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clonazepam google docs

I did it by going down by. However, even before learning about the brain chemistry here I already knew why it was addictive Yes, it can work for anxiety. I just want some advice I have been on kholopin for a little over a year and I do have bad anxiety I started taking a half of a 0. I've never ever prescribed it. Your example of intermittant then dwindling use of xanax is fine.

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Clonazepam withdrawal symptoms severe headache I wish more people especially Drs knew about this problem. Best of luck to the docs of clonazepam. I google that I have to get this poison out of my body. MY experience with Xanax, has been this: For some, it clonazepam be a miracle docs. In our technology, no one has come google with a better way I recently came off of.
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Aside from first taking the medicine with an anti depressant to kick in I have never taken more than. I have gone of an on it a couple of times and I would not say it is easy at all even with tapering. I did find that educating myself about the medicine and its withdrawal side effects was helpful along with as you say tapering slowing and very consistently with the same dosing.

I am presently trying to wean down my doses that crept up to. My doctor said 'oh, that is a small enough dose. You should be fine coming off of it eventually. I went from hyper the first two days, to blah, then sad, irritable, tired, today hopeless and tired of life. I take mgs. If I through anything int he mix I'm done for Did that today due to adrenal issues per natural path suggestion. I should have waited out the withdrawal period.

Which for me can be two weeks to one month. It doesn't help that my anti depressant doesn't work either and I have that depression hanging over my head each day. But I think the clonazopram has worsened the depression too. Anyway just adding my thoughts on the post. Ask your Doctor if he'll switch you to the equivalent in Valium and see if you feel better. Then, you can wean down the Valium as tolerated with little to no symptoms. Hello, I am currently weaning off clonazapam, and oh my what a helpless feeling.

Many ugly side effects started last night. I too am worried that I have done irreversible damage, very scared. I have been taking clonazapam for almost 4 years 1 mg nightly now. I have been on other anxiety drugs just about all my life. I'm 63 yrs old and found out I was bipolar 10 yrs ago. Since then I have been on Klonopin, 2 mg at bedtime or if needed 1 mg AM and 1 mg bedtime along with other bipolar meds.

Has anyone noticed a change in mood more so than the bipolar prob and personality while on this med? I seem to have turned into a horrible nasty person to my family and I hate myself for it! Also, when I take it the last few weeks I feel nerve irritation and pain throughout my body. My psychiatrist is weaning me off slowly but I have speeded up the process myself. Reading all your comments I now think I am weaning too fast and it scares me to see that it may take 2 yrs to get it totally out of my body.

I didn't think I would have had to worry about this at my age and I sure don't want to feel this bad for the next 2 yrs!!! I want to live my life and be happy with my granddaughter!!! In our technology, no one has come up with a better way I know you have read many horror stories about coming off Klonopin, but really if you follow your doctor's instructions you needn't be taking 2 yrs to complete this processes. I have been taking zapiz clonazepam since last 6 days.

My doctor prescribed it for anxiety and insomnia. What should I do next? Should I again reduce the dosage to half before discontinuing or can I stop taking the drug at 0. I would really appreciate if you could guide me about the ideal way to stop taking this drug safely. I must first ask if you are suffering from anxiety and insomnia, why are you stopping this med after only 6 days? I would talk to your doctor about your fear. Not clear as to what you were taking long term so not really able to say what you should do.

Laurie Shay, I'm curious to know if you are a medical dr or nurse? Do you have professional medical experience? I'm really curious because I see you answering a lot of questions that concern me. I'm not trying to be critical. I'm just concerned because I have had medical experience with this drug. This drug is very dangerous and habit forming. Elderly people really should not be taking this medication.

Also, if a doctor insists you take a medication that you know is not helping you and it's making you feel worse than before it's time to look for a new doctor. I hope you don't think I'm being nasty because that is truly not my intention. Have a wonderful evening! Yes, Im aware Klonopin is habit forming. Im, also, aware that it is contraindicated for the elderly. As I am not a doctor, I cant tell people to stop their medication. Only be supportive when there is a need.

Benadryl helped me sleep after about 3 nights of little to no sleep. I would have you get a doctor involved. Your Dr can help you achieve a smooth landing which will also keep you from relapse or the temptation to seek more in an effort to feel "better" again. Yes, I've been through enough to know what I am saying is true. I know this is a old post but I wanted to add something, my doctor took me off klnopin after 20 years with my now retired doctor, he said oh its not good for me my dose was.

Ask your doctor if he will restart your klonazepam back at your old dosage and to leave the dose at that for a couple of weeks for you to get back to your old self. Ask him if he would then please allow you to taper off very slowly and see if that won't work better for you? Try to assure him that you are willing to stop taking this medication but that stopping it all at once has made you feel awful.

If he won't consider this, maybe consider going to a psychiatric mental health nurse practioner who will help you stop this medication responsibly. Peg4blues, I am new here, and the posts are a bit confusing, as to who's answering whom. I just want to add that I was addressing your problem with the suggestion I just posted a few minutes ago. Best wishes to you.

The problem I've had now is I've also been taking this for my tourettes, not just anxiety and depression, and now my tics have been getting worse for over a half year and been trying clonidin but nothing seems to be getting better. Having this strange arge to hurt myself which I've never had before. I have taken clozinapam klonipin for about 5 years, have tried stoping in the pass but have failed miserably.

Also had ECG treatments and made me worse. Don't know what else to do, feel like I have to be back in the hospital. UPdate, I found a new Doctor who has no problem giving me my regular dose, so you see some of us do need this medication to be normal. Please listen to what others are saying by contacting your physician, again. You need help, and it could be a different medicine or not, still I always stick by the M. You may be over thinking it and just need medication in general for your anxiety.

I took Klonopin for 2 years.. Feb 12, I came off at 2 a day for 1 week 7 days then 1 a day for 13 days.. Don't think of it as withdrawal.. If you are experiencing anxiety make yourself another appointment and evaluate your new symptoms. Everyone is different but you may need to seek advice on an allergic reaction from the med. Honestly it doesn't sound like you were doing well on it at all. I was on 2mg 3 x a day for a few years and decided that was too much. Now I am down to 1mg 2 x a day.

My goal is to eventually get off of it, but it is so very hard. Hope you are doing well and have a blessed day. I can do some shopping and go to some functions now where as I was home bound for years with PTSD, no one wants to be medicated.. I don't worry about it anymore like I once did feeling worthless because of meds.. If something is keeping you from living and functioning you should definitely get some help with it.

Life is just too short to suffer! Oh I agree with you totally. I used to self medicated with alcohol and almost died from that. Have been sober almost 6 yrs now. I have many physical issues I won't list but I have to take pain medicine for. But now I have come to the fact that this is a part of my life. I have to take my medication to be the best me that I can be, and I'm not ashamed of that now.

I have a family to take care of and love and nourish. Thanks for your words of wisdom and for listening. You have no idea how much that is appreciated. Congratulations on your sobriety! That's a huge HUGE ordeal in itself. Bless your heart, that was a sweet comment. Made me feel good today. I love this site, I don't know a whole lot about a lot but I hope one day maybe something I have been through or know about helps somebody.

You are very kind and helpful yourself, and that's exactly right We have a life to live however it needs to be, and hoping one day We all wake with no pains.. Just remember I'm here if you ever need an ear or a friend. I'm a pretty good listener. You have yourself a great day. I'm going through something right now that even my doctor is at odds with..

I used to get headaches but this has been quite different. Onset I am getting dizzy sick and everything is really loud. I'm worried it may be my pain medicine.. I dunno but its starting to worry me. The spells are lasting days its happened several times over the last 3 weeks. Sorry I'm just now getting back to you. I myself suffer from migraine's and take medicine regularly Topamax for them. Plus they prescribe me Fiorinal for the biggies that are just horrible that won't go away I don't have to take them very often at all.

But I have never had the numbing experience happen. You said you're doctor was at odd's with it. What kind of doctor is this? I'm trying to think of what kind of doctor you might need to go to. I take that back. I have had times where I have had some numbing in my face. It concerned me, but always went away I have a really good friend on here that asked about it I wouldn't let it continue without having it checked out though. Not to scare you or anything. Just looking out for ya is all. Please keep me updated on it though and let me know if you do go to the doctor and what turns up.

I'll keep my little prayer's going for you too. Have a great day my friend, and if you need anything Big Hugs and Best Wishes I called my doctor back this morning.. We are gonna do a CT.. He doesn't seem to think this is it this time. So we will just have to see. It will be a month or so.. I'm not gonna stress about it. It happened again this morning and woke me. It just doesn't mimic my normal migraines.

Take care Ruthie and thank you. Just so much going on at once. I can't keep up with it all. Thanks again girl you're the best. Some good comments here folks. Klonipin is a funny drug? Like when I take mine 10 mil. I will doze off for a couple of hours and I never know or get a signal how long before la la land.

I just will wake up and my clock will show around a couple hrs snooze time. But I'm an older man 72 yrs or 3 score and 12yrs lol. I also don't plan on trying to stop taking them till I croke, nor will I stop norco. But as we know anything can happen and usually does: Agree Saucerman Klonopin can come on strong. Just be careful if you smoke not to fall asleep while doing it!

Is it medications, or new illness, and doctors often dont have a clue. Best of luck to the both of you.. Weeks,Months and for others even years! And in some, rare, cases, can cause death!! I like many of Us learn the hard way,through experience. I was given clonazapam klonopin for three years while in Afghanistan and gradually they moved my dosage to three times a day.

Finally, when diagnosed with PTSD, I decided to stop the clonazapam bec I thought it was not helping my condition and the doctors here in the US wanted me off. I had a harrowing sleep last night having dropped from 3 a day gradually now down to. My question is this. Will I gradually get rid of this feeling of walking through fresh cement and memory loss and function again and regain my sense of humor???

How long is this going to take? I feel like I lost myself in Afghanistan, both body and soul and need to get off this horrible drug! I took klonopin for three weeks trying to stop made me more anxious and agitated,nauseA,dizzy, I am sick of it. Trying to use pharma gaba during the day,it helps. Yes "Otenglesh", you will get through this and get back to yourself again. The doctor might prescribe something else for you to take for a short while if needed. Try to relax an take a few deep breaths,breathing in and out slowly.

I know it's easier said than done,but it will help. Hopefully you are already feeling better. Let me know how you're doing? Sending you well wishes! I have tried several times to get off of that dose but the escitalopram causes me more anxiety without it - I think. It is a late day anxiety I get still. I am trying to reduce the clonazopam but can only due small amounts due to the ridiculously severe rage I get off and on during the withdrawals its embarrassing that it happens too.

Then I eventually become almost lithargic in my limbs, with worsened depression. I have talked with my doctor about replacing the clonazapram with something like zoloft so I can avoid some of those side effects as I have heard of that to. Whatever you do remember we are all different and the effects of these drugs whether going to them or coming off of them will differ slightly or even dramatically.

I just want some advice I have been on kholopin for a little over a year and I do have bad anxiety I started taking a half of a 0. U may actually be having panic episodes and think it is withdrawals. Coming of klonopin cold Turkey is not recommended at all it can do awful things to u and even cause seizures. I agree with the others I would see my Dr if I were u. Best of luck to u. I was taking 1mg on and off for several years. It has gotten so bad I feel like I'm dying like my head feels like unbearable tension, I get severe shivers.

At one point I couldn't take it and took 1 mg. A friend who is a doctor said that reset me back to zero. I don't know how long this will last. Can someone please offer some advice. Thats my big question. My body is overly sensitive to antidepressants so I was on an MAOI inhibitor for 30 years and I finally had to have surgery and they wouldn't do it unless I came off of this it works for me an anxiety disorder I was also on a small amount of klonopin at that time. However, after the surgery that impending doom feeling came back and the doctor prescribed me 1 mg klonopin 3 times a day.

I now have weined it down to 2. I also have blood pressure issues. I am so confused I want to come off this klonopin just to see if I still have panic attacks. Probably I do, but how does one know the difference? I will wake up in the midst of the night my heart papilating and freaking out I do deep breathing and do my blood pressure meds and. Help- anyone else have these type of withdrawal episodes with such little decrease No one should belittle or disregard another's symptoms or illnesses!

Granted in the grand scheme that is a small dose, but look up the facts. Benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms can last for a long time and in some extreme cases, years. Do your research then talk with your dr. If they give you a "pooh-pooh", get another dr! You are so right! Trouble is for me I can't find another doctor. I need a psychiatrist and I can't get in to my new one until Aug. I'm miserable and they don't care. I'm having the same problem. Forget help from standard medical practice.

Try to find MDs who practice functional medicine. There are many standard medical and holistic treatment combinations to help depression and insomnia. A functional medicine approach looks at root causes for depression or insomnia. Changed my husband's life when he found out 1. He did use K long pin low dose for awhile and slowly weaned off but it gave him the sleep he needed to help him heal. Lorazapam is shorter acting and was a disaster withdrawal! Klonpin is longer acting and as long as you don't keep upping the doses and don't take multiple times per day for more than a month For anyone needing psych attention in this USA broken system, please get thyself to a crisis center in your local ER.

They should plug you into the system. Granted, it stinks but it is better than nothing. This opinion is not directed to any specific patient or reader, but rather a statement to the population who are reading this comment. There is no doctor patient relationship inherent to this comment. I once was without my kolonopin prescription for two days and I felt so weird like I wanted to rip my hair out and agitated and I had to bite a wash cloth I felt crazy and like I could not function what would you say about this I take two pill's a day.

Hello, I agree with Bryan. Talk to your dr. I wish nothing but the best for you I've been on benzodiazepines for 12 years now. Xanax and the last 6 years, 4mg of klonopin a day. I quit 6 weeks ago and I'm now completely fine aside from a poor appetite. How are you having withdrawal for 3 yeas and which symptoms are you experiencing? I know klonopin is a dangerous drug and I think I lucked out by feeling "normal" after just 6 weeks. I thought I'd be suffering for a year.

Most people take medication to feel more normal and to be able to function. Addicts aren't interested in feeling normal. The small percent of patients who abuse bnz's are usually wanting to be numb. Pain meds, especially hydrocodone types, are 3x more likely to be abused. Ok heres my take. I am not a doctor, pharmacist or any kind of health care provider.

I was on MANY different ssri's for many years for depression and anxiety disorder. And when i stopped taking them, especially paxil, I had horrible withdrawls. Then i was put on xanax 1mg 3 times a day by a new doc. I never felt better in my life. It wasnt a high feeling but a feeling of normalcy which is rare in my life. I was finally able to function well at my job, with relationships, Then the doc took me off the xanax shortly before relocating his practice to another city.

I started going to a new doc and he prescribed the xanax once but would not after that. I finally stopped seeing this doc because he kept trying to push ssri's on me even though he knew they had never helped me and i HATED them. So i finally gave up entirely and just started getting them on the street. The worst withdrawal i've ever experienced or seen. I still take them whenever i get them because without them i am not the same person.

I am never ever happy no matter what. I just have one major question. This medication is made for people that need it. If it's not given to those who need it why make it? I still havent tried to get them from a doc again because i'm tired of being looked at as a pill head because i'm not. For some, it can be a miracle drug. I am disturbed by a lot of these posts but will try to be pleasant in my comments. I Started having Panic Attacks and depression in I was a functioning member of the workforce until I received effective treatment in I was homebound for a couple years at a time, several times and dealt with my problem through the use of beer starting when I got out of bed in the morning until I went to bed at nite.

I could write all night everything I went thru but the fact is I was a quinea pig for every drug available at that time and was finally hospitalized and put on an MAOI. Prior to that I was on 6 mg xanax a day, along with the beer just to keep from shaking physically and get a feeling of normalcy. I took my meds, as prescribed, no alcohol or other drugs.

I never felt the NEED to take more xanax. I had finally found the perfect combination. Something about the new drug just wasnt working. I found a forum of LOTS of people all having the same problem. The only difference was the additives, not the MAIN ingredient. Despite the pleas and constant calls, letters, they refuse to change the formula back. I still dont feel like I used to. They ACT differently in some cases. If you start popping pills when you feel nervous THOSE are the people who should not be on those drugs.

I had to change Dr. I know more people truly addicted to valium than any other drug! I told her it wouldnt help but she made me replace the xanax anyway. Back to the old Dr. Our body chemistries are all different, and in our cases there is also something wrong with the way our brains pass signals. I am disappointed with all the new technology there isnt more emphasis on CURING the physiologic problems that are causing mental illness.

All of these drugs have terrible side effects and worse Possible side effects with long term use. Xanax causes memory loss. I am living proof of that. SO do I accept the memory loss and try to compensate for that? I guess I have the psychiatric profession to thank for black listing the Xanax, which has been part of my therapy for 15 years. I get to buy it through the mail from a different state who will ship to mine.

Someone with a brain in your industry should think about the patients who will need this medicine for their lifetime, and make exceptions for them before you advocate black listing one. A lot of people who need this drug, and are prescribed this drug are having to do without, or cutting their dosages because there is no rx coverage anymore. Does it make sense to anyone here that a person on SS Disability for a mental illness should not have their prescribed medications paid for through their Medicare Plan?

That may be true sometimes but that is NOT a fair assessment of everyone who says that. I know my own body better than any Dr. I had to cancel oral surgery because I asked the nurse if the Dr. I guess he had your attitude and I was told what it was he gave for post op pain. Of course it would be like taking baby aspirin to me. I have a very low pain tolerance and a very high tolerance to pain killers and sedatives. My Dentist even wrote him a letter saying I had been a patient for 10 years and that was the only thing that he prescribed for pain and that I had never abused it.

I used to have trust and respect for those in the medical professions. I have very little for very few now. Sorry, but times have changed. I have been given scripts that had I filled and taken them I would have gone into hypertensive shock. Since I live alone in the middle of nowhere, that means I would be laying on the floor, or in the yard until someone found my lifeless body.

Its not for the good of the patient any more its for the Drs control issues!!!!!! If it aint broke no more - dont unglue it. I have found the majority of physicians and psychiatrists completely ignorant these days. Take for example when SSRI's became popular and patients were complaining about the horrendous discontinuation symptoms and they dismissed them as false.

Now it's pretty common knowledge. They would rather listen to the pharm companies than their own patients. Maybe they should start taking some of these drugs they are prescribing then they will understand. My pysh prescribes me almost everything under the sun to try and get my GAD under control-Lexapro, Paxil, Zoloft, Remeron, Lithium, nuerontin, abilify, serax, klonopin, and valium. For me the benzo's that work the best are klonopin and valium. I have been on valium for the last 4 years but still have alot of break through anxiety and wanted to try xanax but he absolutely refuses to presribe it but has no problem prescribing hard stuff like abilify, lithium, etc.

I have 90 serax pills in my cabinet, 60 klonopin pills with 2 refills at the pharmacy, 60 valium pills with 2 refills so if I wanted to abuse them I would just pop 3 or 4 valium at once and would get a pretty good buzz but that's not really my objective. I want something that works and if the xanax works better then great. Chances are it won't but it's worth a try for a few weeks to see.

Also, for the doctor that said they like to prescribe Ativan-are you kidding me? It's not much different than xanax. It has such a short half life. When I got some I was going through withdrawals between doses bad and quit after 3 or 4 days. Why would you choose ativan over xanax when they are virtually identical in their half-lives?

Xanax has a bad rap and I don't have much experience with it so it may be true however all the benzo's have similar risks-some just have longer half-lives than the others hence being a little smoother. It's just so interesting to me that they have no problem handing out ssri's like candy which many have debilitating side effects and withdrawals but freak when it comes to prescribing a benzo besides the all to popular klonopin which is being prescribed by most pychs these days.

Seems to be the new fad. I have one day experience with xanax because I just got it from an online pharmacy and I would of much rather had my doctor prescribe it and monitor it but he wouldn't even though he knows I have been on every other benzo out there. I am aware of the xanax and scared of it a little because of what I've read so I'm treading carefully.

Chances are I won't like it and just stick with the valium. However, there is alot of info out there and many docs prefer xanax as the first line of treatment for anxiety disorders because it seems to be the most effective. Again, I don't have much experience if any with xanax because today was the first day I took it. I am still taking about 5mg valium with it as well. I may take some tomorrow or I may not.

Just looking for a little more anxiety relief and the valium may be my best best or xanax may be the answer. However, some docs out there need to wake up and quit thinking everybody that wants xanax is an addict. I'm NOT a doctor I will tell ya'll this I have tried all the antidepressants, buspar. I just want to make it clear that I am one person who is having a hard time getting the meds I need because of the bad word on them.

It helps me function when nothing else has. I take less than was originally prescribed, weaned myself from 5 mg to 1. I guess thats all I have to say Just curious, if xanax is the only thing that works for some people Panic disorder can be treated and controlled, but if the hypothesis out there is benzodiazpene's are not it and anti depressants are and they don't work for all people, you're basically saying Why don't you all consider that all people are NOT created the same Don't have a doctrite or anything, just a product of the almighty..

Let's just say I have a background in pharmacology. I took it on prescription for three years as directed. Although I was calm during the day, I kept having nocturnal panic attacks almost every night, which was probably due to the short half-life of alprazolam, so I decided to try to taper off very slowly. I tried reducing the dosage by 0. I realized that this is probably withdrawal and not relapse i. The dose of Valium was 80mg the first day, 60mg the second day, 40mg the third day and 20mg 5mg q.

I remained on 5mg qid for the next year and then tapered down to a tid schedule. Now I'm only taking 4mg tid two 2mg tablets three times daily. I do not have any nocturnal panic attacks on diazepam but it causes a lot of daytime drowsiness and tiredness and I don't like that, but my options are limited. I probably also have sleep apnea which began the first day I took BZDs in I would wake up gasping for air and my roommate said I began to snore the day after beginning BZDs , so this is another motivation to reduce the dosage.

I found an antidepressant called Stablon tianeptine which is produced and marketed in France and a number of other European and Asian countries. Stablon has no sedative or libido-lowering properties. It has kept me out of major depression for the most part along with light therapy , helped my asthma and has indeed reduced my anxiety. In fact, because of Stablon, I was able to reduce the dosage of Valium from 5mg qid to a current dose of 4mg tid without any problems.

Dosage was reduced by 1mg per month. People try to taper from BZDs too fast in most cases or inappropriately. Xanax can be hard to taper for many folks due to its high potency and short half-life. However, if Xanax is working for you, don't quit taking it. Diazepam is the most rapid-acting BZD and it is also very long-acting and relatively easy to taper relative to other BZDs. I wish there was something less sedating in the BZD class.

There is clobazam, which is a 1,5 benzodiazepine and is anxiolytic and anticonvulsive without the sedative effects, but the anecdotes I've read so far don't give me much hope in that medication. SSRIs destroy my sex drive and some patients have had permanent loss of libido.. Xanax is not very popular here either, although it is not frowned upon as much here as it is in the US. I must admit that the first day on diazepam, I still felt some sort of "withdrawal" from Xanax. It was a feeling as if my head was a TV camera and I felt stiff all over, but the next day I was fine.

I don't have any desire to take Xanax again. It never made me euphoric and I never developed a psychological dependence, but definitely I had a medical dependence physical dependence on alprazolam. That is considered to be a low to moderate dose in the US, but here it is considered to be moderate and anything above that is "high".

I've been on BZDs uninterrupted for the most part since That's 18 years of daily use under the supervision of a psychiatrist. I've been on Stablon for 3 years Google Stablon. It is non-sedating, is free of cardiotoxicity and does not affect sex drive. It has almost no side effects for most patients. Another tip which you may find helpful: Also consider light therapy as an adjunct or alone in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Yes, it can work for anxiety. Worst ever playing with the devil I so call it. People need to learn to taper properly and there most likely won't be a problem. I often hear of people saying, "I went cold turkey off Xanax and felt like I was going to die. Let's BAN this drug!! You can even taper as slow as 0.

Shouldn't have any problems if you do that. Stuart Shipko, a private practice psychiatrist and neurologist in Pasadena, CA who has treated over panic disorder patients says that although Xanax withdrawal can be bad, he thinks that SSRI withdrawal is worse. There are a number or more recent medical abstracts showing that alprazolam increases levels of norepinephrine, increases serotonin levels in the hippocampus and acts on beta-adrenergic receptors, unlike other benzodiazepines, thus inducing an antidepressant effect.

I've been on alprazolam for 20 days for panic disorder and my depression is in total remission. I was yelling and throwing things all over minor incidents which wouldn't anger most folks to that point. I thought maybe diazepam was exacerbating my anxiety, and although alprazolam has an undeservedly bad reputation because of the bad actions of a few who abuse it, I no longer feel angry anymore. Everyone says I am a changed person in a major way.

I drop something on the floor or bump into something and no longer fly into a rage. In fact, I don't even become angry to begin with. I no longer feel that God hates me or has cursed me or that the neighbors wish I was dead. I feel stable and not depressed in the least. No, I don't work for Pharmacia-Upjohn or Pfizer or whoever markets this now out-of-patent medication. I do think prescription should be restricted to those with panic disorder who haven't responded well to other benzodiazepines and it shouldn't be given PRN.

It should be used on a regular schedule to keep the panic attacks in remission and as panic disorder is a lifelong illness with serious cardiovascular and mental consequences e. Yes, it does have an antidepressant effect. There was even a double blind study where it was used as monotherapy for major depressive disorder and most of the patients went into remission. I think most doctors don't like alprazolam because they are young, cocky and unduly influenced by big pharma drug reps.

Whoever thinks that Valium is less of a problem, think again. At least with me, I was snockered all the time on Valium, even on a low dose. I felt heavily sedated and sometimes had amnesia when I took only 5mg extra prior to exercise to prevent exercise-induced panic attacks the whole sodium lactate thing.. I'm sure you know about it. My short-term memory would become shot and I was actually scared that I would lose my mind or do something uncontrolled.

Well, with alprazolam I don't feel sedated whatsoever. At the same time, no panic attacks. I think we have a winner here. There is a benzodiazepine that even this bigoted doctor would approve of. It was produced in in Hungary during the communist era. It is called tofisopam Grandaxin. It has no sedative or anticonvulsant effects.

It only possesses anxiolytic activity and as far as has been observed in Hungary, there is no dependence liability. It is a 3,4 benzodiazepine. I'd love to be able to take this. Imagine having no sedation or other interference with mental function, yet also being free of severe anxiety. I think that would be great. I wonder why that isn't marketed in the US?

It would put the SSRI manufacturers out of business. I bet a lot of patients would have a lot less depression if they could actually have a non-sedating anxiolytic drug without the risks of physical dependence! I think medical professionals dislike Xanax because medical professionals take a great deal of Xanax. The standard scenario is that it is first prescribed legitimately, and then the dose is escalated, and the prescribing doctor gets that "look".

You know the one: So, the doctor begins self prescribing, and little by little the dose creeps into the stratosphere. Soon, the doctor's brother, sister, mother, dog, etc. Fortunately, the doctor is there to pick it up for them. The stresses of a busy medical practice cause the doctor to feel as if he cannot function without the drug, and it probably gets to the point where he practices better on Xanax than withdrawing from Xanax.

Attempts at self detoxification lead to the rebound anxiety, insomnia, etc One little blue pill fixes it all. If the doctor is candid with himself, he realizes that he has a problem, and this makes him anxious The doctor knows from his own practice that Xanax seekers are an especially difficult drug seeker to divert, as is the doctor himself. But after all, "Nobody knows the trouble I see", and the problem continues to escalate.

Then bad things happen someone hosts an intervention You are inpatient at the Betty Ford Clinic, and they get you off the xanax; the next 2 months are finding out why you went there in the first place, and helping you to never go back. Ford really built a nice facility; I know first hand. If you need more, you need to sit down with your mental health professional and discuss it with him. Signed, First Hand Experience.

Never be your own doctor. S without a prescription from a doctor. Physical dependence is not the same thing as addiction, although addicts often are physically dependent on the substance they abuse. Like chronic pain patients who take opioid analgesics long-term for pain management without loss of therapeutic benefit and without addiction, folks with anxiety disorders who take Xanax also fare just as well.

A ten year study has shown sustained efficacy during long-term treatment with alprazolam Xanax in panic disorder patients. The dosage was not increased and, in fact, most patients tended to decrease their dosage over time. Tolerance to the anxiolytic effect did not occur with long-term use, thus proving the safety and effectiveness of alprazolam for long-term therapy. It has changed my life for the better.

My main problem with my panic attacks are being in moving cars. For some reason I get major panic attack in cars be it driving or being the passenger. And it has hinderd my life trmendusly. Just to go to see a friend or goto the store was a big deal. As a result it made me stay home for weeks on end. After so many years of this my mom convinced me to goto A doctor. I did not want to as I had a feeling that they would pre judge me and think that I was there for drugs and drugs alone.

I have a lot of tattoos and I just dont look like somone that would have this problem. Not that I feel you have to look a sertain way to have a disorder. But I look like the typical stero type of the counter culture for lack of a better term. So i went to see a doctor. And low and behold they thought I was there for drugs and drugs alone. They even said so. And would not give me xanax. They gave me something else called visterl or something like that the name slips me now.

Well I had major side effects from that. I slept for 18 hrs a day. And it made me have a very short fuse just short temperd over the slightest things. I told the doctor this, and asked for xanax as I have tried it befor for my panic attacks and I knew that it worked very well with no side effect. She told me no that I was to young for that and that she feels that I am there for drugs and drugs alone.

I told her that I am almost 40 yrs old, and asked when she felt I would be "grown up enough to take it". She told me to keep taking what she gave me untill I see her next month. I told her no I will not and I would like to cancell my appointment as you are doing nothing but judgeing me as a stero type that you think I am and not treating my problem. I then went to see the doctor that my mom goes to. Very reluctently I might add as I felt that the out come would be the same.

But I went, and all went well. He gave me a small does of xanax to start with only 0. I have since had the doesage up to 3 times a day. But to make a long story short. I one day my problem is gone. Something that has ruined my life for a long time is gone. My quilty of life has improved so dramticly that words could not describe. I get out and see friends all the time. I am no longer a hermit because of fear to leave the house and drive some where.

With no hesitation I just get in the car and go. I have no side effects what so ever. It has been about 7 months since I started taking xanax. And it has been a dream come true for me. And as far as the short half life. It seems to me that this is only partly true. Like I said I just get in the car and go. Well some time I might forget to take my 2nd does or forget to bring some with me. Well yes it does seem to only work for so long. But I have noticed that even if it has been say 10 hr since I took my last does.

There are residual effect that linger on pass that 6 hr mark. I can feel the panic attack coming on, but it goes some what away and is somthing I can handle at least untill I get home. Nothing like I had befor taking xanax. Because alot of doctors feel negitive about this drug for many reasons. I feel that we the people who need it are the ones made to suffer. I really dont care if it is addictive as I would rather live a more fulfilling life and have to take a pill 3 times aday. Then live the live of a hermit and say at least I am not on drugs.

Granted I know I am on what is considerd a small does. And I am happy that my body had such a positive reaction to a low does. And as of yet I have not had to increase my doesage at all since the second week of taking it. And if I am not going to do anything on a given day I do not take my second pill. And I do not notice any ill effects or withdrawl from it as desribed in the artical. Once again I love this drug and has changed my life.

I feel that at 36 I am just starting to live my life again. And if you read some forums from the people who take it. Most feel the same way, as I am not alone in feeling this way. Sorry so long of a post but I just wanted to let any doctors out there to know the other side of things. Dont Let what you read in a book stop you from treating some one with this drug.

Put yourself in their shoes and think of the pros and cons. My life Is so much better because my doctor has this mentality. Thanks again for reading. I am extremely sensitive to drugs and years ago had a psychotic reaction to taking ONE 30mg Imipiamine tablet one time only. Sometimes I forget to take the Xanax because I am sleeping ok and go 3 to 5 nights without it, when at that time the stress will build and I notice I am getting a bit nervous, talking alot and anxious.

Then I begin the nightly routine again. I rarely take it during the day except if I am panicking about 1 time a month or less. It totally normalizes me to where there are no racing thoughts, no pounding heartbeat, and no insomnia. I can function normally during the day and don't have panick attacks when I go out in public places. I just saw a medical doctor who threw a fit, telling me this is an old drug that is not prescribed anymore I have PTSD and DID it is extremely addicting and that I need to see a psychiatrist who she admitted presently give a "cocktail" of medications.

I would assume by my experience with the one Imipramine tablet which kept me awake the entire night with a dry mouth waking up and gulping water, having violent feelings for my toddler who I was living alone with and with no phone to call anyone and visual hallucinations, that I would not be asked to try experiment with antidepressants at all. I have read the Physicians Desk Reference which states that at levels of 4mg or higher there is a risk for Xanax dependence and nursing manuals that state that if a person has an adverse reaction to an antidepressant even the older ones they should not take the newer ones as they are all under the same classification.

I stopped taking my Xanax on purpose three days ago because I was running out and was trying to space out the doses as to not run out all at once. I was told this doctor would prescribe it for me by the clinic office and it would not be a problem. The first night I felt nothing and slept well. The second night I fell asleep but woke to the sound of my heart pounding but felt nothing. The third day I was feeling a bit anxious perhaps at the thought that I was running out - I had 4 doses left - 2.

I ate dinner a bit late about 8PM and afterward started panicking with my heart pounding and fearful thoughts. It is my experience that this panic does not subside over time. I have been without this medication for weeks at a time attempting to find a doctor who is willing to prescribe it, so I know that the panick comes back and does not subside. And the lack of deep sleep probably doesn't help me either.

I have a 10mg prescription for Xanax for panic when I fly. I have noticed myself getting confused, irritable, wound up, and anxious when take it. I never remember anything so forget that it didn't really help. I usually take only half a pill! Since I have Lupus, I am hyper-sensitive to most stuff. I got to the the MRI machine, which looked perfectly open and comfortable, and totally freaked out so I could not do it.

I think I had better find a different anti-panic drug!!! I'm not a doctor and I'm grateful for the good doctor's explanation of what happens in the brain GABA. However, even before learning about the brain chemistry here I already knew why it was addictive It's like a reset button. If you are having a terrible experience panic attack or you just can't sleep , you can take one of those little footballs and BAM!!!

It's the next day! It's like a terrific little "do-over" with no hangover. It was prescribed for me a few years ago when I complained to my doctor about trouble sleeping due to my anxiety about my up-coming tummy tuck surgery. I fell in love. I just liked them. Anyway, thanks to the good doctor for the science behind the "wonderfulness". I guess life rarely gives anything good without a price tag. It's like smelling a rose and getting stung by a bee!

From Conrad to Roy, I just wanted to say thanks for your post but - question - About your advice, it was to take a xanax when you feel a stressful situation or panic attack coming on, well unfortunatley, in my job there are LITERALLY several situations that qualifiy in this dept. Some more minor, and some can be -SERIOUS- sweating and paperbag breathing in private believe me, i have done this a few time due to impossibe deadlines and short staff at work long long work hours and still having to take care of the kids after work Anyway, if i took a xanax eveytime these thinge happened everyday, i would overdose, or at least build up a intolerance.

My question, what advice do you recomend for a high stress, full till throttle enviroment like mine and many others in the same situations nowdays? So when a patient with an accurately diagnosed anxiety disorder is taking Xanax Alprazolam they should not be popping it like a candy pill when ever they begin to feel a bit anxious. The triggers for the anxiety are numerous and varied so it is difficult for a patient to identify all of them before they find themselves right in the middle of a full blown panic attack.

Xanax should be prescribed only to those patients who absolutely need it and who will adhere to the dosing requirements. If a patient begins to not derive benefit from the Xanax then it means they are developing a tolerance to the medication and it should be slowly removed. Not every patient develops that tolerance. There are patients who can take Xanax say 0. So direct and honest communication with each patient is really very important with this type of medication.

If the patient knows he or she will be in an anxiety producing situation, then the dosing for just that one day can be moved closer together to provide more coverage. In all cases of misuse and non-adherence to prescribing guidelines abuse , the Xanax must be slowly eliminated. I find that most psychiatrists lack a really solid understanding of psychopharmacology, which makes playing with medications very dangerous!

Other psychiatrists prescribe Xanax and other benzos as though they were vitamins. Psychiatry has also persuaded its colleagues in other medical disciplines these medications are safe. So there are plenty of benzos to go around. I had Paxil withdrawal syndrome and within a short amount of time I was prescribed 5 different benzos by various doctors and I didn't even want the prescriptions -- I am hypersensitive to benzos.

I even told the doctors that. Did any of the docs follow up? Some people get benzo withdrawal from very short, low exposures to ANY of the benzos. Benzo withdrawal syndrome has a lot in common with antidepressant withdrawal syndrome. It is a living nightmare. It can kill people. And it is very, very common. In terms of withdrawal, the distinction between the addictiveness of benzos and dependency caused by antidepressants is meaningless. Then there are also the problems of paradoxical reactions to benzos and addiction -- about which doctors in general as well as psychiatrists are ignorant.

How can psychiatrists continue practicing knowing nothing about the drugs from which they're making a living? Is a conscience amputated in medical school? Adverse reactions, dependency, addiction, withdrawal -- who cares as long as you can collect your fee for a minute prescription maintenance visit. There are no safe benzos, not even Ativan. Funny how only some patients know that.

Funny, my experience with xanax seems to be somewhat unique. I do have a history of alcohol abuse and when I started taking xanax in much the way Sarebear describes, I also drank less, while only taking, on average. I feel it has been beneficial to me, and I guess I'm aware of the dangers and simply try to avoid them. For myself, I also see an analyst 4 times a week, which helps with anxiety, but my point is, I guess, the issue is complicated.

My alcohol abuse did not translate into an addiction to xanax, and in fact helped me reduce my drinking. The benefits of xanax, so well described by sarebear, are worth considering alongside the dangers. Sanjay Gupta did a piece about how addictive Xanax is. Dr Sanjay Gupta did a piece on how addictive Xanax can be. You failed to mention the extended release version with longer duration of action, although the elimination half life is still short. Don't prescribe or take that one either, for all the other reasons.

I realize this is an old conversation but I just happened upon it and have a situation that I can not find addressed anywhere. I was diagnosed with an accoustic neuroma about 9 years ago and had gamma knife surgery on it at Brown in RI. I was left with tinnitus at 80 decibles. I was in such a state that sometimes just walking into a room and changing the accoustical envirnment put me into involuntary tears The Xanax XR was very helpful I can not say I ever feel high or get a rush.

I have been taking it for the past 7 years. I did decrease the amount a couple years ago I did not tell my Doc I just did it. I had not ever been on any medications except an antibiotic here and there. I am in my 60s now.. Is there anything that you know of that would be as helpful as the Xanax XR is for the extremely loud tinnitus.

Xanax does not decrease the sound I am open to anything. I tried an Ambien and was literally wide awake for 2 days. Not going to try that again. I take xanax illegally because I have social anxiety and prefer to self medicate. I have been addicted before, but if you just take a section you won't have bad withdrawals. I can't imagine a first date, job interview, or family reunion without it.

I barely ever take it except for situations I know I literally can't handle. I have embarrassed myself many a time because I can't control my anxiety in certain situations. I haven't found a doctor to prescribe me it, so I have turned to the black market. I have been taking between a quarter mg and a half mg since I have never abused it. As a matter of fact my long term doctor of 25 years put me on it when I started having feeling like I was having a heart attack.

After removing the halter monitor he tells me I am fine but suffering from anxiety. I am prescribed 2 mg a day but take very little just to take the edge off one time per day. I have decided to try something else and my new doctor put me on trazedone. I do have a doctor who will write my script for alprazolam but after listening to all these people who want to be know it alls I have given this other a try.

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  1. Gogal

    Started with an SSRI for anxiety and it just didn't work. Finally got prescribed this benzo Klonopin and it's perfect! I take 0.5mg, but when I take it, my anxiety goes away. I feel like I can do anything, with a clear mind of course. I don't have to hide away anymore. I thought this drug might make me "stoned" or something, but really all I experience is, after about 15 min, a general clear-minded sense of well-being and it works for a while. Good stuff.

  2. Moogubei

    I can take 0.5 mg twice a day as needed. Some days I don't take it. It helps so much even with my depression. I take one of these if I'm planning on killing myself because I'm suicidal every day, & the urge wil pass once this calms me down. I take it for anxiety, panic attacks, & twitches/seizures.

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