Health Care For All Helpline

By | May 26, 2023
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Health Care For All Helpline – University Health Network’s OpenLab is helping vulnerable seniors — the group most at risk during the covid-19 pandemic — by mobilizing volunteers to deliver groceries and other household necessities. The service favors seniors living in low-income housing.

Due to the need for physical distancing, many seniors find it difficult to pick up necessities such as groceries. These challenges are compounded by the new reality of having to wait in long lines at some stores, which may not be possible for frail elderly people and who are at higher risk of contracting covid-19.

Health Care For All Helpline

Health Care For All Helpline

Many seniors, especially those with low incomes, do not have digital access or are unable to access the Internet or pay additional fees for delivery services.

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Since the initiative was first announced on March 13, 2020, more than 1,500 volunteers speaking a total of 39 languages ​​have stepped forward to offer assistance to thousands of seniors living in low-income housing across the city. In March 2021, 700 volunteers worked.

These volunteers help run the Friendly Neighbor Hotline, a single phone number for seniors living in low-income housing in Toronto, and join the city’s network of volunteers who can help pick up groceries, household items and food bank items during this difficult time. time.

Volunteers are ordinary Torontonians who want to help. All volunteers have been screened. Verification includes review of government-issued identification (eg, driver’s license, passport) and two references, one from work, school or other voluntary organization. Those who pass the vetting process undergo mandatory online training before helping vulnerable elderly people.

The UHN OpenLab team defined processes and procedures for the operation and consulted with city officials, partners and seniors themselves to ensure a coordinated, effective and safe response. The team has long-standing relationships and projects looking at creative ways to support independent living seniors in Toronto’s vertical communities. This allowed UHN OpenLab to be organized very quickly and go live with the service in just one week.

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Beginning in March 2021, volunteers are also working door-to-door at select Toronto Community Housing buildings to sign up seniors for on-site covid-19 vaccinations and discuss any concerns.

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OpenLab Project Members: Craig Madho, Tai Huynh, Jen Recknagel, Melissa Frew, Lucy Gao, Morgan Rosenberg, Lora Appel, Howard Abrams, Howard Abrams, Erika Kisonas

Partners and Partners: 211 Centre, Bathurst Finch Seniors Community, Bernard Bethel Centre, Breakage Addiction Services, City of Toronto, Councillor, Dixon Matlow, National Senior Care Initiative, Senior Safety Line, Sistering, Share – Inner-City Volunteers, SPRINT Seniors Care, The Neighborhood Group, Toronto Central LHIN, Toronto Community Housing Corporation, Toronto Foundation, Toronto Seniors Helpline, United Way of Greater Toronto, University Settlement, Well Living HouseChimo crisis hotline. , available to all New Brunswick residents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Live chat is open from 5pm to midnight. Chimo’s mission is to serve the community by providing a competent level of crisis intervention, referrals and critical information in a caring, confidential manner.

Health Care For All Helpline

Balance your schedule with a little fun. Try something new: a recipe, photography, a game, a dance program or a language, do your hobbies, make a YouTube video. do a puzzle or make a gratitude list.

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Try to maintain a routine to give your day some structure. Maintain a regular sleep schedule, shower, get dressed, find productive activities, make time for self-care, eat a balanced diet, and exercise. All these will help you maintain good mental health.

Use electronic social platforms to connect with friends and family. Volunteering can provide many social benefits. Organizations are looking for people to help collect and distribute food and supplies. This will help minimize feelings of isolation, especially for those living alone.

Limit the amount of news you watch, disconnect from social media for a few hours. This will help reduce anxiety and finally allow you to focus on more positive activities like cleaning out the closet!

If you are having a hard time, talk to someone. There are many services that offer support via phone or conference calls. Contact your local mental health center, hotline, or 811.

Oma Priority Insurance Program (opip)

Take time to daydream, meditate, pray, reflect, practice grounding/relaxation exercises, or yoga. When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts focus on how we feel in the present rather than remembering the past or imagining the future.

We recognize and respect that the UNB student experience takes place on traditional lands that have never been broken or crossed in Wolastoqiyik. (except UBCP/members*), a national, bilingual critical incident reporting line available to members of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association and the Directors Guild of Canada (DGC).

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* Members can seek advice from someone with shared experiences. LifeWorks will do its best to accommodate such requests.

Health Care For All Helpline

*Anxiety about returning to work: No one can predict how they will live and try to work during a global pandemic. Concerns about health problems are real. Immediate advice and support is available through the HAVEN helpline.

Healthcare Workers Care Network

*Emergency Financial Advice: Advisory support for financial issues is available through HAVEN as part of the Member Assistance Program (MAP). If you need short-term emergency financial assistance, contact AFC directly (1-877-399-8392). AFC supports entertainment industry professionals working in television and film, music, theater and dance. AFC can help you provide short-term emergency financial support for essential household and otherwise unaffordable expenses.

Yes. members can access HAVEN via chat through the Lifeworks app (access via web or Apple app or Google Play stores). Incident information, emergency advice and additional services can be requested through the chat function. For members who need ongoing advice, support is available in the following formats:

Covid-19 information, resources and videos are available on the LifeWorks platform. We’ve also included some helpful webinars below to help you and give you more information on how to prevent the spread of the virus.

WellCan™ Created by LifeWorks, WellCan™ is a collection of free digital resources to support the mental health of all Canadians during COVID-19. Through increased collaboration between organizations, WellCan™ addresses the challenges posed by covid-19 by offering a comprehensive database. The WellCan app contains a number of toolkits, articles, tips and infographics. The free app is available on Apple and Android devices. For desktop access, visit

Health Care Bureau

Depression and the Pandemic: A Deep Dive To raise awareness about the importance of mental health, LifeWorks launched a microsite that explores the relationship between the pandemic and depression through the four pillars of well-being: mental, social, physical, and financial.

HAVEN’s helpline is available for situations involving workplace discrimination, harassment and extreme violence. Examples of extenuating circumstances Examples of extenuating circumstances include: harassment, violence or abuse; young artists working more than eight hours a day (under 12 for IPA; up to 12 and without permission from NCA); unplanned stunts or dangerous situations where stunts are not used; nudity or sexual situations not described in the artist contract; and working conditions that pose an immediate risk to health and/or safety. Examples of non-emergencies For non-emergencies call your branch. Examples of non-emergencies include: Upgrades, cancellations, postponements, and other violations Get Paid Checkout A list of frequently asked questions about the HAVEN Helpline is available by clicking on the drop-down menu below. You can also download the PDF file by clicking here. Please note that some of the support services described below may be affected due to the covid-19 health pandemic.

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Questions related to HAVEN What counseling options are available through the HAVEN Helpline? Please note that some of the support services described below may be affected due to the covid-19 health pandemic. Personal advice. Phone consultation. Online support (via e-advice or interactive support software). Members can seek advice from someone with shared experiences. LifeWorks (formerly Morneau Shepell) will do its best to accommodate such requests. Self-managed resource pack and tools. Is the service available in English and French? Yes. The HAVEN Helpline is a bilingual incident reporting line available to members (excluding UBCP/members), DGC and Equity members across Canada. Can I have a private consultation? Please note that some of the support services described below may be affected due to the covid-19 health pandemic. Yes. Members have access to professional, confidential, personal counseling regarding incidents of workplace violence or harassment. Members can seek advice from someone with shared experiences. LifeWorks (formerly Morneau Shepell) will do its best to accommodate such requests. To schedule an appointment, call HAVEN’s toll-free 24/7 hotline at 1-855-201-7823. Who can I contact if there is a problem with the service? If you have a service concern, you can request a quality assurance review directly to the Care Center through the LifeWorks platform or by emailing feedback@. Privacy, Integrity and Security Issues How is privacy maintained and protected? LifeWorks (formerly Morneau Shepell) adheres to strict standards

Health Care For All Helpline

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