Clonazepam dose tapering schedule

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clonazepam dose tapering schedule

Protracted withdrawal may include a continuation of psychological symptoms and drug cravings that may appear without warning at any time for several months or even years after the cessation of Klonopin. This is because these latter two benzos are long-acting, meaning they last longer in the body and are easier to manage. Diazepam has very low tablet strengths, and this low potency allows you to easily make very small dose reductions. I went to my family doctor in town to ask, possibly, for a referral to a psychiatrist for anxiety. Some of the factors that may influence the number of symptoms and the length of withdrawal may include:. Users describe the high with the same terminology one might otherwise use to define alcohol intoxication:

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Anxiety is the most commonly experienced benzo withdrawal symptom. This anxiety is temporary and will go away as your body readjusts, but if you find it very uncomfortable you may find counseling helpful. Your doctor may prescribe you medications that can reduce the severity of some withdrawal symptoms. Medications sometimes prescribed include: In addition to the more commonly experienced withdrawal symptoms from the list above, some people may experience one or more of the following: Page last updated Sep 21, This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: Call Now Call Now A Guide to Tapering Success.

Taper Down or Cold Turkey? So read on to learn more about The nature of benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms when they arise, why you get them, what they feel like, how long they last, etc. Why a dangerous cold turkey detox makes no sense at all Different tapering methods and schedules including how and why you might want to switch to long-acting diazepam How to cope with withdrawal symptoms self-help, medications, counseling etc. Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms Not everyone quitting benzos will experience withdrawal symptoms and most people experience only a few, not the complete list of possible symptoms.

Shaking, or more rarely, convulsions Muscle aches, pains and spasms Irritability Symptoms that mimic flu See the end of this article for a comprehensive list of less commonly experienced withdrawal symptoms. Users of short acting benzos may start to experience withdrawal symptoms within 2 days of the last dose Users of longer acting benzos may start to experience withdrawal symptoms between 2 and 10 days of the last dose 5 Withdrawal symptoms may persist for a few days or weeks. A cold turkey detox can be dangerous, or even deadly, and it increases the odds of an agonizing and lengthy withdrawal.

A slow taper maximizes safety and minimizes discomfort. Diazepam has a very long half-life between 20 and hours. Because of this, benzo levels in the bloodstream remain very constant and you avoid the peak and valley levels seen with shorter acting benzos like alprazolam. Diazepam has very low tablet strengths, and this low potency allows you to easily make very small dose reductions. Once stable on this dose, you can start your tapering regimen. This aggressive approach may not be suitable for people who have tried and failed in the past with a tapering regimen.

For such people a 6 month tapering regimen is recommended. However, you should definitely avoid: Coping with Withdrawal Symptoms: Self Help To minimize your symptoms: Drink lots of water Avoid caffeine Exercise as much as you can Should You Consider Counseling? A counselor or psychologist can help you learn behavioral and cognitive behavioral techniques to manage anxiety.

These techniques can be learned in a handful of sessions and can be practiced and implemented as needed, on your own. You may also find a community or online support group helpful. All bodies are different I know, but I'd like some positive feedback if there is some out there Thanks. Last edited by DoraFlora; at Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

BB code is On. Our website uses cookies. Continue to use the site as normal if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies. Page 1 of 2. Best schedule for low-dose taper Hi friends, I know there's plenty of rote tapering schedules out there, but most seem to suggest a diazepam crossover and I don't think that's warranted in my case.

Send a private message to jayknight. Find all posts by jayknight. Best schedule for low-dose taper This is an old thread but may help others who are trying to gradually taper off klonopin. Send a private message to livefree Find all posts by livefree Best schedule for low-dose taper Thanks for your reply. Best schedule for low-dose taper I'm currently withdrawing from Rivotril, and instead of a whole 0. Send a private message to ana. Find all posts by ana. Best schedule for low-dose taper Try benzobuddies.

Best schedule for low-dose taper My American bf was prescribed this when he was in the UK for 6 months and only had a months supply of pills when he went back to America no visa, sob! Send a private message to karenp. Find all posts by karenp. Best schedule for low-dose taper Quote: Originally Posted by livefree83 Try benzobuddies.

Best schedule for low-dose taper Hi Yes I feel benzobuddues are very extreme with their tapers. Send a private message to Mugs. Find all posts by Mugs. Best schedule for low-dose taper Thanks everyone. Best schedule for low-dose taper Hi All, I have been on. Send a private message to DoraFlora. Find all posts by DoraFlora.

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Safely Tapering off Benzodiazepines: Info and tips


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    This is a nasty drug. It causes severe depression day time anxiety attacks, heart flutters. I have suffered panic and anxiety since 1998 then they went away for a while now they are back. I have tried every antidepressant and the only one for me that has good results is celexa I also am on lamitical just started that a week ago. I have been on Klonopin since June 2012 and wondered why I was getting worse more depression more anxiety and panic nausea. I go to therapy too so down on myself for being this way again but had alot of trauma happen in too short of period they tell me. So going to go back to xanax not as long lasting but works alot better at least on that I wasnt stuck in the house crying all the time or my heart racing.

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    You don't need it. It helped at first. After about a year of regular use, it stopped helping, and instead made me very angry. By then, I was taking around 5mg/day, and had a long taper ahead of me to ease the hellish physical dependency. You don't want the taper. You don't want to numb your feelings with this horrible tranquilizer. You are worth more and you have more in you than you want to believe when you sign up for this cop-out nightmare.

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