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Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs Light Blocking Fully Dark Velvet Soft Interior Sleeping Anywhere with Comfortable Super Quiet Rest Easy Wide Strap with Sponge Earplug Holder. Blinder Patch Aids Headache Relief, Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorder Solution

Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs is a light and sound blocking solution. A velvet soft interior lays lightly on the face while opaque dark black satin blocks out all light. Wide elastic strap has adjustable Velcro comfort closure for a peaceful restorative rest. ‘Beauty Sleep is real. Notice that skimping on sleep shows on your… Read More »

Sleeping Aids

by Chad Goddard The most common prescription Sleeping aids approved for use in treating insomnia are as follows: benzodiazepines (such as temazepam, estazolam,and others); the newer, non-benzodiasepines (such as zolpidem [Ambien,Ambien CR], Zaleplon [Sonatal], and eszopiclone [Lunesta]; and the melatonin receptor agonist ramelteon (Rozerem). These three Sleeping aids work best when the individuals who are… Read More »

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation Sleep Aids | Acupuncture comfortable sleeping | End the insomnia | Overcome INSOMNIA | sleep treatments, better sleep, sleep problems

I-sleep is a high-tech product that helps you fall asleep quickly. It uses the bioelectricity to balance brainwave technology to increase the activity of Alpha wave reduce the activity of Delta wave hence to balance brain disorders ofthe brainwave of the sleepless to improve the sleep quality. lmprove sleep positively and MOTIVATE BRAINWAVE activity. It… Read More »