Clonazepam vs xanax high dosage melatonin

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clonazepam vs xanax high dosage melatonin

Woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed! Given that we have many charts giving the medical dosages of these drugs, I would be interested to find out the comparative, average recreational dosages, at least for the "big four", diazepam , lorazepam , alprazolam and clonazepam. Wierd thing is, diazepams effect has not been messed up because I take clonazepam. Jul 2, 4. Benzodiazepines with longer half-lives will result in the appearance of acute withdrawal systems later than benzodiazepines with shorter half-lives. TRY not to use old post it causes lots of confusion.

Spinal fusion: Clonazepam vs xanax high dosage melatonin

Clonazepam overdose suicide method They are all in the same high and work similarly. All I keep seeing are threads from years ago! And melatonin far as he knows dosage benzos except maybe Temazepam are Class C's, so they are one of the least risky illicit drugs to be caught with. These people probably never experienced these drugs and just want to feel smart by googling the answer. I can say clonazepam 0.5 mg tablet response that clonazepam gave xanax regards to the Klonopin versus the Xanax and the information you put forth is exactly correct. Jul 4, 9.
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New Oxford American Dictionary via hand held device. I have been on Klonopin, Valium and Xanax and by far Xanax is the strongest one. I take 3 two mg. It helps me face the outside world. I like my meds to hit fast so Xanax is the best for that. If you want one with a longer half life then go with Valium though. I can say the response that you gave in regards to the Klonopin versus the Xanax and the information you put forth is exactly correct.

I have at my 39 years of age had to take after my mother's death benzodiazepines to control my blood pressure my depression stress my anxiety anger every emotion you can possibly imagine. And I can tell you that the Xanax outweighs the Klonopin greatly in my body. It would take me three one milligram Klonopin 2 equal one milligram of Xanax it's really quite annoying when people simply Google something and don't have any idea what these drugs do when you take them!

It was very refreshing to see your comment today and read something that made total sense and paralleled every believe I have regarding that medicine vs it's cohorts so thank you very much. Although they are in the same family, they each have an entirely different chemical make up. The ratio of each all depends on the person taking the meds. At this point in our Pharmaceutical Manufacturing world; most can agree, Xanax contain faster, harder hitting chemical compounds.

Without discussing atoms and molecules of those chemical makeups Xanax is king in this benzodiazepine era. I started taking clonazepam 1 milligram to help me sleep. But it is not helping. What can help me sleep. I took 3 clonazepams yesterday just to sleep but was dizzy for 2 days after. Now I'm scared to take them again. Try 1 - 2 tabs of Dramamine about an hour before bedtime. Works great for me and I sleep soundly all night long. It's OTC so you'll have no trouble getting it.

If it works, buy the Equate generic at WalMart. Trust me, be sure you're in bed snuggled for the night within one hour of taking it, or you'll spend the night on the couch or wherever you were sitting. Seroquel is awesome if you're hypo-manic or coming down from a mania, using it to sleep is hard sometimes because it can cause restless legs I have to take cogentin with it.

Elavils a mild anti depressants that works well to for sleep. Be very careful if switching from Xanax to Clonzapam, being if you take a high dose of xanax daily you could have seizures. Never be afraid of your Dr. I It often takes a while to get the right meds that work for you. This is one good reason the government should legalize marijuana I'll bet you if you got high on THC you would sleep perfectly, and you wouldn't have any dizziness or other similar side effects.

Plus it's healthier for you than popping pills. So many peoples reaction to this answer is, "I'm not a drug user. And atleast marijuanas a natural herb, not a man made drug like pills are. Have u tried Wal-Som? They r over the counter at Walgreens. They work great an there's no hangover in the AM. I wouldn't take Dramamine its a motion sickness pill that has a pretty intense hangover almost like drinking to much caugh syrup.

If you cannot sleep, best to stay on your clonazapam dose as prescribed, and ask your doctor for an adjunct specially for sleep. Your BEST best, to avoid drug interactions, and get some great sleep, is over-the-counter Benadryl pills--take 50 mgs 30 minutes before bed, and I guarantee you will get at least a good hours. If this is not working, go to your doctor and request a short 1 month only treatment of Ambien, which is NOT another benzo like clonazapman--you don't ever want to stack benzo on top of benzo--throws your brain into crazy zone!

Try the benadryl mgs for the MOST stubborn cases, And all available at most dollar stores for cheap! Also, ask God for your mind to be slowed down, and if you keep up on your prayers, I guarantee He will answer. Seroquel is a terrible medication they give to anyone to help them sleep. It's got horrible side effects, I just lost pounds from being on mg to help me sleep.

Don't be afraid to take your medication, take it as prescribed, and speak to your Dr if you're still not sleeping. Try to avoid xanax, they don't last as long as Klonopin make you want to take more and become a ejected trust me. Just be honest with your doctor about your sleeping patterns. I bought a cheap knock-off Fitbit. It wasn't as accurate as the real Fitbit period but at least it gave my doctor an idea how much sleep I was really getting which was about two hours a night.

You can't just take a pill and make everything okay or three I've been struggling with this for years period I haven't gotten more than two to four hours of sleep a night since I'm finally starting to sleep better but you have to be patient and I know it's hard because you haven't slept so everything seems to be spiraling out of control because you need rest. You also might want to look into dietary changes, and lifestyle changes if you haven't already. I've tried everything and the most sleep I get is 5 hours a night and that's very rare.

Benadryl and some valerian root helps me sleep at night if I'm having a particularly rough one. I know some people swear by melatonin pills but thats not nearly enough to put me out. Clonazepam was the best one for me. Xanax turned me into a zombie, valium barely even took the edge off but clonazepam you take one in the morning and good all day till night time. Then if you're restless take one more or a half before bed.

I also recommend trazodone to help sleep. I was prescribed that in rehab bc i didnt want Seroquel and honestly the heaviest sleep youll ever have. Wake up in the spot you fell asleep I swear. No clonzapam is defiantly not as strong as xanax. I've been on clonzapam for years and it helps with muse relaxation also If you mean Klonapins than yes.

Clonazepam is the generic for klonapins. I hope this helps. I've only done 2mg xans and the 3 mg Extended release. I'm no doctor or physician, but you most likely will. Going from taking 6 mgs per day of one benzodiazepine to 3 mgs per day of a different benzodiazepine is a big difference milligram wise, not to mention that they are two totally different medications.

The Xanax work well for panic attacks, because a dose of it will ease the panic attack or make it stop almost immediately. As I already mentioned, you don't get the sudden "rush" if you will , that you get with the Xanax. A 3 mg cut of any benzodiazepine is a very large cut at one time! Not only is your dose being cut in half, but your medication is being changed. But again, I'm no dr. So, my answer to you as I already posted above , is yes. You will most likely feel different, with the med not hitting you right away, but your anxiety will at least be at bay for approx 8 hrs, vs.

You may also experience worse anxiety for the first few days to about a week. Just try not to get in your head too much I know it's way easier said than done. Also, take some nice, hot baths. These will help with any muscle tension. Also, drink, drink, drink lots of H2O! Big time for couple weeks then slowly got better up til about 45 days. I was in rehab about 8 days. I've been prescribed xanax and klonopin at different times in the past, and find that 1mg xanax knocks me out within minutes whereas 1mg kpins just relax me along with a slight buzz Takes a little while to kick in but once it does it stays with you for quite some time The fact that people talk about everything other than what you're asking is quite disturbing due to the effect these meds have on you..

Swim thinks that it depends on the person swim been using drugs for a long time and is used to various drugs in high doses. He takes 20mg of diazepam at work and no one knows about it While someone new to drugs could be knock out with mg of diazepam. Clonazepam seems a mysterious one anyway, as no-one seems to know for sure how strong it is compared to Diazepam. I have used all.. But a long time ago, Alprazolam and clonazepam was only a few months ago.. He liken 5mg of alprazolam and later another 5mg.

And it was enjoyable. But I didn't have enough to give You a good accurate account of it. And lorazepam was years ago when he used it, and its to long ago to remember years. The alprazolam and clonazepam was ordered on line from a trusted source made by Parke-Davies Pakistan part of Pfizer Pakistan and they weren't cheap but safe, shipped from the UK!

Any way I am Dutch and when he has young 13 flunitrazepam rohypnol was everywhere and very cheap and effective!!! Than was before the date rape thing! And people swim included was abusing them Jul 5, Maybe its not surprising that I amn't feeling much from the doses he's been using. Obviously he can't afford to do those kinds of doses too regularly but he will have to indulge himself with the odd night of experimentation.

SWIM too would love to get some Rohypnol. It seems to be a particular favorite of most benzo coneiseurs. And as far as he knows all benzos except maybe Temazepam are Class C's, so they are one of the least risky illicit drugs to be caught with. Then again, as You says, the authorities are somewhat strange when it comes to Rohypnol, plus importing Class C's is probably deemed more serious than plain possesion. Feb 6, I think that this thread needs a bump as I was wanting to start a thread with the same purpose, but I used the search engine like a good boy.

Clonazepam around mg Lorazepam mg Zopiclone 7. Others please post if you are part of the few who pop these like skittles. Feb 11, I knew this dude that one friday night took 2mg clonazepam after a rough day at job he later told me that he thought he was taking a 0. After a time of going around his house stoned he ended up waking up several hours later, laying over his bed fully dressed, with shoes, shirt tie, and not recalling how the hell did he ended there I didn't take the time to read through everyone's post since the majority were from 5 years ago.

I did read the OP, the next few, and the bump. While I don't typically take benzos recreationally, I am prescribed alprazolam generic xanax 1 mg, as needed up to three times a day. I actually do suffer from extreme anxiety and often have panic attacks seemingly unprovoked. Most days require me to consume all three doses and while I try not to digest anymore than the Due to this frequent dosage, I have a tolerance that I am assuming is high for most individuals so my opinions are definitely biased.

The typical side effects most people tend to feel when taking a benzo tiredness, blackouts, etc are either not felt, unnoticeable, or my body has grown used to feeling this way. When I first began a benzo regimen years ago, I often abused them and often took doses of This period did not last long due to constantly blacking out and doing stupid shit later in the evening.

From time to time on the rare occasion that I have free time, I will take my prescription recreationally, but this is very rare. On these occasions, my dose is usually around 4 mg, sometimes higher. The highest I have seen taken at one point was 9 2 mg klonopins. I left before the individual got out of control so I have no idea how this dose affected them but later heard it was "normal" for them to consume a dose that high.

My most recent experience 3. I could tell I was out of it but was called into work where no one except a co-wrkr who abuses benzos frequently was able to tell. The last thing I remember was driving home and the next thing I know I'm waking up to a neighbor knocking on my window looking concerned. I had miraculously made it home in one piece but had apparently passed out immediately after putting the car in park. I had left my car running for hours until it finally ran out of gas.

I would not recommend benzos as a DOC. They can be expensive and typically, highly addictive. The stories I could tell you regarding fiends I've met are horrifying and happen more frequently than you would think. I don't find any Benzos to be that "recreational" anymore. If I take the recommended dose, it doesn't do much of anything. If I take much more, it just makes me wanna go to bed. Hardly fun or recreational. Though, I know they have opposite effects, but if I take a few extra Benzos and then some coffee , it can prevent me from wanting to go to bed, and instead keep me awake with a good feeling.

Though, I rarely do that anymore as I'm sure it's not good for the health. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?


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