then takes me about 10 minutes to get back to sleep then at some point during the night, usaully after the 5 or 6 hour mark, I wake up completely.

The main problem is how tired I get in the day due to these horrible sleeps. I never feel well-rested like I should. Even prescribed up to 3mg of Klonopin a day - if I took 3mg at once, I would most likely end up taking a decent snooze even in the middle of the day. They will work for sleep, I just don't think they are as reliable.

The anxiety reduction doesn't build a massive tolerance ramp, but sometimes the sedation part can unless you take a break from your current dose, or increase from where you are. If you have them and need to sleep, they are better than nothing. If you could get something else, I would. Personally, I have trouble sleeping. I tried Ambien then Ambien CR. No massive cross tolerance. And like others suggest, with a long half like that Klonopin has, you may wake up tired. Ambien is pretty short and fast, akin to Xanax.

The CR helps maintain, the regular just helps fall asleep. I find the tolerance for those types of meds don't build tolerance for their sedation, hence why I prefer them. I've had times when I've had up to 30mg of Valium a day and. Just my 2c - they are in the similar ballpark of drugs, so I figured I would mention it. Benzos make you sleepy and can put you to sleep, but if you seriously need consistent and good sleep, they are not going to work.

I am not sure if this is the same for pure sleep aids, but I am quite sure it is for many benzos. I believe I remember hearing in a physio class that they disrupt some of your sleep waves and reduce the efficiency of hitting all 4 stages of sleep properly. I wouldn't doubt it either. A night on benzo 's never felt great to me the day after, at least rather, the sleep didn't feel like good quality, just knew I was out a long time.

One thing to remember is that since benzos tend to mess up your sleep architecture as Ellisdee pointed out above and tend to make your anxiety worse in the long run, they will also screw with whatever benefits you might be getting from the other sleep aids you might try. Again, l-tryptophan's helped me sleep well, but if I've taken an oxazepam earlier that day, even 12 hours earlier, I know I'll sleep really shittily that night. But it works better if benzos are not involved at all.

So if you're investigating non-benzo alternatives, remember that the benzos can cancel them out because of the way they affect your entire system. It's about equal in strenght per mg as xanax, except alprazolam hits you much faster, yet leaves much quicker. Valiums last way too long in your system.. Usually the top 3 I hear about that people abuse are xanax, klonopin, and valium. Has anyone taken more than 10 mgs of klonopin in a day?

I once took 8 mgs and smoked a good amount of kb and forgot what happened for like 8 hours and confronted my friend with like 6 people for stealing from me. Anyways, now I dont think it was him Well, have you ever had a panic attack? They aren't evil, you're just abusing them. I'm not condemning or anything, but seriously, I hate it when kids bitch about how you can't get fucked up from pharms or they aren't fun when those pills are meant for people with real problems, not just stupid kids wanting to get fucked up.

I'll bet some kid having a panic attack or whatever would give you whatever you wanted for one half mg tab. Consider yourself lukcy you can just take them recreationally. I"ve heard of some people feeling angry after taking klonopin but it's not like that for everyone. Klonopin just makes many of us act beligerant and feel happy. I'll take klonopin over xanax or valium anyday. Xanax makes me nervous weird and valium is lame. Klonopin makes me just, not care about anything.

I feel wonderful when i take it. Clonazepam Klonopin is a very good anxiolitic benzo; but it is not really recreational like Valium or Xanax. Originally Posted by jasoncrest. When Klonopin makes you violent That is pent-up rage, and klonopin simply un-inhibited your ability to mask it. Klonopin is great for me; it actually makes me more peaceful! But i have seen people flip the fuck out on it before. Klonopin is an extremely potent benzo with awesome anxiolytic and muscle relaxant effets.

Its by far my favorite benzo and ive been on xanax daily for a couple months. Clonazepam is in my favorite benzo. It's relaxing and anxiolytic, without feeling too much like a sleeping pill or being too weak like other benzos i've taken. Originally Posted by motiv

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    I have been taking Wellbutrin SR for about 4 yrs. In combo with a few other different meds. I didn't think I would ever find my cocktail. But recently I do believe I finally have found it. So I'm on Wellbutrin SR, Seroquel, and Klonopin. I was taking Lamictal and Ativan before. But unfortunately got the Lamictal rash. I love the combo I have now. I have been sleeping like a baby. No more 100 miles an hour at bedtime.

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    I have used Klonopin over the years for anxiety and I've been looking in the internet saying it's so hard to get off of I've never had a problem I used to take 3 milligrams a day on and off for years and then when I quit I just quit I've never had a problem I don't understand where the problem lies with this drug because I've never had a problem coming off has anybody else had problems

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