Clonazepam overdose suicide death rates

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clonazepam overdose suicide death rates

Since when did it become acceptable to subject the population to suicide. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to clonazepam, give us a call today at Who Answers? An apparently odd feature is that these hangings have involved a lot of kneeling. I was worried, I was anxious. Given the risk for overdose, you will want to make sure that both your medical and mental health histories are fully disclosed before receiving a prescription. Alcoholics and drug addicts are most likely to run into Klonopin during detox, when it is used to prevent seizures and control the symptoms of acute withdrawal.

Clonazepam is a controlled substance that is more likely to be fatal when combined with other medications and substances. Clonazepam is classified as a benzodiazepine. This type of medication is prescribed often and can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions. To fit into this family of medications, a drug must have one or more of the following properties:. Since benzodiazepines are sedatives, they have a high potential for abuse. These medications are listed on Schedule IV of the Controlled Substances Act and have been available on a prescription basis since the late s.

The problem of abuse of clonazepam and other benzodiazepines started to be addressed by doctors in the s, which was the same time this class of medications became the most commonly prescribed drugs in North America. Clonazepam works by increasing the effects of a brain chemical known as gamma-amino-aminobutyric acid GABA , which helps create a feeling of calmness.

GABA slows down or stops nerve signals in the brain, and this is why it's such an effective medication for treating anxiety disorders. Unlike barbiturates, clonazepam and other medications in this class are less likely to cause respiratory depression in users. As a result, taking a fatal dose of clonazepam is not as big a concern as it would be for someone who was taking "downers.

At high doses, the possibility of the user developing shallow respiration or having seizures is a real possibility. Depending on the type of physical or mental disorder your doctor is treating, your dose of clonazepam will vary slightly. There are strict guidelines about how much of this benzodiazepine that the patient should not exceed , but keep in mind the severity of the disorder may require slightly more than the recommended guidelines and will be determined by your treating doctor.

A person who takes a very high dose of clonazepam is unlikely to die as a result. Of greater concern are the effects the user will experience when clonazepam is mixed with other drugs. People who are using clonazepam may be combining this medication with one or more of the following:. When kneeling, it takes very little pressure by the ligature to cause loss of consciousness, the weight of the head being the main force followed by the weight of the body.

At this point, the person can do nothing to help themselves even if they wanted to. There soon develops coma and this method of hanging is regarded as painless and somehow more acceptable than typical hanging because death is caused by interrupted blood flow not asphyxia by compression of the airway. There is actually a website or probably more than one describing what happens and how to do it. One may infer an exchange of information about this method among the young people of Bridgend but the reasons for suicide remain a mystery.

Robin Williams was found nearly seated on the ground after he hanged himself from over the door in his home. Why is everyone afraid to tell the exact number of suicides of young people in the Bridgend area in because its very important that the exact figure is told, I ask many health care officials and police officers about the numbers of young people who have suciided in because something must be done about these sad things going on. If something far worse is going on in that area then it needs to be sorted sooner or later.

Ask yourself a question why did Justin Beecham state on film With all these murders going on there will be no one left before very long. Just a few points, most of the original cases were teenagers with few adults in the same series of instances. Most of the children were not even on anti depressants. The were mostly well adjusted children with no problems of any real issue. There was no cult. The Corener stated that no anti depressants were found in the original 17 victims. No illicit drugs except marijuana in a few.

The Welsh government at the time out a cap on the press from blowing this up and that has lead a standstill in research and investigation from official sources. The government is of the mind to say that the press is what is making this situation worse but I think it is making it worse by not reporting it. There is still lots of research to be done. They may still be within the adolescent group. The development of the prefrontal cortex and, therefore, the ability to increase self control, reduce risk taking and make appropriate decisions can carry on well into the third decade.

Peer pressure need not be overt. Steinberg and colleagues found that adolescents perform differently when they believe that they are being observed by peers, without any pressure, encouragement, ridicule etc. Risky driving occurs more often when there are similar aged passengers in the car. In , the FDA expanded its public health advisory to include anyone 24 or younger, i.

It must be acknowledged that knowing more about the structure of the brain does not necessarily tell us any more about its function. There is fairly widespread agreement that adolescents take more risks at least partly because they have an immature frontal cortex, because this is the area of the brain that takes a second look at something and reasons about a particular behavior.

However, moving from structure to function, deciding what behaviour is caused by what part of the brain is much more complicated. At the same time, there has been a great deal of research into the abnormalities of the effects of serotonin on the prefrontal brain. In my heretical view, the suicidal behaviour found in adolescents is closely tied to the ongoing development of the PFC. In some, the combination of immature reasoning and risk taking may be found to be due to a combination of abnormal serotonin effects on the PFC and the common aspects of adolescence.

I do not process to be an expert in neuroscience, but in regards to the suicides that were committed by the people in their mid twenties they were covered in the documentry. It was also independently verified by the Corener of Bridgend County, the first one not the second one that falsified records by stating that all suicides after the first 17 were not suicides although they all had the same exact conditions of death.

The 20 something year olds committed suicide the same exact way as the teenagers, they also did not know each other directly; although some may have know each other by distant 3rd party affiliation. Quite true but my comments stand. Please see my previous comment on the way in which medical examiners tend to treat suicides. And still the suicides continue in ??? Look I understand that the problem continues. If you are willing and able I will accept a linknto a google sheets page that you make for uploading any documents that you could get your hands on.

I need physical proof to order to file a complaint with the U. Basically the proof needs to state that a non suicide narrative was assigned as a cause of death in an otherwise obvious suicide. That would allow me the lee way I would need in order to have a non associated group that could apply pressure to The U. Lime what was done in Japan in the s when there was occurences of madd suicide there. Please Derek G I am just as passionate about figuring this out as you are.

What can i do for you??? There was a so called investigation by an american company with film crew which did an investigation lasting 2 yrs which was funded by Mr Darlow so ask yourself a question why would someone fund a film crew and others for 2 yrs from usa when anyone else were not allowed here in wales to even ask questions in regard to bridgend suicides. Still a lot of research to be done huh? While the suicides deaths still continue in more research to be done my foot the welsh assembly knows why these deaths still continue but instead sweep it under the carpet and so does the MP for Bridgend Madeline Moon.

In my experience with severe Paxil withdrawal, the symptoms were so obviously in my head that I developed an antipathy to it. As I live in the US, this evolved into fantasies where I destroyed my head with a gun. I had never had such thoughts before. In places where guns are not available, I might guess other head-injuring fantasies, such as hanging, might be more prominent. I have a question. And why, me, totally sane one minute, but after six weeks off Seroxat so horrendously slayed by a drug, did I choose hanging.

Hanging is terrible, no-one wants to hang themselves. She took me off Seroxat, I was screaming at her to send me to a hospital, she sent me to a mental hospital and when I came out, none the wiser, I almost hanged myself. It is something I will never get out of my mind….. I am still here…….. I am not sure I will ever get an answer to this question….. The same applies to schizophrenia. Is it possible that the wrong medication is exacerbating a condition that is also not being adequately recognized?

Yes, Irene, it is called worry. I was worried, I was anxious. I was in a relatively serious situational crisis. To give a normal brain some kind of shot of adrenalin, which occurs when sudden violence takes place after a few days on one of these drugs, usually, or, when the problems start on cessation or restarting after cessation, then obviously the ingredients in the capsule are interfering with normal emotional functions. It is not rocket science. GSK thought they could jump on the Prozac bandwagon with a slightly different recipe from Prozac.

How many times has Sir Andrew Witty denied murder. Getting into the head of Sir Andrew Witty is an interesting exercise. Is he brain-washed by his own company or is he a criminal?? Will he fall into this like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory or will he come out brand new……. I would think the common thread in possibly-drug-induced suicides would be impulsive action. Just a rope, a sheet, a belt … things that are at hand almost anywhere. Here in the States many people have easy enough access to firearms that impulsive shootings are more common.

Guns are still the number one means of suicide, at least for adults. Yet hanging is on the rise as a method here as well … and the fastest growing group of victims is not teenagers but women aged An article from Australia looks possibly relevant to the tragedy in Bridgend. It might explain some hanging attempts, but by no means all. And I think it an unlikely cause of the hanging rates in Bridgend for two reasons.

One, this sort of dangerous fad usually involves younger kids, 15 and under, much like the fads for sniffing glue and household solvents. And it does not usually fly under the radar. A couple of years ago in Chicago, a public outcry and huge educational campaign in the media was launched after just two deaths. If this fad were taking hold in Bridgend it would have come out long ago, I think. I remain deeply concerned by the rate of missed diagnoses.

The drugs can cause suicide in perfectly normal people — this is the message I take from the doxycycline post on Rxisk stories. I did try Chantix several times, and while my temper grew short, I did not have violent nor suicidal thoughts, I was just not so nice to be around. I did not have dreams any more vivid than normal.

So most of the side-effects, thankfully, did not cause those things in MY chemical make-up. But I did want to mention something, and I will set the scene for you: We are an older, retired couple. Married, at the time, 45 years. At long last our son, the youngest and last to go, was getting married to a woman we really were happy about. It was a destination wedding, a cruise so they could exchange vows on a beautiful beach on the Virgin Islands.

We had to take a jet to get to the ship, stay in a hotel overnight…we had a party with her family that night…and then board the ship the next day. But the very morning of boarding the ship, my husband started to cough, and they were terrible, terrible deep coughs. We told everyone to stay away from us until we knew what was going on.

We had attempted, first night aboard, to have dinner with the family, but had to get up and leave because by now just looking at the food was bad…for both of us. That first night my husband had a fever. By some incredible forward-thinking, my son, cop and EMT, had brought along a supply of Cipro. He brought a bunch down the hall in a small zip-log bag and slid them under our cabin door.

In total, my husband had fever two nights, I had fever four nights. But we did keep it to ourselves, opting not to have contact with others. We even had to get a refund on our wine package first time ever, and we cruise a lot. We actually hated the world and everything in it. But this was NOT caused by the Cipro, it was relieved as the antiviral or antibiotic helped our own bodies to fight the invaders. The hating feeling came with whatever it was that we had come down with.

Along with whatever this was came the most dreadful cough you could imagine. In another streak of luck, the mother-in-law of my son had brought along over-the-counter cough medication. She gave it to me. When I got to be 64, I finally agreed to flu shots. I had not been sick in maybe 15 years. Not even a head cold. Airborne allergies, yes, some. We had just had our flu shots in November, , and the illness I describe happened in January, This year we searched for, found, and were injected with the triple-strain flu shot, and we got the flu…twice.

Had it for two weeks, went away just in time for us to make a mile drive, and hit us again me, especially on the way back. Sick for three weeks. I give you that whole scenario because it is important to note that the abrupt change in attitude was not caused by any drug, but by whatever had invaded our bodies, and we did feel the angriness leaving us as the Cipro did its work. I feel the same way! We looked for porpoises, dolphins, whales, anything at all. I know my body.

We wanted to see our son marry this lovely girl. By the day of the wedding our whole attitudes were almost back to normal, and the fevers gone, the coughing dissipated enough for simple cough drops to work, but we were not contagious. We were, however, exhausted from the days and nights just prior. Since we both had the flu shots on the same days, and since we both came down with whatever it was simultaneously, or nearly so, I cannot help but wonder if it were not the flu shots themselves.

If that illness made us turn into angry beasts, who knows what else is going on? These flu strains seem to be mutating and doing all they can to avoid being destroyed, but mutating into what? In my non-medical mind, it seems imperative to do thorough blood and body-fluid work on the remains of these poor individuals. Taking this a step further. Nobody, again, checked on my medication. I was educated to not make statements unless they are substantiated.

The gp, the psychiatrist, the city hospital, the mhra, the government have all let me down. But where did it start…. Would that just one of them would have stuck up for me. Changing the subject slightly……. Recommend a four week taper, at least. The opening para says:. Supplementary sources such as guidelines from NICE are used to expand on advice or managing specific risks of ssris; however, general advice on the management of depression and other disorders is not covered. While the module introduces important general points to promote the safe use of ssris, all clinical decisions should be made on the basis of up to date therapeutic guidance and other authoritative sources of evaluated evidence.

Serotonin syndrome is often overlooked or misdiagnosed and specialist advice is recommended. GSK have not talked about switching to drugs with a longer half life. GSK have not talked about taking a benzodiazepine. So, the system is wreaking in confusion from the top. Will any of them get their story right…. Although, saying that, you would need a box the size of a coffin to put in all the paper that has been produced regarding a drug with as much controversy as Seroxat…..

Peter Haddad, who contributed to the MHRA guidelines on withdrawal, admits all the evidence is anecdotal and merely opinion. Or is this just another smoke and mirrors tactic on the part of GSK- with no substance to it whatsoever? I was fine, I was great. It was the sheer abuse from my gp, by the psychiatrist. It has stuck because it went on for so long. I had never been on the receiving end of abuse like this in my life and this is what GSK have done.

This is worse than the drug. To go through the worst trauma in the history of drug abuse and then be abused by those who gave it to you is like being shot through. And then, for your regulators. How many have abused me so far….. This is the real crime. It is not so much the drug. It is GSK allowing the patient to go through a chain of abuse which is so long, that you wonder how you ever came out the other end…. This is the problem, that GSK caused us….

It is a truly terrifying scenario….. I was so abused by so many that I just almost lost the plot entirely…. I know better now……but abuse lingers long after the abusers have departed. I shake and I quake every day. Time for a change of direction. This surely cannot go on like this….. My daughter who has been on 14 of these mind altering drugs is currently sectioned and has been sent miles away from home and family to Wales.

However I have seen a mixture of emotions in my daughter. There is no doubt that the drugs have made her worse and being in hospital leaves someone to become more and more dependant on the team. I feel the drugs are terrible — the way she was treated at the Maudsley was appalling and Professor Murray distanced himself — he promised a drug free period. They put her on Clozapine and Metformine — supposedly off label for weight loss. None of the drugs have worked.

The most serious reactions have been on Cipralix and Seroquel but I happen to know that the Clozapine to begin with caused my daughter severe illness — palpitations and dizziness. She still suffers dizziness. The Seroquel led to adverse behaviour and Akathisia. I just wish there was somewhere where she could safely come off these drugs as they are not working in my opinion and neither is the care but the drugs have made her unstable to the point she could not live at home.

If only something was done — no one seems to know in the UK or cares to know how to safely take someone off the drugs and Dr Ann Blake Tracy has given full instructions. I passed these on to the Bethlem and they just ignored the proper way to do this and took her off mg of Seroquel, mixed it with Olanzapine and then she did not even know they had put her on Clozapine and Metformine — against her wishes.

Now I am demanding a proper assessment by Dr William Walsh and at long last this has been agreed. I am also demanding the Tribunal as it is disgusting that my daughter has been put on a section. Then I wish to get her out of that private sector hospital and hope to provide the accommodation, live in care and orthomolecular treatment myself. You missed a chap called Anthony Martin who hung himself on April 26th in , in Bridgend.

He had been depressed and receiving treatment from his GP for depression. For some reason, he is often ommited from the list of people who commited suicide in Bridgend, but sufficient information on the circumstances of his death is out there. The trouble with the Bridgend suicide is there is a media blackout on this subject and during my research to date October 29 there are young people in the Bridgend area that have committed suicide and continues to the above date. There it seems to bea media blackout on these tragic deaths so that there will be no one asking questions.

I have never read so much propaganda in all my life as I did read this article. And by the way there is no drug making facility in Bridgend because if there was everybody would be included in the death list of all ages and not just under 30 so perhaps you should look at the TETRA system belonging to the police communication system then you may well be on the right road. With all the child abuse cases from celebrities like Rolf Harris, Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and Stuart Hall, how do we know whether or not some of these suicides were triggered by some form of child abuse.

Could there be some paedophile operating within society and be connected to people in positions of authority who have control of the lives of the vulnerable such as care workers or Social Services? Back in the s I nearly took my life due to being emotionally abused by people in authority within the Bridgend area and ended up in Penyfai Adults Psychiatric Hospital for five months at the age of twelve years.

If people in authority could do that to me in what are others doing to the vulnerable today? Let me firstl state that since when the alledged hangings began there has been hanging of young people in the Bridgend area but the official figure is 79 stipulated by the welsh assembly. Madeline Moon the MP for Bridgend suggests that these deaths of young people were because of websites and she stated that these evil websites must be closed down to stop people committing sucide and she said that without any evidence that it was indeed website that were the cause of these tragic and sad loss of life.

She refuses to talk to anyone asking questions in regard to the mysterious deaths of these young people including. There is something going on to cover this up by the welsh assmbly police and Bridgend corupt council. Can anyone give me any information on how many young people have commited sucide this year in the Bridgend area.

They do know BioTec is in that town right? I watched the documentary last night on Bridgend. I can imagine, as someone who works with Constellations , that it might be a good fit. When I have asked police officers how many have committed sucide in the reply was its more than my jobs worth to tell you the exact number so my question is WHY THE SECRECY by officials to even speak about it and does anyone know the true figures of sucide of people in Bridgend area since and before any of you reply its over Documentary are a way of making people believe in the evidence suggested in any documentary because documentarys are a way of brainwashing people into believing the official line.

And why do police officers refuse to talk to me about what the true figure is of young suicides in Bridgend stating its more than their jobs worth to talk about it so why. What else is going on in that area of Bridgend county. Answers on a postcard. Does everybody realise that the secrecy and cover-up behavior experienced in Wales is the common experience in every country in the world? The power of the pharmaceutical industry and medical mafia should never be underestimated. Killer drugs are invariably prescribed, cancer cures are routinely made illegal, and toxins involuntarily ingested by humans, are protected by Law.

Prescription drugs as nothing to do with the bridgend suicides people should try doing some serious research instead of copying the bullshit about prescription drugs from other outlets of information because there are those who want you to believe that these tragic deaths in bridgend are to do with prescription drugs , the coroner of bridgend did not find any drugs in anyones body. This not a conspiracy theory about big pharma. Most of the suicides, the people had no track record of any mental instabilities or being medicated for any said instabilities.

Part of it was to keep it out of the media at first, to prevent copycat incidences. Although that was eventually proved wrong by a study by Samaritans group. As for the reason all these suicides are occurring is the bigger question. It still alludes me Derek G. Trust me I am trying to figure it out. It seems to me that the Welsh Mp for Bridgend Madeline Moon is threatening anyone looking into the Bridgend suicides with legal action if anyone should use her name or mention her with the strange deaths of young people in Bridgend and it also seems that Carwen JONES the leader of the welsh assembly also knows what seems to have gone in with the deaths of young people in the area of Bridgend but is keeping it to himself for some unknown reason.

Derek, I have a colleague that is a Welsh Citizen. He has been discreetly looking into issues for me. He travels frequently back and forth. I am already making headway into understanding hopefully! Thanks for that informationit will be interesting to find out why they are doing this as it still seems to be hush hush to whats being going on. How many young people in the Bridgend area have killed themselves since and how many have committed sucide in ?

I am a Socio-Anthropologist from the U. I intend to study this systemic problem that has occurred and keeps occurring in Bridgend, Wales. I intend to confront the Sociological structures while looking for the possible root causes of this tragic series of continual events. I will most likely travel to Wales to investigate in a scientific process that differs from that of a police investigations or public speculation. I am trying to find the root cause and to generate a list of solutions that will hope to prevent further suicides.

It is not a matter of being gutless as you put it. It is a matter of empirical data on which science relies on getting to the entire truth. Raging about it and trying to force your opinion on others is the exact opposite of competent process. I can tell you this, there are Empirically 79 dead as a result of suicide by young adults between and They do this for a couple of reasons: Then the third however unlikely for it to occur is, Criminal Conspiracy involving members of the investigative team which an outside investigation would be required to investigate the investigators.

Thereby anything they have investigated. I am getting many different stories about the causes and none are to my satisfaction. The major suspicious activity is coming from the Bridgend coroners office because they are the ones using narrative declaration of death instead of suicide even in cases where the person obviously committed suicide. I am not here to ridicule anybody.

My theory is that there has to be some sort of sociological overlap in a variety of different areas that are leading to these suicides and not any one particular thing. At some point it will draw attention to the problem from a scientific point of view. Thank you for contributing I intend to keep up with this investigation Claire. These people should not die in vain.

Yet there are no suicides in these areas like there are in the bridgend. You guys are being extremely helpful. I now have a very large area to map. It should give me more stats which to overlay to find a root cause. All three I am near zero in…. Finally all those struggling get the latest and the best thyroid testing. But for me to think there those in the know and are doing or saying nothing about makes my blood boil. This has to be sorted one way or another sooner rather than later.

I have been following this article since I first saw the Bridgend documentary on Netflix. I decided to follow up with my own research and made a few phone calls to Wales. I spoke with the county coroner, I spoke with local authorities, and that includes the Bridgend Chief of the Constables. All of which were either dismissed due to lack of evidence or causation.

The things that bother me the most is your constant target of prescription medication as the primary cause that lead to the suicides. While it is extremely hard to acquire death records when your not a. No previous record of any mental health problems prior to the suicides. The more current suicides are being relisted and past ones are being reinvestigated.

And for the record Doctor Healy, any good scientist know that correlation is not always causation. Sometimes a pen is just a pen. However tragic this situation is, I believe that is in in no way the fault of prescription drugs given by doctors. By that measurement at least nine similar suicides were all a direct cause of their medication?!

If that is the case then why did not more die this way? Stats show that the mental health system in Wales is atrocious at best, meaning that it is more likely that due to a poor system either medication is being given out in a willy-nilly like fashion? What I also have to state is the fact that some people men and women along with some teenagers who were not from Bridgend but who worked in the borough of Bridgend but actually lives elsewhere up in the valleys such as Porth, ynyshir, Maerdy who also hanged themselves.

It seems that most of them were within the RCT Rhondda canon taff authority. Let me ask any of you this simple question. How many other young people have comitted suicide in the bridgen area in the number will surprise you. A recent decision by the United States Supreme Court may have something to contribute to the Bridgend suicides. The court stopped the death penalty for individuals below the age of 18 because of information it accepted on the functioning of the adolescent brain.

The ligature cuts off blood supply to the brain, stopping any ability to raise the head or loosen the ligature. Suicide by accident, perhaps, by many adolescents who may indeed be unable to formulate appropriate decisions or consider consequences. Has toxoplasmosis been ruled out?


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